Food Storage

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Why You Need Comfort Foods in Your Food Storage Pantry

Imagine a scenario where you’ve meticulously prepared for six months’ worth of provisions, complete with an ample supply of water and essential supplies. You’ve taken every precaution possible, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face any unforeseen challenges that may arise. But amid all your preparations, did you remember the power of comfort foods? Here’s why I recommend that you include in your emergency food storage planning foods that make you feel better.

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22 Frugal Ways to Use Freeze-Dried Ground Beef

Once I got over the price shock of freeze-dried meat, I discovered its versatility is as limitless as any other meat. Factor in its ability to remain fresh and ready to eat for ten years or more, then it makes sense to add it to your food storage pantry. One can at a time adds up, and you can begin to assemble simple recipe ideas like the ones in this article and the other ingredients you’ll need.

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How to Store Food in Buckets for a Long Shelf Life (With Video)

One of the top categories of questions I get via email has to do with storing food. Many of those questions have to do with long-term storage. For the long-term, storing food in buckets is smart because the heavy-duty plastic helps to keep out pests, light, moisture, and oxygen, four of the six enemies of food. This updated article gives instructions for repackaging foods and how to do it so your stored food has the longest possible shelf-life.

Make Your Own Yeast

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you undoubtedly have several pounds of wheat berries stored away. You may also have experimented with making your own wonderfully delicious bread, because you know cooking from scratch is a critical survival skill. The downside of long-term prepping and bread making is keeping active yeast on hand. One solution is to learn how to make yeast from scratch.