Worst Case Scenarios

These are the scenarios of our nightmares but events that can and do happen. It’s better to learn about worst-case scenarios, prepare, and know how to react. Gain insights and learn how to prepare for things like civil unrest, a nuclear event, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), and pandemics. Don’t be afraid — just learn and then prepare!

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30 Inconvenient Truths About “The End of the World as We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI)

A post-apocalyptic scenario, commonly known as TEOTWAWKI (pronounced teh-oh-twakee,) stands for “The end of the world as we know it.” At its most basic level, it’s defined as a complete and utter breakdown of all existing institutions. TEOTWAWKI is a catastrophic event resulting in harsh survival conditions for a prolonged period. Here’s how to better prepare.

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15 Tips for Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest

Often, gatherings of angry people can erupt into violence completely out of the blue, but usually, there are plenty of warning signs before a group reaches that point. The problem is, that you never know what the final trigger will be. These 15 tips will help you stay safe, especially if you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Civil unrest safety strategies are simple to learn and implement when necessary.

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Get Pandemic Ready: A Simple Guide to Prepare Your Family for the Next One

A pandemic can occur anytime and without warning. It doesn’t care if the economy is good or bad, if we are in war or peacetime, or where we live. It doesn’t discriminate if we are wealthy or poor, male or female, or what color skin we have. The economy may never crash, there may never be an EMP or asteroid, and you might never face a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, but there WILL be another pandemic. You and your family must prepare for its arrival.

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Protect Your Gear From An EMP: What to Do and Why

Do you know how to protect your gear from an EMP? On a scale of one to ten, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and more specifically a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) are events that rank about an eleven on the preppers Scary Survival Event Scale. Let’s take a look at some facts and how you can protect your sensitive electronic gear from an EMP attack, regardless of how it occurs.

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What to Buy Before Hyperinflation Hits Your Budget Like a Runaway Train

Are you concerned about continuing shortages this year and into the next? Are you wondering what to buy before hyperinflation? You’re not alone. I think those are some of the biggest questions on people’s minds right now. The most important thing is don’t panic. Food is not running out tomorrow and you have time.
Having said that, it’s time to make some lists and calmly focus on stocking some essentials.