Basic Prepping

Get started prepping by taking some simple and frugal actions. Here, you’ll find tips and instructions for assembling an emergency food storage pantry, how to put together emergency kits, preparing for natural disasters and power outages, and creating a safe and healthy home for your family.

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Storing Canned Food in Your Emergency Food Storage: The Basics

Canned food is one of the easiest, most accessible ways you can start building up your emergency food storage pantry. With the nearly unprecedented number of man-made catastrophes and natural disasters we have endured in the past few years, and the threat of still more to come, now is a great time to think about what you want in place before the next disaster happens. Here are the basics you need to begin.

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11 Essential OTC Medications to Include in Your Emergency Kit

First aid kits come in various sizes, from compact versions that can slip into your purse to more extensive kits suitable for large toolboxes. When assembling the contents of your first aid kit, it’s essential to prioritize over-the-counter (OTC) medications that address a wide range of common ailments. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 OTC medicines that should be a staple in your emergency supplies, everyday carry, and bug-out bags.

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Which iOS Food Storage App is Best?

Is there a more satisfying feeling for a prepper mom than adding items to your emergency supplies? Every time you check something off your list and squirrel it away, you feel more confident that you’re preparing your family for the unknown. The problem is a stockpile needs organization and maintenance or it becomes more frustrating than helpful. So I decided to test out some of the food storage apps to see if any of them could help me set up a useful organization system. Which food storage app is best? Well, the answer is complicated.

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Why You Need Comfort Foods in Your Food Storage Pantry

Imagine a scenario where you’ve meticulously prepared for six months’ worth of provisions, complete with an ample supply of water and essential supplies. You’ve taken every precaution possible, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face any unforeseen challenges that may arise. But amid all your preparations, did you remember the power of comfort foods? Here’s why I recommend that you include in your emergency food storage planning foods that make you feel better.

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Take Care of Personal Hygiene in Off-Grid or Disaster Scenarios

Do you like feeling clean? The vast majority of people want to be clean and hygienic. Daily showers or baths (sometimes more than one!), multiple hand washings, and brushing teeth a couple of times per day is the norm. But how will you do that if the grid is down, or after a disaster, or if you’re just wanting to explore a more off-grid type of lifestyle? Cleanliness remains paramount whether by choice or after a disaster. Especially after a disaster! Here are some options for off-grid personal hygiene.

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4 Important Food Storage Lessons Learned While Living Overseas

I’ve seen the idea come up in conversations from time to time that acquiring food for long-term storage is pointless when you know you’re not going to live in any one place for very long. It’s a pain to lug it from house to house, and if you end up giving all that food away, you probably won’t have it long enough to need it, anyway. My perspective is a little different and comes from my experience with food storage overseas.

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Cook Off-Grid Without Power: How Many Methods Do You Have?

Power’s out! All you have to eat is cold food. For hours. For days. How soon will you get tired of that? How soon will the kids? If you haven’t planned for alternative ways you can cook off-grid without power, now is the time to start thinking about it. By having various options for cooking, you can ensure that they always have a reliable way to prepare their meals, regardless of the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. The morale boost of a hot meal cannot be overestimated!

image: two packages of meals ready to eat MREs

Are MREs Worth Stocking? How to Decide if They’re Right for Your Family

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) seem to make it into the stockpiles, bug-out bags, and trunks of many preppers. Unfortunately, few people do the leg work to understand MREs fully and whether they are a wise decision for themselves and their families. In this article, we’ll discuss the information you should consider to determine whether to include these meals as part of your food storage and emergency plans.

image: variety of superfoods for food storage on dishes on table-ginger, tumeric, blueberries, cinammon, chia seeds, oats, lentils

Superfoods: An Effective Way to Boost Emergency Food Storage Nutrition

Wheat, rice, and beans are the building blocks of most survival food storage checklists, but on their own, even with canned food, they don’t create a healthy, highly nutritious diet. Building an effective emergency food storage requires more than just storing shallow calories. Superfoods, combined with staples, allow us to build a food storage pantry with the nutrition to help us thrive, not just survive.

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Food Storage Containers: Choosing the Ones That Best Fit Your Needs

Finding food storage containers that will fit your needs, your space, and your wallet can be a challenge. Regardless, there are a lot of options from which to choose. To help you find the best fit for you, the author has critiqued many of the traditional and some not-so-traditional food storage containers. Almost everything on this list is available second-hand so don’t let cost deter you initially.

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Using Cast Iron Cookware in Every Day Cooking So You’re Ready for Emergencies

With care, and perhaps even without care, cast iron cookware will last nearly forever, ensuring you can pass it down to your children or grandchildren. By using cast iron with your everyday cooking, you are not only getting more iron and fewer chemicals in your diet, but you’re also learning how to cook with time-tested cooking gear. Once you learn a few basics, you can use cast iron in your kitchen every day with great cooking results. Plus you’ll be ready for emergencies.

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22 Frugal Ways to Use Freeze-Dried Ground Beef

Once I got over the price shock of freeze-dried meat, I discovered its versatility is as limitless as any other meat. Factor in its ability to remain fresh and ready to eat for ten years or more, then it makes sense to add it to your food storage pantry. One can at a time adds up, and you can begin to assemble simple recipe ideas like the ones in this article and the other ingredients you’ll need.

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Safety for Women: Useful Tips to Improve Street Smarts & Avoid Violence

30 percent of women globally have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime. Safety for women should be everyone’s job but you can’t count on that. If you’re a woman, you could be a target someday, but you don’t have to be a victim. Learn some of the same skills used and taught at the CIA to improve your street smarts and avoid violence.