Rice and Beans With a Bam!

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My apologies upfront to Emeril, but I have discovered a recipe that takes simple black beans and rice so far beyond boring that you might actually look forward to the day when it’s all you have left in the pantry! Incredibly, my kids love this recipe, and I always double it.

I came across this recipe for rice and beans in a recipe exchange over at Lucianne.com last year. I wish I knew who posted it because I’d love to thank them  personally.  Pay attention to the various spices and herbs used.  They’re the key to the recipe, and a good reminder that part of our food storage needs to be a variety of spices and herbs. Enjoy!

Rice and Beans With a Bam!

1 T. olive oil

½ c. chopped onion

½ c. chopped red bell pepper

3 garlic cloves, minced

½ c. water

1 t. chili powder

½ t. salt

½ t. ground cumin

½ t. dried oregano

¼ t. dried coriander

¼ t. ground red pepper

1 15 oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained

3-4 cups cooked, hot long-grain rice

1 oz. or more cheddar cheese

Heat oil in non-stick skillet over medium  heat. Add onion and bell pepper, and cook five minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally.  Add garlic and cook one minute more. Add water and remaining ingredients, except for the rice and cheese. Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer ten minutes or until thoroughly heated. Put rice on plates and top with bean mixture and cheese.

16 thoughts on “Rice and Beans With a Bam!”

  1. Hi there, I came across this site by pleasant accident – how successful do you think dehydrating rice and pasta would come out, and how long do you think it would last? I have dehydrated cooked beans before and they came out great! :O)

    1. Hi there Nat,

      I'm glad you found my blog! If you made a rice dish, complete with veggies and seasonings, and then dehydrated it, I think it would turn out great! Just be sure to store it in a jar with oxygen absorbers or in one of those vacuum packed plastic bags. I'm not sure how long it would last, but at least a couple of years, for sure.


    2. Rice is already dehydrated, or just fine naturally. kept in a canister on the kitchen counter it's good for about 5 yrs. Oxygen-free packed it's good for 20 yrs.
      Home made pasta depends on how it's made. If with eggs, well dried, in a canister, I wouldn't keep it more than a week or two. Without eggs perhaps a month. Freezing (with or without the eggs) would keep several months. Store-bought pasta is already well-dried. Oxygen-free packaging will keep it about 2, perhaps 3 yrs.

      1. Ah, I didn't pay enough attention. You meant cook it first, THEN dehydrate! *slap on the forehead*
        Rice would come out not much different than instant (Minute) rice, except with less nutrients. Instant rice is "Quick Steamed" to keep the nutrients. (I mean High-pressure impact Quick, to remove the brown hull and cook it.) Can't be too much advantage to doing it yourself.
        I also can't see the advantage of pre-cooking and drying pasta. It cooks in just a few minutes as is. What you're suggesting could make it pretty mushy.

  2. Barbara, I don't think I've ever heard of someone dehydrated cooked pasta before. It would make more sense to either freeze or can whatever dish it was a part of. You know quite a lot about food storage! I hope you share your experience with us on lots of posts!

    1. Actually, I think that Ramen noodles are cooked and then dehydrated, so dehydrating cooked pasta goes way back.

  3. This is perfect for us! I have been looking for a good beans and rice dish…I think this will fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tried your recipe. Whole family is in love. We had to have it twice in one week, just to be sure it was true. This one goes in the list of foods to make WTSHTF.

  5. Thanks! We tried this recipe for the February beans and rice challenge, and really enjoyed it. Next time we will double it for more leftovers. I used dried onions flakes instead of fresh, and reduced the amount of oil.

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  8. Glenn A Holmquist

    If cooking fuel consumption is/will be an issue in an extended emergency, store instant rice as opposed to uncooked rice, and store only angel hair egg noodles. Moreover, soak your beans for an extended length of time before cooking.

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