The next time a crisis hits, will you and your family be prepared?

It can happen in an instant…

Suddenly, there’s a threat facing your family, and you need to act quickly.

  • It’s the moment of truth and you discover you don’t have the knowledge, the skills, or the supplies at hand to be of any help.
  • Grocery store shelves are emptied.
  • News headlines fill you with fear but also indecision because you aren’t sure exactly what to do.
  • You want to make sure your family is safe but you also want to make smart decisions – if only you knew what those were.

To feel helpless at a time like this is the worst feeling of all. Wishing and hoping to be rescued isn’t a reliable action plan, but it doesn’t have to be that way ever again.

There are moms out there, just like you, who have planned and have prepared for these emergencies for years…

You can become that mom!

Decisive, empowered, and confident when your family faces a threat because you planned ahead and knew exactly how to prepare.

You won’t need to spend critical moments or hours waiting for rescue because you have just the right supplies on hand and a plan in place

Others around you wonder what to do and are frozen in fear and indecision, but you’re the one leading the way and your family is safer because of you.

It’s not about living in fear. It’s deciding you’ll never be a victim again to emergencies that used to catch you off guard and keep you frozen in fear and confusion.

You already have everything you need to become a Survival Mom because it all starts with you!

Start With The Basics!

Prepping 101 for Survival Moms



Hi! I’m Lisa Bedford, the original Survival Mom!

In 2009 when America’s economy hit rock bottom, I knew I had to take action if my family faced a long-term job loss. Layoffs and bankruptcies were everywhere. So many good, hardworking people lost their jobs, homes, and financial security almost overnight.

I knew it could happen to us.

I had no experience with preparing for something like that, so I learned how to prepare just in case the worst happened. It didn’t take long before I ended up in the world of preppers and survivalism, and I learned a lot. But I also learned much of the information wasn’t a good fit for our family.

Bushcraft skills and learning about knives and survival compounds held my interest for a while but I also knew the types of emergencies that would most likely affect us needed something more. There had to be another type of prepping for women like me.

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Get Started Prepping Now!

Basic Prepping

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to tackle some advanced prepping skills, this information will guide you to get a solid foundation for a prepared home and family.

Preparing Your Home

Your home is the nest that keeps everyone safe & sound. Get it prepped and secure from storms, power outages, and begin to create a more self-reliant lifestyle here.

Your Family

Build a prepared family team that is healthy and frugal, ready to band together for fun and readiness. You will find information on preparing for homeschooling, travel & more.

Skills & Knowledge

Your mindset, set of practical skills, and bank of knowledge will prepare you to confidently take action in your everyday life and when a crisis happens.

Emergency Planning

Here’s where you’ll find instructions and plans for specific emergencies, from winter storms to power outages and tornadoes.

Worst Case Scenarios

Prepare for more extreme survival scenarios. Add more knowledge to your repertoire for events like pandemics and long-term power outages.

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