The Family Power Outage Survival Handbook

Get your copy of “The Family Power Outage Survival Handbook”!

Think about the last time your power went out. Was it just in your home? Or did it extend to your whole neighborhood? Your entire city? The eerie silence after a power outage can unsettle even the most stoic Survival Mom. Your kids would probably be firing off a million questions: “What happened? When will the lights come back on? Will we be okay?”

You need to be able to answer with confidence.
You need a plan to see your family through a power outage without fear, making hasty, panicked decisions just to keep things together.

Luckily, my power outage handbook has everything you need to survive a power outage for virtually any length of time, in any kind of weather. You’ll get tips to upgrade and prepare your home for the next power outage, as well as great no-cook foods to stock up on, and fun activities you can pull out of your hat to keep the kids from going stir-crazy in the absence of TV!