19 Tasty Things to do with Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Pineapple

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When I first began my venture into food storage, I was met with a dizzying array of choices, among them freeze-dried and dehydrated produce. I didn’t have a ton of money to spend and had to give some serious consideration as to what I should buy.

pineapple freshI decided that I would buy canned, dehydrated, and freeze-dried versions of fruits and vegetables that I used most often and/or were next to impossible to grow in the Phoenix climate. Pineapple met both those criteria. I buy mine from Thrive Life.

My kids love a good, juicy pineapple any day of the week, but the freshest ones aren’t always available. Freeze-dried pineapple has a light, sweet taste and a nice crunch and is ready, in its #10 can, whenever you are!

Here is what I’ve discovered I can do with this tasty, tropical fruit:

  1. Add it to oatmeal cookies! Yummm! You can rehydrate it first or just add a half cup or so directly from the can.
  2. Add it to Oatmeal Pecan Bars! Double yummm!
  3. Rehydrate the pineapple and use it in a sweet-and-sour sauce for chicken or pork.
  4. Add some pineapple to a chicken and veggie stir fry, along with some cashews!
  5. Include it in a snack mix with other dried fruit, nuts, freeze-dried yogurt, and mini chocolate chips. Surprisingly, pineapple and chocolate go very well together, my friend!
  6. Add to your favorite bran muffin mix.
  7. Mix in a half cup or so with zucchini bread batter!
  8. Rehydrate a cup or two. Drain and add to butter and brown sugar for a tart-yet-sweet topping for Pineapple Upside Down Cake (or muffins).

    image by DeaPeaJay
    image by DeaPeaJay
  9. Mix a bit of freeze-dried pineapple in with cream cheese for a bagel topping.
  10. Add a cup or two to a super simple party punch recipe: equal parts lemon-lime soda and citrus juice.
  11. Mix up some pineapple cocktails for a luau!
  12. Toss it into a salad, either rehydrated or not. The crunchy texture is a nice addition to a salad of greens.
  13. Rehydrate half a cup or so and sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream.
  14. Add it to yogurt. It tastes great with vanilla Greek yogurt.
  15. Use it for a tropical tasting smoothie.
  16. Use it in place of fresh or canned pineapple in any recipe with “Hawaiian” in the title!
  17. Add it to any granola recipe.
  18. Sprinkle it over pizza, along with some chopped ham or bacon!
  19. Eat it straight out of the can for a healthy, no-sugar-added treat!



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  1. I can’t find the net weight of the fruit and I didn’t see an email address to ask FDG directly. I have purchased freeze dried fruits before where you get this nice big #10 can but when you open it, it’s have empty. A costly lesson. I now know that not all #10 cans are the same and the product weight is what counts. Thanks Lisa, love your blog!!

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