15 Creative Ways to Add Sausage Crumbles to Your Food Storage Pantry

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At first, I wasn’t eager to try Sausage Crumbles. The concept seemed strange — crunchy pieces of sausage. What an odd idea! However, it turns out using freeze-dried sausage crumbles is easy and tasty.

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My First Experience Learning How To Use Sausage Crumbles

The first time I tried Sausage Crumbles, after being convinced by my Thrive Life friend, Holly, was on pizza. So I rehydrated a handful of the Crumbles in warm water, drained them, squeezed out the excess water in a paper towel, and then sprinkled them over my pizza.

My family loved the flavor and said there was no difference between this sausage and what I would have bought from the store.

A nice added feature is that the sausage is already cooked, leaving one less greasy stovetop and skillet to deal with!

Since then, I’ve stocked up on several cans of Sausage Crumbles and gave a can as a gift to my prepper-minded nephew one year! The flavor is versatile and goes well with Italian dishes, breakfast eggs-and-sausage recipes, and more.

And it turns out they are good to eat right out of the can if you want something crunchy and salty!

Here are just a few ways you can put these Crumbles to work in your kitchen. Be sure to rehydrate first, unless otherwise noted.

Creative Ways To Use Sausage Crumbles

These are just a few ways to use this versatile freeze-dried item:

  1. Add to bread or cornbread stuffing.
  2. Combine with white gravy for a biscuits & gravy meal.
  3. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of rehydrated Crumbles to meatloaf or meatball mixture for something more flavorful.
  4. Throw a handful into any soup. The Crumbles don’t need rehydration first as long as the soup contains enough liquid.
  5. Use as a pizza topping.
  6. Add to any pasta meal — baked ziti, for example.
  7. Include in a potato dish, such as potatoes au gratin or hash browns.
  8. Use as a filling for omelets or mix in with scrambled eggs.
  9. Add to corn chowder.
  10. Include some Crumbles in the meat mixture filling for tacos or burritos.
  11. Eat right out of the can for a savory snack
  12. Add to a quiche recipe
  13. Combine with beef flavored TVP for super-low budget meat added to any and all of the previous dishes.
  14. Take a Pantry Can of Sausage Crumbles on your next camping, hunting, or backpack trip for a very lightweight, ready-to-eat protein source.
  15. Combine with eggs and cheese for a yummy breakfast burrito filling.

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Learn More About Freeze-dried Foods

If you’re new to using freeze-dried foods, you’ll want to watch my video lesson to learn the basics. But after that, check out some of these tutorials about using freeze-dried foods:

Learning how to use Sausage Crumbles is simple; they’re a super versatile and tasty product that I recommend.

What freeze-dried foods do you like to use? Please share with me in the comments!

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