Author name: Beth Buck

Beth Buck lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She has a degree in Middle Eastern Studies/ Arabic, a black belt in Karate, a spinning wheel, and a list of hobbies that is too long to list here.

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4 Important Food Storage Lessons Learned While Living Overseas

I’ve seen the idea come up in conversations from time to time that acquiring food for long-term storage is pointless when you know you’re not going to live in any one place for very long. It’s a pain to lug it from house to house, and if you end up giving all that food away, you probably won’t have it long enough to need it, anyway. My perspective is a little different and comes from my experience with food storage overseas.

image: baby drinking from bottle held by woman

Get Ready to Feed Your Baby During Disasters or Supply Crisis

Before formula became widely available, women who couldn’t breastfeed because of medical issues were forced to find alternate means of feeding their infants. Which begs the question — what if, Heaven forbid — something happened that would send us back in time to this situation, whether permanently or temporarily? It’s not difficult to imagine a worst-case scenario that involves a hungry baby but no way to feed them. What can be done? How will we feed babies in emergencies?

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Cherry Fruit Shrubs: How to Make This Yummy Blast from the Past Summertime Drink

One of the best things about summertime is sitting on your front porch with a nice, cool, fruity drink in your hand: lemonade, watermelon smoothies, or even some old-fashioned soda pop. Lately, a different kind of drink has become quite popular in some circles: the shrub, a traditional, vinegary drink that was a favorite in Colonial times. I decided to experiment with making a cherry shrub using this simple recipe.