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May Skill of the Month: Refine Your Evacuation Plans

Make evacuation plans

I'll never forget the night we had to evacuate our home in mere moments. Some very strong chemicals had been used in a home renovation project and threatened to overwhelm us. My husband became dangerously lightheaded, our kids were quite young, and ... Read More

Normalcy Bias: It’s All in Your Head

normalcy bias

Human bodies don't normally fly through the air, and I didn't expect a real life lesson in normalcy bias, but last year that's exactly what I witnessed while waiting for a red light to turn green. I was sitting in my Tahoe at an intersection not ... Read More

Summer On a Plate: 13 Light, Delicious Recipes

delicious summer recipes

A morning smoothie greets me just about every day. I love combining fruit, almond milk, nuts, cottage cheese (yep! It blends up great!), and other flavors. I never quite know what my final result will be. I want to share with you a great recipe ... Read More

Campfire Cooking: A Skill to Practice Now!

campfire cooking

I’d be willing to bet that most of you reading this have at least made s’mores, perhaps even heated up a hot dog or two, around a campfire. Fun stuff, no doubt about it. But, there’s a whole lot more involved if you need to make an actual meal over ... Read More

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Prepping Supplies?

supplies for preppers

You’ve heard it a million times, “Why spend money on prepping stuff you’ll never use?” Poor excuse! I use LOTS of the supplies initially purchased, “Just in case we’re out of power", or "Just in case there's a huge emergency." Here's how I have ... Read More

Planning an Edible Landscape

planning an edible landscape

 Make the most out of your yard by creating an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever and can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my winter laden yard into a fairy tale garden. This year, I decided to start the long but ... Read More

How Many Off-Grid Cooking Methods Do You Have?

off grid cooking methods

When you buy, or otherwise acquire, preparedness supplies, do you practice with them or are you a prep hoarder? I think I've been guilty of both, especially with off-grid cooking methods. Maybe you know what I mean. Preppers are notorious for ... Read More

Celebrating During Crises

celebrate during a crisis

My family lived in Northern Alabama and experienced the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak. We saw one of the tornadoes from our front window. I worked clean up and recovery after the storms and the damage and loss was devastating for so many people. Even ... Read More

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