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How to get your Ham Radio license

On December 25, 2020, an RV loaded with explosives detonated in downtown Nashville. In seconds, dozens of buildings were damaged, 8 people were injured, and communication lines in several states were disrupted. Survival Mom readers quickly reported the impact of this outage: “I am in the Nashville area and could not reach my adult daughters all weekend because they have AT&T. “ “My friend in Clarksville, TN says their calls still aren’t really going through and neither are texts.” “911 …

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Do You Know How to Clean Up a Biological Mess?

Just before Christmas, my family and I were shopping at a local big-box store. Near the dressing rooms, my daughter spotted a young man totally passed out on the carpeted aisle, with a pile of vomit nearby. Since that’s not a normal thing, we immediately alerted a clerk. Being the Survival Mom, I was curious to see this store’s protocol when dealing with a biological mess like this, so I hovered in the distance to watch. Once the young man …

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Gardening In Late Summer and Fall

Depending on where you live, the idea of planting anything new in July or August is unheard of, a waste of materials and resources. Some may even call it taboo! There are various reasons given but when you really think about it and ask yourself, “Why not?” you may realize that not many people have a very good reason. Sure, in some climates late summer is so hot that sprouts would just wither and die off but you can overcome …

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Last-Minute Hurricane Prepping

As I sit here on the humid, warm day, awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Laura, still out in the Gulf, still not quite an official hurricane, I’ve been going through all our preps, wondering, “Is there something I’ve missed?” Hurricane prepping isn’t new to me, but I still get the jitters of uncertainty. I guess we all second guess ourselves at times, and really, no matter how well prepared we think we are, it takes just one major crisis of …

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The 16-Second Survival Breath

When I think about it, I still get a queasy feeling in my stomach from a scenario several years ago when I was forced to put into practice survival breathing. It was a sunny day in Baltimore, and I was returning home from a business trip. I had passed through security with flying colors, of course, and was browsing the selection of breakfast sandwiches at a kiosk when I heard the unfamiliar, sudden sound of blaring sirens. In less than …

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TEOTWAWKI has finally arrived

This past spring while America was busy shopping for toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and panicking at their shortages, TEOTWAWKI happened. The End Of The World As We Know It arrived. It slipped right past us while we were all distracted, but make no mistake. We are unlikely as a country and a world to ever go back to “normal”. We aren’t going to turn a corner at some point and magically, it will be as though the pandemic never …

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The Best Strategy for Homeschooling When Life Gets Hard

Any homeschooling mom who tells you that homeschooling is a breeze is selling you a bag of goods. After homeschooling two kids from kindergarten through high school, well, let’s just say I’ve earned every gray hair on my head! I’ve learned that learning strategies for homeschooling are just part of the job. When I was a beginner at homeschooling, it wasn’t always easy, and these are a few tips I’ve learned since then, but over time, my family encountered many …

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Survival Shopping at Costco: A Quick and Easy Guide

Several years ago I bought the James Wesley Rawles book, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, and to this day there’s one statement he makes in the book that has stuck with me: “Waiting until the eleventh hour to stock up on canned and bulk food is not recommended, but if your circumstances necessitate it, then consider it a calculated risk. Don’t hesitate once you see the first warning signs. You have only one …

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6 Important Survival Lessons I Learned as a Scout

I don’t have a ton of experience with the world of survival and prepping. But what I do have are plenty of badges to attest to the life skills I learned when I was active in scouting, all those years ago. Let me tell you, being a scout gave me a valuable education in the great outdoors. Even though I’m relatively new to prepping, I constantly find myself using the common-sense life skills I learned as a scout to improve …

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The Food Storage Companies I Recommend and Why

Over the years I’ve purchased “survival” food from a dozen or so different companies, and believe me, not all companies that sell that type of food are the same. In a couple of instances, the food was so bad that even I, a pretty damn good cook, couldn’t salvage the end result. If you’re going to invest money in freeze-dried and dehydrated food, then it’s worth the time to research and try sample-sizes of a company’s product before stocking up. …

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