Sometimes You Just Need a Great Prepper Gift!

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Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Birthdays. Passing gifts. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. And of course, the big grandaddy of all gift-giving holidays, Christmas/Channukah. No matter what time of year it is, there always seems to be a gift-giving holiday around the corner. What’s a budget-minded Survival Mom to do? Why, buy prepper items you might not otherwise pick up, of course!

Bargain-Basement Survival Gifts — Thoughtful, yet oh so…cheap…budget friendly!

For the book lover

For the pet lover

  • An emergency kit for cats
  • Or…one for dogs

For the beginning prepper

For the Extreme Prepper

For Survival Kids

All-purpose gifts

  • Sock and glove liners to keep extremities cozy in the winter
  • AeroGarden — These things really work and are a beautiful, living source of fresh herbs and produce.

Practical gifts may not be the most popular (video games! music! gift cards! toys!), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated. You might be surprised by how many newlyweds are really happy to receive an earthquake/tornado / [insert disaster here] preparedness kit instead of another place setting for the china they will never use. Some people are even happy to receive them for anniversaries but tread with care there. A Sun Oven might be appreciated, but a new vacuum probably won’t be, even if it is a “sweeper” that doesn’t use any electricity.






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