Last Minute Gifts for the Prepper Dad

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Men! They can be so hard to buy for. My own husband is possibly the worst. This year I bought him a beautiful menorah and, wouldn’t you know, he just happened to open that particular Amazon box — after I had spent weeks wondering what I should get him.

Bah, humbug!!

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Prepper Dad via The Survival Mom

If you, too, are at a loss as to what to get the men in your life, this list may prove to be a lifesaver, especially since so many of the gifts are available, last minute. I’ve provided Amazon links for comparison purchases, but many of these products will be available on local stores.

  • Classes you know he would like but will never get around to taking, like welding or basic home electrical. Or a couples massage class – to help with all those sore muscles, if the SHTF, of course.
  • How about an advanced firearms class at the nearest shooting range? There is nothing like an advanced class, taught by a highly trained professional, to push even an experienced shooter to a whole new level. The nice thing is that this gift can be purchased at the last minute.
  • What family traditions mean the most to him? I’ve noticed that my husband particularly loves Hanukkah, and this year bought him a new menorah. Whether it’s a holiday or just a tradition that is special to your family, what could you give him to make it even more special and memorable?
  • Does your man like to watch cooking shows? Somehow, my hubby got hooked on The Great British Baking Show, for his birthday gift, my daughter bought him a cookbook by one of the show judges, Paul Hollywood. Now, thanks to that inspiration, he regularly makes breads of all types and enjoys trying new things from “his” cookbook.
  • Books or an e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite or a Kindle Fire.  The Kindle Fire is especially nice for streaming favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can add books to the Kindle before gifting it. How about some of these titles?
  • Digital libraries. Buy a complete series on CD/DVD. Mother Earth books on CD is great, but so are the complete works of his favorite band or a few seasons of a TV show he always wanted to see but never had time to before it was canceled.
  • Solar-powered gadgets. A solar-powered laptop backpack might be a perfect solution to power failures, and a solar battery charger is easy on the budget, the solar Luci emergency light is inexpensive as well and will provide hours of light during a power failure.  A Kaito solar dynamo radio and flashlight should be in any guy’s bug out bag or family emergency supplies. Kaito is my own preferred brand.
  • Tools. Enough said.  These caught the eye of Paranoid Dad.
  • Mini Projector You can have your own drive-in movie theater on the side of your house.  If you have to bug out, your family can still enjoy movies on something bigger than a 10” screen.
  • A paracord bracelet makes a great stocking stuffer.
  • Guns, ammo, holsters, other related gear. You’ll probably have to ask him for anything more specific since there is so much available.
  • Spy gear such as night-vision goggles, laser tripwires, motion detectors and more are available from companies like EyeClops and Wild Planet Spy Gear. They are sold as children’s toys but some can be used tactically as well. (If you buy more than one pair of Night Vision Goggles, you can play hide-n-seek at night.)
  • Camping gear. Did you know they make a sleeping bag big enough for two grownups to sleep together?  They can also be used as two separate sleeping bags.
  • Portable air conditioner for those hot weekends out in the garage.

I’ve included a few things from Paranoid Dad’s own Wishful Thinking list.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Prepper Dad via The Survival Mom

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  1. Another one I forgot: A nicely bound, well-printed copy of the The Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I have to admit, I've checked my copies more often in the past two years than in the entire rest of my life – including school course work. 🙁

  2. Ever wander what to get a senior dad or grandfather – How about a phone with bigger letters on the screen and bigger keys, that's also hearing aid friendly? I'm getting a Tracfone SVC Samsung T155G for seniors for $15 for my father who's 72. You can get service on it for as little as $7/month. I got it at K-Mart.

  3. I got my brothers and dad reuseable handwarmers for $3.98 at bonton on black friday. Made buy ruffhewn and reuseable up to 1,000 times…

  4. We always do a White Santa gift exchange with the family and this year it's not going to be a nice bottle of bourbon or wooden cooking spoons. To encourage preparedness, I'm getting the solar powered battery charger and an emergency radio. I might even end up with one of them too! Thanks for the great ideas.

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