4 Must-Have Mini Emergency Kits For Your Purse

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emergency kit, mini emergency kit, small emergency kit, medical kit, emergency kit for purseLife is full of emergencies. Some are big, like earthquakes and hurricanes. Some are smaller and occur in our everyday lives.  Here are a few mini-kit ideas you can fit in a Ziploc bag! If your mini kit is really mini, you can use a metal Altoids tin or a metal eyeglass case like this one:

mini emergency kit, altoids emergency kit, small medical kit

Where can you get mini versions of these products? Some are on Amazon, and I’ve included those links, and many are available on a fantastic site, Minimus.

Pack a mini emergency kit for your kids, making sure the contents comply with school rules. For yourself, carry these mini emergency kits in your purse, car, backpack, or luggage and always be ready for life’s little emergencies.

Mini emergency kit for bathrooms

Let’s face it.  We’ve all had those times we walk into a gas station bathroom and are afraid to touch anything!  But sometimes you gotta go anyway.  This little kit will help you make the best of a bad situation.

  • Charmin To Go toilet seat covers – Because sometimes you just need a barrier between you and the facilities.
  • Charmin Fresh Mates flushable wipes – Because you always want to feel fresh and clean.
  • Poo Pourri deodorizer – In case you need to do a little more than number one.
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes – So you can find a place to set your purse down.
  • Toilet Paper to go – So you don’t have to beg for a stranger to pass you squares of toilet paper under the stall.
  • Purse size hand sanitizer – For those times that there is no soap in the dispenser (or no dispenser at all).

Laundry emergency kit

We’ve all had the struggle. It’s an important day. You need to look your best, and you feel good leaving the house, but when you get where you’re going things are just not right. Static cling, a breakfast drip on your shirt, or you just realized you should have ironed your skirt before you left the house.  This mini emergecy kit will get you looking tip top on the go.

  • Shout Wipes are a quick solution to those little spills that keep you from looking your best. This little single packet wipe is easy to carry and have available for those little emergencies.
  • Static Guard will solve that static cling problem that seems to pop up out of nowhere.
  • Downy Wrinkle Release in this travel size means no one ever has to know you skipped the iron today.
  • A travel pack of laundry pods and a roll of quarters upgrade your daily emergency kit to a travel laundry kit.

Outdoor emergency kit

So, you’re having an impromptu day in the park. Or enduring a long day of kids’ back to back soccer games. Then you realize there’s sun, there are bugs, and there’s a chance of rain. This mini emergency kit will come to your rescue.

  • Organic Bug Balm will help keep mosquitos and other pests away while you enjoy a hike on the trail.
  • Insect repellant towelettes
  • Travel size sunblock means you’re always ready to enjoy a sunny day without fear of a pesky sunburn.
  • Burt’s Bees Beeswax will help keep your lips moist and protected all day long.
  • A rain poncho will help you weather unexpected spring showers.

Medical emergency kit

Your mini emergency kit for medical and first aid needs should reflect the needs and health conditions of your family.

  • A few adhesive band-aids, small for tiny cuts, larger for heel blisters
  • Packet of hydrocortisone cream
  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Icy Hot medicated packs
  • Mini pill case with ibuprofen, Benadryl, acetaminophen, prescription meds
  • Packets of essential oils
  • Single-use cold pack
  • Neosporin packet
  • Splinter Out packet
  • Travel size eyedrops
  • A few cough drops/throat lozenges
  • A small patch of moleskin for blisters

If you take prescription medication, ask your doctor for a sample box. These are smaller containers and might even have the doses in a bubble pack. Most important is to consider the typical ailments your family has and construct your mini medical kit to fit those needs.

Put your mini emergecy kits together and put them where you’ll have them when you need them. I keep a bathroom kit in my purse, a laundry kit in my desk at work and in my car, and the outdoor kit in my car. The right preparedness makes a lot of emergencies completely disappear.

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3 thoughts on “4 Must-Have Mini Emergency Kits For Your Purse”

  1. Wonderful groups of lists. Well thought out, specific jobs, compact. No reason for lugging around a full blown trauma bag, unless your bugging out, and even then …. Fanny pack medical also have their place, groups or long distance, but for an EDC type, or moms; nailed it. My only issue, they’re “for purses”. As a guy I don’t have any, but Christmas is coming, guess I’ll Ask for classic black. OK, so she said mini metal tins, eye glass containers, small hard shelled containers, etc. Sizes a guy can fit in a jean or jacket pocket. No purse.

    1. Check out the Personal Survival Kit Holder on bestglide.com. You can fill it with whatever you decide or pick one of Best Glide’s survival kits. Best Glide’s companion site is adventuresurvivalequipment.com. (I’m not affiliated with either site but have been pleased with their gear.) I’m also a fan of rescue-essentials.com (their customer service is exceptional).

  2. I must add, your emergency kit NEEDS to have aspirin… It could save the life of someone who is having a heart attack!

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