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My top 8 reasons why I’m sold on Thrive Life!

Over the past few years I’ve purchased food from most all of the big companies.  My pantry is full of #10 cans with labels from just about everywhere!  However, last year I decided to narrow most of my food storage purchases to Shelf Reliance’s Thrive brand.  I loved the fresh flavor and high levels of nutrients in their freeze-dried foods.  Ultimately, I decided to sign up as a rep.  Here’s why.

  1. I love the Thrive Life Q. This system allows you to create a dream Wish List of all the food you’d love to have in your food storage pantry.  Then, you can set up automatic shipments for the dollar amount you specify.  There is no minimum amount, and you can stop or pause the shipments at any time.  For me, this saves time and gas money from driving to food storage stores that are miles away.  On months when I have a little more money, I can temporarily increase my Q budget, if I wish.  I can always take advantage of really good sales at the grocery store and I know another Thrive Life shipment is on its way!
  2. Thrive Life carries many food items that other companies do not offer.  My daughter loves their vanilla Yogurt Bites, crunchy, freeze-dried yogurt!  Thrive Life has freeze-dried spinach and entrees that I haven’t seen anywhere else, like Curry Rice with Chicken.  They carry all the basics, as well.
  3. The Thrive Life website is the best one out there.  You’ll find a food calculator, help with setting up your Q, a ‘Shelf Reliance University’, videos of recipes being made, and a personalized Emergency Kit Planner!  You could easily spend a couple of hours exploring the Thrive Life website.  Plus, it’s organized, attractive, user-friendly, and offers live customer service help.
  4. Many Thrive Life products can be purchased in small sizes, allowing you to try before you buy…#10 cans!  If you’re not sure whether or not your kids will like their freeze-dried blueberries, buy a pouch and give them a try!  I don’t know of any other company that offers so many options when it comes to product sizes.  Not only can you purchase pouches, but “Pantry  Cans” (#2.5 size), #10 individual cans, cases, and now buckets of many of their products.
  5. Their products taste good and they offer great sales!  I just stocked up on a case of elbow macaroni at a price lower than my local bulk-foods store!
  6. There is now a Thrive Life chef who will be working full-time to create new and delicious recipes using Thrive Life foods.  One of the worst survival mistakes made by newbies is buying tons of food for storage and having no clue how to use them in actual recipes!
  7. Thrive Life is constantly developing new products and innovative services for their customers and reps.  I was in direct sales for 18 years and know a good company when I see one!
  8. This is a way to earn a little extra money as a Thrive Life rep.  When I realized that I could stock up faster by signing up as a rep and earn some money, I jumped at the chance.  I don’t expect to get rich doing this, but each month I’ve earned a few free products, and it’s felt great deleting them from my Q, because FREE is always better!

I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you decide which products to try.  You can visit my official Thrive Life page or email me directly at lisa@thesurvivalmom.com.


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