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I have had my concealed carry permit for years now but I have never used it. Ankle holster? Not an option in the summer, or with skirts, or with a dress. Purse? I’m too careless with mine.  I toss it, I leave it in shopping carts a few feet from me, and I bury it inside another larger bag. Hip or pocket holster? Seriously? With the low riding pants with micro pockets women have to buy today? Not gonna happen. Shoulder holster? I have one, but it’s a no-go in summer and with a lot of outfits, and you can’t to take your jacket off at all, which might be inconvenient. You get the idea.

I also have concerns about carrying with kids. They grab my legs and waist on a regular basis, and I still carry them sometimes, so I’m afraid they’ll accidentally do Something Bad to anything I carry anywhere near my hips or waist. They are not, however, supposed to grab me anywhere near where the Flashbang bra holster goes, which removes that concern.

 A Holster Option Women can Really Use

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When Lisa posted about the Flashbang from Looper Law Enforcement, I liked it immediately. I always wear a bra! And I rarely wear dresses.  Since I think dresses are the only thing that would make the Flashbang holster hard to access, I bought one immediately. I also bought a rubber training (blue) gun like mine so I can practice carrying with no fear of shooting anyone, including me.

My Flashbang holster came with the shortest of the three straps attached. We switched to the longest strap in just a few minutes. If you have multiple bra styles, they may not all fit with the same strap or the same snap. I know mine don’t, so I just fit it to my favorite style.

If you are like me and wear different bras that fit the Flashbang holster differently, they are planning to start selling a strap that lets you select different snaps without having to use a screwdriver to move the snap.

Testing it Out

I carried with my Flashbang this week, for at least six or seven hours per day. No one noticed at the bookstore or Costco, and my kids didn’t either. The strap can print a little bit, depending on fit and posture, but even knowing there was a holster and looking for it, I don’t think the average person would even remotely suspect a holster – unless you stretch. A big stretch can make it apparent that you are carrying. Realistically, assuming normal posture and movements, neither my husband nor I saw any evidence of printing with this holster, even under very fitted t-shirts.

It feels a bit odd since I’ve never carried before, but I didn’t notice it unless I stopped and thought about it. It isn’t an irritant, although I can tell that it would make me sweat in hot weather. I can also tell that if the “muffin top” I need to exercise away was much worse, the revolver handle might bother me if I sat and slouched.

Really, I’m practicing carrying, not drawing, so I have only tried that a few times, but it was easy to do. It would also be easy to distract a guy by making him think you’re going to flash him, then flash BANG! instead.

You can read more information about the Flashbang Holster here.


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  1. I love the idea. My husband the practical one says, "What if you are wearing a coat or overalls?" It wouldn't be quick enough then. Thoughts?

    1. Yes, he's male. 🙂 Seriously, women's clothing has so many possible variations that there will always be something any method of concealed carry doesn't work with. If you are wearing a coat, you can put it in the pocket. There are coats designed for concealed carry. You can also leave the coat unbuttoned when you are in an area you think you might need to grab it quickly.

      Depending on how low the sides are on your overalls, you may be able to reach through the side, particularly if your shirts aren't really long. Also, how often do you really wear overalls?

      Even a purse has definite limits. I could see carrying in the yard, bike riding, or on a walk with a holster, but I wouldn't have a purse with me in those situations. Ultimately, I think the Flash bang is a very inexpensive option compared to anything else I saw and it works with a wider portion of women's clothing than anything else. If you want to convince him, you could try comparison shopping on price. My concealed carry purse was about $70 because having a lock on it was very important to me. My shoulder holster was about the same, but that's because it's a Galco.

    2. What does your husband do when he wears a coat or overall? You adapt to the situation. Nothing works 100% of the time.

  2. Thanks to your review, and in-turn my wife notifying me, I did a little research and ended up recommending the holster to our Category Manager for holsters to look into carrying this, and possibly other Looper products.

    1. I've wondered that as well. I have a friend who is more of a b/c cup who I will get to try it next time she visits, which is probably in a week or two, then I'll let you know.

    2. They have a youtube video and the girl is wearing a t-shirt and I'd say she is a small B cup and you cannot see the gun.

      1. I just got a Flash Bang and tried it. I’m a small B cup. I’m getting a definite imprint from the snap. It actually sticks out further than I do. I tried it with a heavily patterned, textured shirt and it wasn’t obvious from straight in front but from the side you can tell something is a bit amiss with my anatomy. Otherwise it is suprisingly comfortable. If I wore this with heavy winter clothing I don’t think it would be a problem but with lighter weight clothes this isn’t going to work well. I’ll keep tinkering with it and let you know if I am able to get it to work better.

  3. So surprised to see this post this evening, as I just received my Flashbang holster in the mail TODAY! It took me a few tries with the different straps & an assortment of my bras before I found what seems to be the right combination. My only complaint is the "texturing" on the barrel end of the holster. While I understand that it is supposed to help secure the holster from slipping out of the bra cup, I am large busted and the "textured" area is hitting my skin instead. I'm thinking it's an easy fix with a small piece of duct tape or even a bandaid over that area of the holster.

    After getting the correct strap/bra combination, I wore my gun around the house for a few hours. My husband nor my teenagers noticed even after I asked them if they saw anything different in my clothing. Pretty impressive!

  4. We went to a gun show today. A guy was selling Flash Bangs and allowed me to take one to the bathroom to try it on. It was completely concealed. No one could tell I was wearing a holdster with a demo gun inside. Using the demo gun, I was able to learn how to use it in a manner of seconds. It's great. Bought one for my Kel Tec 380.

    1. I bought one. Can’t wait to try it. It’ll be first holster. Decided on it because I have big girls and really sensitive skin around my waist. This seemed like the most comfortable option.

  5. This is the first thing I've seen that looks even remotely comfortable or concealable for an average woman, as you described, with kids hanging on and around and not wanting to dress like a lumberjack. I'm so impressed, and how can you beat the price?

  6. The thing I'd be worried about is in the heat of the moment, if I were trying to pull out my gun to actually use it, I'd be afraid I might accidentally shoot myself in the breast or chest.

      1. Also, if you purchase one of these….practice, practice, practice!
        Pulling a gun (from any holster) must become as normal and common as driving a car.
        It's called muscle memory. Like with driving, you no longer have to remind yourself which pedal is the gas and which is the brake. It's automatic.

    1. That's why I got a practice gun – so I can practice, practice, practice, just like rightwingmom says. And I don't have to worry about shooting anyone, myself included. You can also get snap caps, which aren't live ammo, and use those in a regular firearm.

      Mine was from the internet, ebay I think. My husband found it for me. 🙂

    2. The way it is designed, the trigger absolutely cannot be fired until you pull it out of the holster. It is very safe. I ordered one yesterday after watching several videos about it on the I think the video will answer all of your questions and allay your fears. I am very small. Just an A cup. I put my S & W .38 in my bra cup the way it would fit with the flashbang holster and was shocked at how well concealed it was and it was even comfortable. I am sure it will be even better when I get my flashbang holster. Like I said, look at the videos. I think you will be convinced.

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  8. I just ordered my wife one for het Ruger LCP after she showed me a link to this holster and asked me ” proffessional gun guy” if I thought it would work…I said “honey I don’t know I have no bra wearing expirience” but I’ve waste far more on holsters that I thought might be “the answer” for me in a given situation. For $40 free s&h it was a worthy gamble…we recieved excellent service and the holster this morning. She LOVES it! Very good match to the thin light ruger lcp! Maybe not for every bra or every outfit…but many…and on car trips it is easily accessible while seated in the car (unlike her pocket holster that takes some doing to get out while seated) those two carry modes stay with her in her purse when not in use so she can swap out if need be on the fly. It’s the best $40 holster I’ve ever bought that “I” will never wear…no husband will complain about this purchase…trust me…i told her uf she want another on to leave set up for different bra styles or two more to order at will $40 is cheap for something that works! She is thrilled with it and showing all her girl friends now how they all need one! These are good folks with a good product… I think they are going to sell a LOT of these just from word of mouth! We are very happy! 😉

  9. I was really excited to see the video on this holster. My order arrived shortly thereafter and with some "modification" for my particular fit, I'm sold. Best holster EVER produced for us gals and what a shock for some perp when you whip out your concealed firearm. SURPRISE!

  10. I just received my Flashbang yesterday. I work it all day with my empty .38 to practice my draw, get the feel and see if it was comfortable. I have tried 3 other types of hoslters (ankle, shoulder and hip) and I like the bra holster the best so far. I felt its presence but it did not pinch or bind like the ankle or hip and it was easier to get to than the shoulder. I will comment more in coming weeks but so far it is a win. However, it does become more obvious if you slouch when you sit or you have extra "baggage" around the middle. Sitting up straight helps but it may not be ideal for heavier women or small busted. I am neither so it works for me!!!

  11. AnnieOakley'sKitchen

    I just came across this review and wanted to say thanks. I have been going through the same trials and tribulations of finding the right holster with no luck. I just received a DeSantis Belly Band from Midway but have to send it back because it's too small (and kinda feels like a corset.) I think I might exchange it for a flashbang if they have it but am a little concerned about printing because I am pretty small chested. I guess it's worth a try though!

  12. That’s Great! I just spent 5 min trying to figure out what everybody was talking about! Guys don’t get it!

  13. I am a larger chested woman but still fashionable. Does any one know how well this stays in place? I am very interested in this prduct but all the videos and things I have seen have been of small chested women. I would hate to order this product and be disappointed. Help?

  14. Am I the only one who can’t seem to find a bra that works with this holster? Every bra I’ve tried has eventually flipped out at the bottom. They’ve been good fitting under wires. What are you guys wearing that work? I think this will be a great option for my DB 9, and those times when I can’t carry on my waist, but so far I can’t wear it longer than 30 minutes without bra failure.

    1. I have a racer back sports bra with an underwire. I’m a DDD, so it is easier for me to hide stuff. I have used flashbang on my LCP and my Shield 9mm with success. The trick is that I modify the holster with Velcro. I bought the heavy duty sticky Velcro you find at the hardware store. I put the scratchy/hook side onto the kydex itself. Trust me, it will not come off. I then sew the soft side/loop side to the inside, bottom of my bra cup where I want the gun to go. Once I situate the gun where I want, the gun isn’t going anywhere. I can jog in this thing and the gun won’t move. If you can’t sew, find a sewing friend/relative to help out. It has made a huge difference to have that Velcro in there. You will not feel it, btw. Hope it helps.

  15. Hi everyone reading this awesome review – I just wanted to post a current issue I have with the FB holster. This morning (after successfully wearing the FB for about 2 weeks), I hopped out of my truck and my gun FELL OUT OF THE HOLSTER! Yeah, you’re thinking the same thing I am. The situation made it worse (outside of my daughter’s school), my gun fell on the street and is now BROKEN and THANK GOD it didn’t discharge! I have contacted Looper Law Enforcement via email and phone and am waiting for a response. I’ll keep you all posted, but quite frankly, before you buy – HANG TIGHT.

  16. My husband purchased this holster for me about a week ago…I was so excited to get it! However once it arrived and I wore it, I am NOT happy with it. I’m not sure if I am wearing it wrong, but it seems to slip out from under my bra band. I am a smaller woman ( A cup) does anyne think thats the reason it is not working? I have modified it a bit, and now am snapping it to the SIDE of my bra instead of the center, and that seems to be a bit better.

    1. Hi Hollie, I’m NOT an A, but the Flashbang didn’t work for me, either! It kept popping out from under my bra; I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. I may need a Flashbang for Dummies tutorial.

  17. I am a c cup and carry my 45 very comfortably in my flashbang! I am still able to wear my t-shirts, fitted shirts, tank tops, even work out gear!

  18. Thanks for posting this. I just took my CLC course, and was wondering where I could carry. It’s so annoying needing tonz of different holsters, but like you said, I always wear a bra!

  19. I just received my Flashbang in the mail today and I LOVE IT! I couldn’t wait to hop online and write a review. There are so many *perks* to this holster (pun intended). I’m a C cup and almost everything I wear is form-fitting. There is no printing in even my tightest shirts. As an added bonus, because of where the gun sits up under my bra, the Flashbang has given me extra lift- what an added bonus! 😀 I give this holster 5 stars!

    I’m new at concealed carry and the purse option doesn’t work for me because I never carry one. I also live in FL where is it hot 11 months out of the year so an ankle holster would never work.

    I’d like to make a suggestion to those that are saying their holster is slipping out from the bottom of their bra- I tried this holster on with my collection of bras and found the bras with a thicker strap between the breasts work MUCH better. I too had the slipping out issue with the bras that were skinny in between my breasts.

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  21. I’m in IL and our state house just passed a CCW bill yesterday. Now onto the state senate! Anyway, I’ve been researching carry holster options. The Flashbang as well as the Marilyn, which attaches to the side of your bra (gun on the inside), under your arm, appear to be my best options. I’m curvy and very well endowed. Interestingly, my left breast is smaller than my right, so the Flashbang might help even things out a bit. 🙂 I have to wear pretty substantial underwire bras to keep the girls up, so I don’t anticipate many issues. Just have to decide on my carry gun!

  22. Concealed Carry Holsters

    While I can see there is some relation to the size of the bust to the weapon that can be carried, I wonder about ease of access in a high stress situation, possibly during a physical confrontation. I understand concealed carry is just that – concealment of the weapon. But if accessibility is difficult (for some) then its value diminishes. That being said, I do like this particular holster for women.

  23. CYndi Boccuti

    I have to say that it took a few days of trying different hole positions on the straps and wearing it higher vs lower to finally get the feel and placement I needed. It was worth the trial and error because I just wore my gun ( just bought it today) in the flashbang for 8 hours and really almost never felt it. I am so glad I gave it a couple of tries to get the right fit and position. I am a 38D with a short waist so I am often challenged by bras. Add a holster to the mix and it’s just ripe for trouble. Not this time, though. Get the flashbang, ladies! If I can make this work well, most of you will have the same success. Keep playing around with it. That’s my suggestion. The gun never fell out of it’s spot in the holster. It’s important to be sure you have placed it properly so that there are no mishaps. The safety is between your ears, remember

  24. Thanks for the review! I’m looking at this holster for myself. I talked to a lady that says a woman really needs two to three holsters to cover every possible outfit a woman might wear. She also suggests the Remora Clipless Holster along with this one. Have you messed with the Remora at all? I really like it because I can put it anywhere and it doesn’t move! I can put it in my bra or waist or if I put my gun in my purse it provides a triggers guard for a little extra safety. I’m curious as to your thoughts on it if you have played with it at all.

  25. Kathleen Williams

    I have been playing around with the FB, tried different straps, bras etc. and unless I am sitting or standing and not doing anything. the holster will fall out of my bra and as soon as it does the butt of the sig pokes out and it becomes obvious that I am carrying. I am puzzled, why some think this is a good way to carry. Do you not move around?

  26. I have wore my flashbang holster low and high and the grip of my ruger lcp rubbed a discomforting red spot just under my breast were the grip rest. I am 34 D. Didn’t have problem carrying high..when carried low the holster would fall out from bra. Like the concept but hate that I was getting a raw spot rubbed on my skin

  27. Presumably, everyone here already knows what the “Flashbang” is, but a quick product description would have been helpful to the rest of us. I’m trying to turn my mother onto this website and there’s a lot of products that she’s just like, “Umm, what?” Googling the unknown is still not second nature to some of the older generations, I’m afraid.

    Anyway, I love the concept of this device. I’ve assisted many timid women in finding their first reasonable personal defense firearms and have noticed three things which sell very well:

    * “cute guns” with features like pink handles and nickel plating
    * smaller guns with more conservative calibers
    * whatever another woman is already purchasing

    I don’t roll my eyes at that list, figuring-out women is an on-going struggle for all men, but personally, the feminine market for firearms is one of the best things to ever happen in the industry, I think. Having grown-up as the only male in my family, I understand that guns have always been a very masculine scene for any gal to break into, but opening the door to y’all is a smart move and you’ll hear no sissy talk here. If a pink handle is what it takes to bring more ladies into the fold then why the hell not?!

  28. Regarding the Flashbang holster, ladies, has anyone carried a M&P 9c in it successfully? I’m wondering because it has a thicker handle. I’m also wondering what kind of bras everyone is finding the most success wiith for using with this holster. Is it super heavy on your shoulders and do your bras still provide support or is everything hanging down a bit….??? :0) Thank you!

  29. The flash bang holsters are made from durable nylon and include adjustable shoulder straps and removable waist belt. Easy to use & comfortable to wear.

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