How the SIRT Training Pistol is improving my shooting skills

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A couple of months ago I was approached by Britt Lentz of Next Level Training, asking if I would like to test their SIRT Training Pistol. His claim was pretty bold:

We have a product that is going to change the world of handgun training. It is the SIRT training pistol, a self diagnostic high volume training system.

Well, where handgun training is concerned, I’m all in, so I gladly accepted their kind offer.

When the SIRT Performer 110 arrived, it was very similar in size and weight to a Glock 19, a pistol I’m pretty familiar with. Britt had encouraged me to watch the training videos that can be found on YouTube, and I also received a helpful training DVD. He kept emphasizing, “Remember the key is dots not dashes. Really make sure that on the break the shot indicating laser makes a dot( does not move all over the place), not a dash (a streak of laser across the target).”

This made no sense to me until I began practicing with the pistol and realized that the SIRT was sensitive enough to my trigger control, grip, and even breathing, that a potentially good shot could end up as the dreaded “dash”, if I wasn’t careful.

The YouTube videos and DVD were helpful and I picked up some great tips for improving my grip, stance, and trigger control in particular. In spite of the classes I’ve taken, I hadn’t paid enough attention to trigger control. Such a small thing to focus on, and yet it makes a huge difference in accuracy.

I don’t know what the pros like best about the SIRT, but from a mom’s point of view, here’s what impresses me.

1.  I love the fact that the SIRT weighs about the same as a real pistol. I’d like to think with my frequent practice sessions (several each week) my hand, forearm, and shoulder strength have improved. After a few minutes with the SIRT, I can definitely start to feel the weight of the gun.

2.  Because the SIRT doesn’t actually contain any ammunition, just a dummy magazine that weighs the same as a full one, I don’t have to ever worry about practicing around the house, around the kids, or in front of a mirror.

20 rounds at 10 yards.

3.  The trigger pull on the SIRT is pretty much the same as a Glock. I have a tendency to anticipate when I shoot. The SIRT has helped a great deal in training me how to pull the trigger and break this bad habit.

4.  I get tons of training without wasting any ammo. Yesterday at the indoor range I frequent, I quickly fired through 100 rounds in a short period of time. Total cost: around $25  . Compare that with the cost of “firing” the SIRT thousands of times: $0.

5.  Neither of the shooting ranges we visit allow holster practice. With the SIRT, I can practice drawing all day long if I want without a grumpy range officer calling me out over the loudspeaker. I’ve often wondered, what’s the point of carrying in a  holster if you’re not 100% comfortable and confident with drawing and shooting? The SIRT is a huge help with this.

6.  I can experiment with different styles of stance and grip without firing a single shot. This has helped me determine the stance that works best for me.

7.  My husband has been an excellent teacher and coach, but I have to admit that it’s been really nice to practice and diagnose myself. “You’re anticipating again.” I’ve heard that at least a couple hundred times!

Because the pistol has both a weighted magazine and a magazine release, it’s possible to practice reloads. Here’s something challenging to try. Practice releasing the magazine and re-inserting it all while keeping the laser dot on target. Still working on that one.

Who should give the SIRT a try?

  • Anyone wanting to learn the basics of shooting: trigger control, stance, breathing, sight alignment, and follow through.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on range fees and ammunition.
  • Anyone who wants the safest possible way to practice their shooting skills.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a shooting range nearby.
  • Anyone with an irritating bad shooting habit or two and wants to diagnose and correct them once and for all.
  • Anyone who likes to shoot and wants to support a product Made in America!
  • Anyone needing an expensive laser cat toy!
  • Anyone liking discounts! Be sure to use coupon code thesurvivalmom to get 10% off any SIRT.

Next Level Training offers 6 different SIRT models, and there are training videos on YouTube, the DVD that is included with each SIRT, and Mike Hughes’ blog. Here’s a video to show you the SIRT in action.

Disclaimer: Next Level Training is neither an advertiser or affiliate. I received the SIRT Pistol for the purpose of a review.

14 thoughts on “How the SIRT Training Pistol is improving my shooting skills”

  1. That sounds like a good tool for the simple fact it allows you to practice drawing and firing. And if you have the money to spend on it, it would be a good addition.

    A low cost way of practicing the “anticipation” aspect of shooting is to empty your firearm, load a magazine with dummy rounds, and then place a quarter on the front sight. If you pull the trigger correctly, the quarter will stay on the sight. If you anticipate or jerk the trigger, the quarter will fall off.

  2. Wonderful article! Through a discount program offered to NRA certified instructors, I just received a SIRT 110 Pro Training Pistol and two SIRT Performer Student Trainer pistols. They’ve been appreciated by everyone who has seen and handled them. Thanks to your review, I can better articulate the good reasons for using the SIRT pistols. This coming Saturday, I will use them in a Women’s Basic Firearms class at the Sycamore Valley Gun Club in Freedom, Indiana. I have no doubt they will be of great value. And I plan to list your website as a source of valuable information for attendees!

  3. I love my SIRT trainer! I practice shooting while watching TV, aiming at moving targets on the screen. I’ve been working on trigger control – just releasing the trigger to the click between shots. It is a perfect fit for my Glock holster, so I can also practice drawing. I wish I had the 10% SM discount when I ordered it a couple of months ago!

  4. Gun Training Courses

    We’ve been looking for a nice alternative to just dry fireing…I thing this may be it. Thanks you.

    We just launched out site since so many of our students were asking for one. Please be my guest and feel free to provide feedback.

    If we make a purchase of these training tools…do you get credit if I go through your site?

    Thanks so much for your time.

    1. I don’t get any kind of commission from the sale of the SIRT pistol but the coupon code does not have an expiration date. I hope it’s helpful to you and your students.

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  7. I’m a beginner and have used a 9 mm and a .22 mm, and have been told I hesitate before I pull the trigger. Is that the same as when you “anticipate” and how does the SIRT help you prevent that?

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  9. Never Laser Train without Realistic Blow Back or Recoil
    Many popular laser handgun trainers don’t have the recoil.That leads to a false sense of accuracy on second or third shots. You just don’t develop the muscles or the grip to stay accurate. Laser adapted firearms are not the same as CO2 enhanced trainers. You need the recoil to develop the muscles and accuracy. Without the blowback it just isn’t a complete training experience. You need to consider a full featured laser trainer like the BFR Laser Handgun Trainers that are specifically engineered to provide the full training experience as close to live ammo training as you can get.
    Watch the video on //

    1. The Survival Mom

      The SIRT is a great way to train when you can’t get to the range. It’s quiet and once the purchase is made, you don’t use a ton of ammo with every practice. If you buy the SIRT, let them know you heard about them on The Survival Mom blog!

  10. WOW- I am glad to hear your positive report on this training gun. I took some Defensive Pistol courses this weekend and we used the same gun- it was incredible for training trigger reset and proper aiming! I am a Basic Pistol instructor and I am going to purchase one of these for my students to use without using up ammo and being frustrated. It is liberating since you don’t waste ammo or mess up targets until your aim and trigger control is improved. Hooray! thanks!

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