A Scary Scenario: The One-Hour Meltdown

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Does prepping seem a bit crazy to you? Read a bit more and learn about the one hour meltdown, a realistic vision of an economic collapse. | via www.TheSurvivalMom.comEvery once in a while I read something that stops me in my tracks and slaps me up the side of my head, as my dad would say. Years ago it was the book Patriots by James Wesley Rawles. The picture he paints of a possible TEOTWAWKI* scenario was just ghastly. For weeks afterward I had visions of our family foraging for edible roots and berries in the forest and collecting water in a solar still, all the while ducking bands of cannibal motorcycle gangs!

As I’ve been prepping and learning more, I have found other plausible future scenarios that are just as appalling, and yet don’t seem impossible. One Second After, reviewed here, describes a possible EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) event that takes all our tech back to the pre-industrial era. That includes systems like power transformers, sewage treatment plants, and many more that we take for granted in our day-to-day lives. Day of Wrathalso reviewed, is about a terrorist attack.

The reality-based fictional possibilities are seemingly endless…and that doesn’t begin to touch on real-life events like Hurricane Sandy, the Polar Vortex, or Ebola!

There are warning signs of how fragile our system is, and when one begins connecting the dots and think about chain reactions (haven’t you seen the grocery store run out of milk before a storm?), all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so crazy after all to begin prepping.

What is coming up next year?

I have to admit that over the past 11 years, I’ve become a little hardened, maybe even a little cynical, about headlines proclaiming that this year everything will collapse. It was said about 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017… well, you get the picture.

A girl can almost get weary waiting for the end of the world to happen!

A few typical headlines:

If Economic Cycle Theorists Are Correct, 2015-2020 Will Be Pure Hell For The United States (Gotta love headlines like that! No fear-mongering there, that’s for sure!)

Economic Collapse Headed for U.S. in 2015

and one more, just for good measure…

Will 2015 Be A Year Of Economic Disaster? 11 Perspectives

THE One-Hour Meltdown

Well, one scenario that was laid out many years ago, July of 2009, seems to be just as prophetic now as it did then.

Written by Robert Wayne Atkins, it’s a pretty detailed account of what could cause an economic collapse in our country and what the results would be. I’m sure by now there are even more details that people “in the know” could add to his information about how banks and the government will react to such an event.

Keep in mind, this is only one possible future scenario. No one knows what is going to happen, and if they say they do, they are just trying to scare you out of your money because, trust me, they have a side business just itching to sell you “survival food”, “survival seeds”, a bunker, and a zombie-killing hatchet.

For your information and comments, here is the official One-Hour Meltdown.


* TEOTWAWKI – “The End Of The World As We Know It”, a term coined by Mike Medintz.

58 thoughts on “A Scary Scenario: The One-Hour Meltdown”

  1. Patriots will eat your lunch, huh? But as crazy as things are these days . . . . who knows?

    Just think about having water, at all. If you don't have a good well, which most people don't these days. . . . . .and you live someplace where it doesn't rain a lot . . . . .

    1. Well, we don't have a well and we live in Phoenix where it hardly ever rains! Great. Just great. LOL I think whatever preparedness measures people take now, even if they are meager, are better than nothing. You can find used 55-gallon water barrels for less than $40 or so, and buying a few extra groceries every month adds up.

      1. Some good news on “electricity for water pumping”. A well depth up to about 250′ can be equipped with a dc pump powered by 100 watts of PV. Owner-Installation is not difficult. The basic costs are about $1500. Greater depth-to-water possible but it’ll cost more. I have done it and hope to do so again:

        1. The Survival Mom

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      2. Steven D Pierce

        Actually if you check out a site by the name of Lehmans and some of your local farm extensions you can and will find a lot of useful equipment that works only on horse power. Even deep well pulley/buckets that are very handy if the need arises.

        I also would recommend some work at your local library which is still a free system. Look into historical agriculture and some of the older periodicals like boys life and Popular Mechanics.

  2. I read that article a while ago. Definitely more food for thought. I don't know that I buy into the one hour part, but while I may disagree with the timeline itself, I don't disagree with the content and concepts involved.

    Thankfully water isn't much of a concern in the Pacific Northwest!

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  4. I also don't disagree with the The only reason I don't think the one hour time line is that I don't believe the average person would catch on that fast. It may take a day or two. Fortunately, we got the heck out of California over a year ago and now meet several items on grandpappy's list.

  5. I work 2 stores away from my bank. I would know within minutes, if there were a bank holiday. And because I work in a grocery store, every customer I meet would be informed, by me, of what is happening. It is important for my customers to get out and get home and start preparing for the cataclismic event that is going to be unfolding before their very eyes.

    I am fortunate to be in a small community. We look out for eachother. We are not wholy self sufficient, but pretty darn close.

    This is a likely senerio or some other event could trigger it off. But a senerio like this will happen in the near future. We have already laid in the firewood and dowsed it with gasonline. Now we just need to wait for the spark.

    1. Mona, a bank manager commented on another forum that his bank does, indeed, have a procedure to follow in case they ever shut down. Even for us preppers, it's hard to imagine that something like that could actually happen, and yet, some very respected economists are predicting that very thing. You're blessed to be living in a small and supportive community.

  6. Yesterday I read something in a Thomas Sowell column comparing the American people to boaters approaching Niagara Falls. There has never been a time in history like the present, with a nation the size of ours' with unprecedented wealth and prosperity, facing a massive and sudden decline. Even if, somehow, such a complete meltdown is prevented, it's going to be a long time before there's a full recovery. I'm glad I have my stored food and toilet paper. :o)

  7. Yesterday I read something in a Thomas Sowell column comparing the American people to boaters approaching Niagara Falls. There has never been a time in history like the present, with a nation the size of ours' with unprecedented wealth and prosperity, facing a massive and sudden decline. Even if, somehow, such a complete meltdown is prevented, it's going to be a long time before there's a full recovery. I'm glad I have my stored food and toilet paper. :o)

  8. Yeah, the cannibals got me too. And grandpappy's article was interesting. I don't think it will be in an hour. 12-24, ok. But not one hour.

    1. You wouldn't believe how popular Grandpappy's article as been since I posted the link a while back. It really does get you thinking about the precarious nature of our economy and more determined to do whatever is possible now to help see your family through such a crisis.

  9. GoneWithTheWind

    A couple of other points:
    1) It is likely that our currency will be re-evaluated and it would be done during a bank holiday. That is one day they would tell you your money is no longer any good but if you bring it into the banks when they reopen the banks will give you one new dollar for every ten old dollars. The government will limit how much you exchange and if you have more then that amount there will be questions…

  10. GoneWithTheWind

    2) This scenario grandpappy described is very realistic/likely. But because we don't live in Russia or Cuba our politicians cannot just wave a hand and do what they want. So the scenario will progress a little slower then 1 hour; perhaps a few weeks. What this means is if you are paying attention you can withdraw money and spend your old dollars and the stores will still be glad to take them.

  11. GoneWithTheWind

    Watch for "grim" news and/or Bernanke coming on a cable business show looking like he just lost his best friend and/or the president in the oval office with a special appearence at 6:00 pm looking like someone crapped in his Easter basket. Listen to what they say but it may or may not resemble the truth. What you need to look for is 2 or 3 or more of these "important people" appearing on TV with serious economic news. This will be followed by congress meeting behind closed doors and saying things like "no comment", etc. And then… and then not much of anything. No news, no comment, maybe a few punsters taking either side of the issues, but little else. Within a week, probably on a weekend but it could be anytime but once started things will happen quickly and then it is too late.

  12. GoneWithTheWind

    3) There are things more valuable then money. Many of us have a savings account, an IRA, etc. When this begins it might be your last chance to convert the soon to be devaluated dollar into something of value. I think if you pay attention and have the guts to act on instinct you could beat the last big assault on your years of hard work and saving. I would advise you to give it some thought now. Don't wait until you see it happening to decide what to do. You need a stop loss plan.

    1. I agree about cash. But most people hold stocks (and corp bonds) in their IRA’s, 401ks etc. That IMO isn’t the same as cash.

      Stock represents a share in a business. That business, if it’s a good one like say IBM or AT&T, will survive (perhaps even do well) during such a crisis. Large companies like IBM and AT&T are well known and traded throughout the world. Even if the dollar crashes, in due time their stock would be revalued in some other currency.

      Similar with corp bonds, though that represents a loan to a business and not a piece of the business. Gov bonds like Treasuries and Munis would, however, probably be near worthless for some time to come (and forget about coupon payments!).

      IMO the big problem with stocks lays in that most stocks today are held in electronic form, not physical certificates (if you have stocks in certificate form keep them as such!!). That makes it very very hard to liquidate or trade or even value if the institutions are down.

  13. GoneWithTheWind

    I have seen estimates that this could happen soon, as in early 2011, and maybe sometime in 2012. I don't know when but if something else doesn't trigger it first rising interest rates will do it. We cannot pay off our debt and when interest rates go up we will not be able to pay on our nterest. It is at that point the president and congress will have to make a very tough decision. And they won't have time to put it off because as soon as anyone, any other country or financial companies figure it out they will take immediate steps which will remove most of the presidents options. Nope! Once this begins it must be "executed" quickly and completely.

  14. Anybody needing a well (and this includes me), please read "Little House on the Prairie." Pa Ingalls dug a well with a shovel. They got water from the well by lowering a bucket on a rope. They also built a cover for the well so no one (or animal) would fall in. Unfortunately, many city governments have made it illegal to have a well. Wonder why? The usual answer is "The water might not be safe." This answer doesn't satisfy me, since I've seen a list of the chemicals in my city's tap water.

    1. Most of the time the municipalitys don't want you to have a well because they want the revenue from your consumption. Seems wrong to have a law that essentially takes your property (water rights) away without just compensation.

  15. First, I love that article. It doesn't include zombies or anything that a non-prepper would find outrageous. I've had it on my blog since I started writing, under the "Get Off the Fence!" tab.

    Second, I would skip the 55-gal barrel and go straight for the 275 gal. Usually you can get them for under $100 on Craigslist from the same people who have the 55-gal ones. In an extreme situation we could stretch a 275 gal to about 5 weeks (6 peo). Five weeks is a long time.

    If you come into any money, or wisely decide to take out your 401K (forget the fees! get it now!) I would buy silver. Go to the National Inflation Association and read up on silver and watch their videos.

  16. Right before the market dumped, I pulled out most of my retirement fund and invested it into commodities, lead, brass, nitrocellulose (Unique and Bullseye, to be exact. Our cupboards are stocked, the barrels are full, and I feel a little better, not much, but a little…

  17. I don't understand the desire to own gold. If you are banking (pun intended) on gold you are showing an amazing amount of faith that the financial system will be restored after a crisis. I suppose there would be a limited bartering value attached to gold after a complete meltdown, but I don't believe that would last for long. You can't eat gold, you can't use gold to gather prey (unless you are a world class shot putter). I have read and agree with that if it really comes down to it, .22 rimfire cartridges will be the currency of choice. I hope it never happens, but I can tell you there is no gold stacked on my supply shelves. There is no room, the two lower shelves are full of .22 rounds. By the way SurvivalMom, I really enjoy your site, it's on the top of my bookmark list…

    1. Your compliment is very much appreciated and your comment about owning gold. Come January 1, 2012, all sales of gold in the amount of $600 or more will have to be reported to the federal government anyway, thanks to an obscure provision in Obamacare.

      1. TSM – The $600 isn't just for gold. It's for ALL business transactions (which ultimately begs the question "What is a 'business transaction'?"). But I do think it's clearly aimed at metals buyers/sellers.

        OTOH, I have spoken with several metals dealers and other business owners who feel that part of Obamacare (why is it even in a 'healthcare' bill anyway?!) will be repealed. And even if not many will simply not comply. Too much time and cost.

    2. In the short term perhaps. But gold (and silver) has been a medium of exchange for thousands of years. I don't see that changing much. Short of some kind of global cataclismic disaster (like in "The Road" – book much better than the movie, but I digress…) someone in the world will still find gold valuable.

      And that's just it: There may be an economic upheaval in the U.S. but I highly doubt all countries in the world will fall to the crisis at the same time and to the same extent. If the U.S. really did somehow start to fall apart due to a financial crisis IMO more than likely other countries (probably under the [claimed] direction of the U.N.) would literally come here to "help out" (read as "occupy"). Yea, I know. Very tin foil hat stuff. But do you really think if the U.S. were to 'collaps' in some fashion others would see that as an opportunity to profit? (or invade?) You may end up dealing with foreign businesses and entitys for things like food and medicine. And in that case th American dollar will be worthless. Metals will most likley be the currency they accept.

  18. Not buying it. And as a Christian, I look to the Bible for my peek into future events.

    There are undoubtedly going to be tough days some time in the future. As a pre-Tribber I don't plan to be here.

    For those that are here, the least of their worries is going to be a run on the bank.

    I just always have issues with people who claim to be "in the know." Remember the guy running around saying the only way to plug the oil spill in the gulf would be to nuke it? I would encourage people to take anyone claiming to have some "special knowledge" with far more than just a grain of salt. Life rarely, if ever, works that way.

    1. I hope you didn't skip Leviticus and go right to Revelations; the "year of Jubilee" is the great depression. A Jubilee comes after seven 7-sabbath years, which you prepared for and "rested" through. It seems that God created economics before we did.

    2. Anne, Are you willing to bet your family's lives on a theology that has no scriptural support? I mean, It's one thing to say that Jesus is coming Back Again, because He said He is, and that we won't know the day or the hour, but it's another to base our lives on a doctrine Christians hadn't even heard about until the 19th Century…

      I don't think the old man is claiming to be a prophet or an expert – Just that, given the way things are going, there are tough times ahead, and, when the you know what hits the fan, everything's going to fall apart pretty quickly/ I haven't seen anything that disputes that POV.


    3. I am a pre-tribber too, but I also realize that everyone missed the point of Jesus' first coming. Even when Jesus flat out told the disciples what was going to happen, they wondered what he meant. There is a big chance that none of us quite have our doctrine correct concerning the end of times.
      There is also the issue that we are spoiled Americans and we think that any tribulation is going to be THE tribulation and dismiss it because we won't be here. But awful things have happened throughout history, and continue to happen in other countries. Maybe we will have to die a cruel death for our faith. Maybe all that will happen to us and it not be THE tribulation. God already allowed the Holocaust. God allowed the Israilites to be in slavery. Why should we, as Americans, think to be more special than that? Maybe I am missing your point. I used to shrug things off because I just knew I would "not be here for that", but now I'm taking my head out of the sand. The Bible does say it's going to get bad. All we can do is be as prepared as possible and be bound together by our faith. And if I'm not here- even better!

  19. As a peace officer (and a single woman), I have grave concerns about what is coming down the pike. Law enforcement is going to be overwhelmed when the system starts to fall apart. I've been steadily collecting supplies and have only just now started with a food supply for myself. I don't have an arsenal, just a few handguns and not many boxes of ammo. And when I think about having to defend my house from people who believe they can loot my house or start it on fire, I start to worry a little more. Getting out of dodge is a possibility, if the roads aren't jammed with other trying to do the same thing. If it's possible to leave the metro area where I live, I have a good idea of where I will head…if it's possible. Christians and non-Christians (but those who are at least moral) will need each other more than ever when these hard times start accelerating. We need to protect our families and loved ones, but we also need to be aware of the possible needs of other Christians who are not quite as prepared. Would be willing to take them in, should the worst happen? Do we have enough on hand to spare a few more mouths? Lots of things to think about and pray on.

    1. Joy firstly thank you for deciding to step forward and serve your community in uniform and I agree with you what is "coming down the pike" worries me too a good friend of mine also a single lady like yourself approached me and asked me a few in depth questions about what I thought would happen if everything fell apart. The first point I told her is that most if not all of your neighbours know what you do for a living and neighbours talk….It is quite possible that any unruly elements know that where you live is the house of a peace officer and peace officers own guns this makes your house a possible looting target if anything bad happens and given that chances are you will be called to duty means your house will be empty at the time. During the talk with my friend I respectfully suggested to her that she keep her ownership of weapons to what she could carry easily (This led to an even longer talk with much coffee to what platforms she should try and get).
      It was eventually agreed that one rifle one shotgun and several handguns suited her best….after all everyone is different ). For my own selection of stores I fell back on what I was taught in the Army and have laid in a good few thousand rounds for each of my primary weapons as you would be amazed how fast a "few boxes" of ammo gets eaten up in any firefight. As for evacuation planning no matter where I live I usually try to have at least 3 exit routes planned and drive them to see if there might be any possible problems en route.
      I hope this might offer a few more things to think of and I honestly have no desire to worry anyone I have seen human nature at it's very worse during my time in Yugoslavia during the mid 90's but use what I saw to try and advise others to what might be possible…..Anyway I wish you the very best if I can be of any assistance please let me know

  20. The article made me realize how close we ar to SHTF you know?its really scary as a 17 year old girl, about to be out there all on my own. I just thank God that there are others like me, who want to be prepared to overcome anything.

  21. I began prepping 2 years ago after the bailouts. It also prompted me even more to prep after a bad ice storm in 2008 took our power out for a week. I am trying to put up extra stock for barter and to help others. I also took my stock out last year and coverted it into gold coins and mostly pre 1964 silver coins. I feel the silver coins will be more valuable than the gold.

    I am currently trying to network with some neighbors. I think it is time for everyone who is concerned to do this. No one will survive alone in their home. No matter how many bullets or guns you have, you cannot hold off a large group or stay awake by yourself. So you will need create a bond with their neighbors now. I have spoken to at least five nearby to stock up on food, water, and other everyday supplies for their families. I am also noting some of their skills that will come in handy for a true meltdown. One is a doctor, I told her to stock up on medical supplies, another is a master gardener, a nurse, a roofer, etc. I am planning to have a neighborhood get together over this after the holidays.. to discuss their ideas on solutions to obtaining water and growing food for the community. One major concern will be security as we live not far from an inner city.

  22. christopherclausen

    I really appreciate this. I am thinking about this regularly myself. We definitely need to be aware of the potential scenarios and possibilities for massive upheaval. I really hope that whatever happens we get enough time to react. One thing is certain and that is change is coming.

  23. I read the scenario with quite a bit of interest and frankly was surprised that in my honest opinion left a few things out . In the event of something happening like was mentioned local police fire and medical staff would have no choice but to ask for help. In most situations this would involve the state senator and local mayor declaring a state of emergency. In most cases this means that the national guard or local regular units of the army air force or marines would be deployed to the area.
    The first priority for any deploying force would be the continuation of local goverment and the second would be protection of supplies for local goverment. This would mean your downtown area would most likely get sealed off with roadblocks and checkpoints as they secured the area.This would mean that anyone living in residential areas would be left to fend for themselves as looting,murder,pillaging,rape,armed robbery would sky rocket like you would not belive.A good way of thinking would be imagine where you live suddenly having no police,fire,EMS and a power supply that may or may not be working and what could happen when all the local residents suddenly realised they could do whatever they like with no legal repercussions….not a pretty thought is it ?.
    I played this scenario in my mind a few years ago and as such both my daughters and their mom got fitted out with equipment and supplies and several well rehearsed plans were laid.In the event of something like mentioned above happening my primary mission would be the safe evac of both daughters and partner while hopefully keeping myself in one piece while I got them to safety.
    Oh and before I forget the article mentioned that you should refrain from looting….Very good idea during state of emergency troops quite often have full authority to use lethal force to stop looting and they are pretty good shots so very good idea don't get tempted to help yourself

  24. I believe that Grandpappy is correct but that it could take days or weeks for the total collapse. The banks will be after Wall Street collapses and then the stores will stop taking cards of any kind accept maybe their own store gift cards since they have already been paid for. We should always be prepared and know not to go to a grocery store when the news says Wall Street has collapsed. Have cash at home for the short while that it will be worth anything and pray alot…………

  25. wonderful discussion.
    people prep for such a variety of reasons. the important thing is that people do prepare for unplanned events. weather, economy, whatever.
    thinking biblically (which I don’t but completely respect those who do) there will be 7 years of tribulation prior to the final battle of Armageddon. Prepping would help your family survive that.
    thinking financially, cash on hand, thumbs up. (I recommend small bills that you can easily pay for things with exact amounts)
    Long term total financial breakdown…gold and silver I’m sure will have their place but I wouldn’t trade my stuff for it if I can’t eat it or somehow make it useful.

    no matter why you prep, or to what extent, the main thing is that you do.

    I prep, therefore I am…….. and will continue to be.

  26. Let me start with… I love grandpappy’s site. For those who only read the article I suggest you do some further poking around, he is an excellent source of information!

    I may not agree with the 1 hour time frame mostly because the masses of sheeple will be in shock at first and the hysteria may take longer to officially kick in, but otherwise it is a highly probable scenario. Many many things can trigger a “bank holiday” think of how dependent the banking systems are on electric, Internet, etc. any major hit to our country would likely cause banks to shut their doors if not to protect themselves then because they can’t access the money.

    About 15 years ago I tried to cash my paycheck and was unable to because the previous day’s manager set the timer on the vault wrong before closing, the ATM ran out of cash before noon and for 2 days they had no access to the vault. They also didn’t know when the timer would release so someone had to stay with it until it did. Needless to say that manager lost his job, but a LOT of people were SOL as it was a small town bank and not a major branch you could just go to a different bank of. Many people pulled their money from that bank as soon as they were able and within 6 months they were bought out by a major bank company. Let’s not forget your money is not 100% FDIC insured it’s only insured up to a certain amount. (Usually $200 K I believe) and they are COMPANIES they don’t have your best interest at heart they have the companies best interest. So if even 400 people went in and withdrew between20 and 100 thousand dollars in one day the bank would take a major hit. If they knew it was likely a large % of their customers would withdraw they would be better served to close their doors.

    Personally we no longer use a bank so this part wouldn’t affect us immediately, however the aftermath would greatly impact us.

    Regardless of the scenario there are things everyone on the planet would be better served if they did…
    1: have good shelter and a plan and materials for a secondary shelter if the first is uninhabitable
    2: have water and access to more water as well as ways to make it safe for consumption
    3: have food, a way to prepare the food and food that can be quickly taken with you if you need your backup shelter. The amount of food depends on you. At least a few weeks worth, months is better years is ideal. But something is better than nothing always. So get what you can when you can. (I assure you if something happens you’re going to be happy you put $100 into your food storage rather than your savings account, after all if nothing happens you’ll still eat the food)
    4: fuel, so many options for this just make sure you have a few that will provide you with warmth, a way to cook and boil water and get you from point a to point b.
    5: defense take it any way you like, protect your family and yourself because desperate people do horrible things and some people are just sick and will take advantage of any weakness make sure even the youngest capable member can defend themselves.
    6: a plan this is the most important IMHO because without some basic outline of a plan you can easily get caught up in a frenzy and make mistakes. Everything above should be included in your plan.

    Thank you for sharing this article. I am often on your blog reading your tips and enjoying the comments of fellow readers. You all have so much to contribute!!!

  27. First aid as well as the general knowledge and supplies to keep your family healthy are also a must, can’t believe I forgot to write that.
    Knowledge and skills are the most important part of prepping, it can’t be taken from you. Make sure everyone in your family (if you have a prepping group that has decided to whether teotwawki together then they are family) has knowledge and skills. Even the kids but especially the kids cause let’s face it anyone of us would gladly sacrifice our own lives to give our children a better chance at surviving if we had to, if you haven’t given them skills and knowledge then it will die with you and their chance may not be as good as you hoped.

  28. I have seen the 1 hour rule apply locally during / after a storm, jury decision ect. It will happen.
    I have 40 years with the government D.O.D . was a part of REX – 84( LOOK IT UP ), 40 years in the fire service / EMT as a volunteer, 40 years with Red Cross disaster, 18 years as a reserve in law enforcement and 25 years as a volunteer with Emergency Management / Homeland Security.
    While living in the mid west, I worked disasters on the east coast and gulf area for decades. I have watch these things unfold and it is scary even for me with my background. You need to be ready, I am not a Pre Tribber, I don’t see that as I read the Bible- just my thoughts.
    I have followed these issues since 1984 when I was part of the REX – 84 program. I thought it would have happen by now, I could not see things getting any worse, but every day it does.
    Our Congress has let the US down as well as America’s citizens. Main reason I left the government in 2010 we started training troops for our own citizens, I worked at sites where they have built and are now operating FEMA Camps, yes , they are real.
    Think what you want, but as I say in every class I teach, every talk show I have done;
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

    Go to LinkedIn under RangerRick for my background.

    Best Regards, RangerRick
    North Idaho

  29. The one hour meltdown is the one I have always prepared for, but never had the iq or writing ability to put it into words as you have done. Ego is Ego, but I feel very much vindicated now, for I truly believe before the end of this year we will all see the one hour meltdown coming to our own neighbors. And a one hour meltdown will destroy everything we have worked for and accomplished over centuries of hard work and sacrifice.

    1. The Survival Mom

      When “it” does happen, we’ll all look back at the events leading up to the collapse and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t we see this coming?” Of course, our economy, and the world’s economy, could continue to struggle on like a badly wounded animal for quite a long time.

      1. I hope and pray you are correct, but I am convinced this is our last year of enjoying civilization while praying that you all laugh at me come New Year. Laying all jokes aside though, we are in one heck of a bind. It’s all around us and I am so worried for our young people, children, and infants. What an absolute mess we have left for them to deal with. God forgive us.

  30. For those that say it can’t happen in an hour…remember a couple of years ago or when the ebt card system went down in Mississippi…within one hour the ugimmes had destroyed the grocery isles in the walmarts in that particular city…regardless of color or lack thereof, every person that is holding their hand out of the taxpayers to pick up their tab will be in the streets within 59 minutes doing what they do best…living the good life at someone else’s expense…and will not think twice about killing you if you attempt to interfere with their looting…sorry, livelihood. Those are the facts…deal with it…please.

  31. I know in the past our property had its own well, the official records at our Court house said the water wasn’t put in the house til 1920, our home was built around 1900. How would I begin to look for where the original well was? Back when our home was built, the population was half what it is today, I know there are city ordinances that wont allow a private well now, but if the shtf, no one is going to care. I don’t even have the room here to store 50 gal drums of water. Cant always count on the rain to fall, lol

  32. The odds of a nation wide one hour economic melt down happening are about 1,000,000 – 1.
    I noticed the dates next to some of the comments to this article. A lots has happened to the U.S. since they were written. One thing that didn’t happen was an economic
    melt down.

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