Pure Water, No Matter What: A Review of Berkey Water Filters

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There is no replacement for clean, great-tasting water, is there?

When my family camped across Iceland last year, drinking the local water was no problem. Icelanders know good water, since the country’s water is some of the freshest and purest in the world. It was a delight to enjoy that water and not worry about pollutants.

Pure Water No Matter What A Review of Berkey Water Filters via The Survival Mom

Lately, clean water has been even more of a priority for us after Hurricane Harvey devastated our hometown. The streets were flooded with water that came from goodness-knows where. A park near us has forbidden entry to anyone after being completely underwater, as toxic levels of arsenic, mercury, and other toxins were reported in the now-soggy soil.

We’ve been using as drinking water the purified water from our refrigerator dispenser, but after hearing this, I realized we needed to begin using a filter with advanced capabilities. So, we immediately got our Royal Berkey Water Filter set up on our counter, complete with its fluoride and arsenic filters, and have been grateful every day that we know for sure our water is safe to drink.

What makes a great water filter?

An ideal water filter should be able to remove the following things from water with no problem:

  • Dirt and sand particles
  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • Toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury
  • Parasites
  • Harmful or unwanted chemicals

Our Berkey does all these things! Regardless of what kind of filtering system you choose to purchase, it should really be able to remove the above contaminants from the water that goes through it. For us, the Berkey was the best choice for our family’s needs, health, and safety concerns. After the many power outages experienced during Hurricane Harvey, we were also glad that our Berkey was not reliant on an electronic- or gas-powered source for filtration. It’s a gravity-fed filter, which means that while dirty, polluted water may go into the top part of the system, pure and clean water will come out of the bottom.

If you or a loved one has been affected by the hurricanes that have been hitting our country, or if you are concerned about the fluoride levels in your water, take a close look at Berkey Water Filters. Water from the Berkey has no strange aftertastes (and is great for making coffee), and the filters remove almost all germs and dust particles. Our most recent addition to our filter, the Black Berkey Fluoride and Arsenic Filters, do not make a big impact in the taste of our water, but we love knowing that they are in our Berkey, plugging away at further purifying our drinking water.

Who needs a Berkey?

It doesn’t take floodwaters to taint our drinking water. There are instances of boil notices every week across the country and many natural disasters can affect a city’s water supply.

In addition, many of us have discovered that flouride isn’t exactly the healthiest addition to our drinking water, and since Berkey’s white filters remove not only flouride but arsenic as well, there’s even more protection. This could be even more important for people on well water, which often contains naturally occurring arsenic.

Even if you trust your city’s water supply, if it doesn’t smell or taste fresh and pure, a Berkey filter will take care of that, too.

The array of Berkeys was confusing to me, and I was never sure which one would suit my family best.

In a nutshell:

  • Travel Berkey – 1.5 gallons – holds 2 Black Berkey elements. Great for up to 2 people.
  • Berkey light – 2.75 gallons – holds 4 Black Berkey elements. Great for up to 4 people.
  • Big Berkey – 2.25 gallons – can hold up to 4 Black Berkey elements. Great for up to 4 people.
  • Royal Berkey –  3.25 gallons – can hold up to 4 Black Berkey elements. Great for up to 5 people.
  • Imperial Berkey –  4.5 gallons – Can hold up to 6 Black Berkey elements. Great for up to 7 people.
  • Crown Berkey –  6 gallons – Can hold up to 8 Black Berkey elements. Great for 8 or more people.

Take this online course to equip your home for any water emergency.

Is it the best of the best?

We have a veritable hoard of water filters. After more than 8 years of blogging, we’ve tested more water filters than I care to admit in our search for an economical, reliable water filter that actually works and provides water for more than one person.

That is why I can confidently say, as a mom, a hurricane survivor, and a hardcore survivalist: the Berkey Water Filter has been our favorite water filter purchase. Our model is the Royal Berkey, which provides enough water for roughly 4-6 people a day. Since we only use it for drinking water, and it’s primarily my kids and I who drink it, this means we refill it every other day or two. It’s lightweight and easy to put together, as well! My daughter assembled ours all on her own. And did I mention….it makes great coffee.

A couple of Berkey accessories to consider

The Berkey water filters will sit flush on your tabletop or kitchen counter, and this makes it awkward for filling drinking glasses, saucepans, and the like. To make dispensing water easier, I purchased a stainless steel stand, which lifts the filter up by about 6″. We also bought the white filters for arsenic and flouride, although the Black Berkey Filters are plenty for making sure your water is safe to drink.

A Berkey Water Filter is definitely one of those investment preps but in a world of preparedness where so much can be accomplished for free and/or very low cost, this is one item worth saving up for.

Pure Water No Matter What A Review of Berkey Water Filters via The Survival Mom

8 thoughts on “Pure Water, No Matter What: A Review of Berkey Water Filters”

  1. thanks for sharing this! i have been eyeing a berkey for a few months. And after hurricane harvey and irma, i decided to get one for emergencies. We live by a lake and have a pool and i believe we could use this berkey on that water in dire situations. i found the white filters and got a good deal on the package. We got a big berkey size for our family of 8 for emergencies only. it hides inside itself for storage and I’m so excited that we’ve added this water filter to our emergency prep. anyhoo… thanks for your review. It helps me feel more confident about our purchase.

  2. thank you for this great article filled with information. I love my Berkey. A friend bought it for me several years back and little did I know what I would be dealing with a short time later. I live near the Toledo Border in Michigan but our water comes from Toledo. Three years ago we had a Water Crisis where the algae bloom made the water unsafe to drink or to touch… we were warned to not even boil it because that would multiply the algae bloom. I called BERKEY and learned that it would take out the myocystin which is the problem. I felt so safe and thankful that I had my Berkey. Toledo has a water dial that they show on the news every day and it shows our water it’s in the safe zone for drinking but that’s because they pump so much chlorine in it now to keep within the guidelines! Having been out fishing on Lake Erie recently the water is pure green. So once again I am thankful for my Berkey. I highly recommend This filter.

  3. Berkey filters are the best! But if you can’t afford the stainless steel container from Berkey, at least purchase the filters on the web and make your own setup using 2 square or round buckets. Plenty of vids on YT will show you how!

  4. We use the Berkey filtered water for all cooking and drinking. Our city adds chloramines to the water, and twice a year they also add chlorine, neither of which are good for your gut, brain, nervous system, or circulatory systems.

    In the long run it is cheaper that bottled water and healthier too.

  5. I managed to score a Big Berky water filter for $50 last weekend.

    Just about every weekend I head out to the local swap meet or what we call the Amazon store. The guy that runs the place bids on Amazon items that get returned for one reason or another and then sells them in his shop. You find a lot of Chinese knock-off stuff but occasionally score something really good. Half the stuff they don’t know what it is or what it goes for full price. So I’m going through all the stuff, nothing sparking my interests. I look down and see this box with Berkey on it. I gasped for a second and then casually pick it up to inspect it. Pull out my phone to check if its legit and sure enough it was. Took it to the guy behind the counter while trying to hold back my excitement. It was originally marked as $60. Haggled them down to $50. Everything was accounted for minus the lid but I can make due with a something around or buy a replacement lid. Two white filters and two black filters. I gave it a good wash and looking forward to test it out.

    What ironic was just a few days prior as I was thinking out my water storage setup. I’m good for a few weeks but no good way of filtering. I have a Sawyer Mini but that would be hard to support the family during an event. Guess God was looking out for me.

    1. Good for you! A Berkey is, indeed, one of those investment preps that is pricey but also pretty darn good to have on hand. I’m glad you found one at such a great price.

  6. Lisa, I know it is comparing apples to oranges, but I know you have tested both…what is your opinion of the Survival Still vs. the Berrkey…I have asked this question on other sites and have yet to get an honest answer. I know we are talking two different processes to purifying water. There are pros and cons to both. I am not in a position to afford either right now. But if I am going to invest the money, I want to make sure I get the right thing.

  7. Can you recommend another water filtration system. Recently I saw videos on Berkey’s sketchy manner in establishing their claims. Apparently they only filter up to 50 gallons of water when the filters effectiveness started failing.

    I have three Berkeys and it was very unsettling to hear this.

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