7 Reasons why all the cool kids are prepping

image by TheMarque

image by TheMarque

In spite of the earnest efforts of Doomsday Preppers to make preppers look extreme and laughable, more Americans than ever are prepping.

Now, even the cool kids are making trips to Costco and Sam’s Club, loading up carts with rice, canned foods, and dental floss. The world of preparedness is no longer just the realm of grizzled men wearing plaid shirts and carrying shotguns or Mormons with basements lined with #10 cans of food!

What is it about preparedness that is attracting the cool kids?

1.  Cool kids tend to be skeptical of authorities. It’s no longer the school principal who gets their smirks but government officials and the media who hurry to shape a narrative that the economy has improved and it’s safe to start wild shopping sprees again.

2.  Remember the crash of the housing market? Remember the downfall of Bear Stearns and news that a financial crash was imminent? How many people do you know who lost jobs, homes, and businesses during those years? Many of them were the cool kids, and they haven’t forgotten.

3.  Cool kids know from experience that eventually their misdeeds will be noticed and punished. Unfortunately, that lesson has never been learned by those running the government.

In spite of billion dollar bailouts, the deep issues that brought about the Great Recession of 2007+ were never addressed with much more than words. The issues are still there, winding their ugly, destructive roots even deeper.

One day, the piper will have to be paid. That day is  on the calendar; we just don’t know exactly when it will happen.

4.  Cool kids are watching the price of basic living expenses rise, along with taxes. For each of us, there comes a breaking point when we realize we cannot work any harder, and we cannot cut the household budget any deeper. As Americans get closer and closer to that breaking point, prepping makes more sense than ever.

Cool kids tend to notice trends, and the rise of prices is a big one.

5.  Cool kids have come to realize that government assistance in a crisis is unpredictable, at best and non-existent at worst. Superstorm Sandy taught this tough-love lesson to thousands of people along the East Coast. Even those who were prepared soon discovered the limits of their preps and the frustration of working with federal agencies.

The cool kids realize that in a big enough crisis, who ya’ gonna call? Why, yourself, of course, so you’d better get ready now to answer the call!

6.  Let’s face it. It’s kind of cool to have a secret stash of food or ammo or wear a paracord bracelet for the first time! This is new to most Americans and launching into the unfamiliar territory of survival is pretty thrilling. And cool.

7.  Sometimes cool kids introduce new trends to their circles of family and friends, and that’s one way prepping is being spread. Being prepared is smart, fun, challenging, and cool. Why not tell your girlfriends or your buddies about it?

When the S really hits the fan, old-timers may have to thank the newcomers for making self-reliance and prepping a trend because there will be fewer unprepareds, knocking on the door and expecting a handout.


If you’re a prepper or just define yourself as, “a smart person who sees the writing on the wall,” then you’re cool! And, since cool kids hang out together, we have an enormous, powerful clique. Are you cool enough to join?





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  1. H. (eyes wide open) says

    I hope you are right. Our kid’s future is looking bleak. Of course, you would never know it by watching the media.

    Good post! I am hopeful that the “cool kids” will see through the smoke and mirrors before our country is broken beyond repair 😀

    • says

      Another prepper MeetUp group is getting started in the Phoenix area. I think that makes 5 or 6 of these all together, not to mention the gardening and backyard chicken groups and all the other groups related to prepping.

  2. says

    THAT was a VERY good article! It’s certainly a way to reach out to the younger generation.

    Problem is, most of the kids today are programmed by the “idiot box” to think otherwise. Reaching them is going to be a challenge, and our worst enemy will be peer pressure.

  3. MikeM says

    I was just in the boys room here on campus and there were three guys smoking and sealing mylar bags of white sugar and putting them in gamma seal pails. I told them the oxygen absorbers and mylar weren’t necessary for sugar.

    They gave me a wedgie and threw my pocket protector in the toilet.

    Lousy cool kids…

    • charley says

      I love Sheldon’s random emergency drills. Did you notice that the guys have now included watching Walking Dead along with their other sci fi…….too funny.

  4. says

    I’m teaching my daughter how to prep and be responsible. She is only 16 months old but as she gets older, I will teach her many things to include the respect of firearms! She will be shooting by 3 years old…

  5. Suzanne Blanks says

    My oldest son is 18 years old and he initially poked some fun at my efforts to prepare for anything, everything, and whatever. However, as the months have unfolded and he has seen my food pantry expand, he is now proud of the fact that I am prepping and often comes to me with ideas that he has on ways that he can contribute. We have a very close family friend that is also a prepper and a person that we trust who is often at our home for visits. On occasion, my son will show our friend my newest stock of dehydrated goods or something that my husband has made. It makes me feel good that my son is proud of how I am looking out for our family and he now has an understanding of the importance of taking care of yourself in the event of disaster. It is vital that our youth comprehend the importance of self-sufficiency and depending on one’s own capabilities rather than government emergency action plans.

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