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5 Ways to Promote a Culture of Self-Reliance in Your Family

As you begin to create a culture of self-reliance, you will feel more confident about your ability to withstand almost any hardship. We cannot depend on the government or charities to provide services and care for the millions of people across the nation when a disaster happens. It is essential that each individual and family do all they can to be responsible for themselves when needed. If we are wise and careful with our resources, we will be able to sustain ourselves through difficult times.

Survival Wisdom from Old-Timers: 16 Life Lessons for Tough Times

It has been said that those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. Many of these lessons we think are part of the modern era are new packaging on old problems. We see them as survival lessons from old timers, but it was just how they lived. We can learn a lot by seeing how a generation born and raised post-prohibition, post-stock market collapse, and post-settling the West learned to overcome the pitfalls of short-sighted decision-making.

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15 Ways to Celebrate Good Times in Tight Times

A difficult future is going to be made easier if family bonds are tight and the love is strong. There’s nothing quite like traditions and holidays to establish and reinforce those bonds, and tight times shouldn’t mean the end of these celebrations. Survival Moms are creative enough to overcome anything!

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22 Frugal Ways to Use Freeze-Dried Ground Beef

Once I got over the price shock of freeze-dried meat, I discovered its versatility is as limitless as any other meat. Factor in its ability to remain fresh and ready to eat for ten years or more, then it makes sense to add it to your food storage pantry. One can at a time adds up, and you can begin to assemble simple recipe ideas like the ones in this article and the other ingredients you’ll need.

Make Your Own Yeast

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you undoubtedly have several pounds of wheat berries stored away. You may also have experimented with making your own wonderfully delicious bread, because you know cooking from scratch is a critical survival skill. The downside of long-term prepping and bread making is keeping active yeast on hand. One solution is to learn how to make yeast from scratch.

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12 Steps to Help You Survive the Government Shutdown

Another government shutdown looms on the horizon. If it feels like deja vu’, you’re not wrong. If it happens, it would be the 22nd occurrence in the last five decades. Being prepared isn’t just about being ready for a power outage or natural disaster. Family survival can also be about what to do in the event of job loss, or in this case, in the face of a government shutdown. If you are one of those who won’t be getting a paycheck, hang in there! These ideas will help you be ready for and get through this temporary tight time.

65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great Depression

***Updated to include podcast interview with The Survival Mom***

It was the best of times. It was the very worst of times. America’s Great Depression of the 1930s was a time of starvation and subsistence survival for many families. Yet decades later, many survivors of those years hold on to the survival lessons they learned, from hoarding pieces of aluminum foil to eating lettuce leaves with a sprinkle of sugar.