Survival Mom’s 12 Days of Christmas

survival mom's 12 Days of ChristmasWhat’s not to love about Christmas? Even the scroogiest Scrooge has to admit that the twinkling lights and excitement of children makes the season special.

Here is a collection of my own best ideas for a festive and blessed season. Merry Christmas!

Day 1: A New Craft For Your Kids

Your kids and grandkids are going to have at least 14 days in a row off from school and, likely, driving you nuts. Here are ideas for getting them busy learning a new skill or craft.

Day 2: Read All About It!

Make reading holiday favorites part of your tradition and memories! Suggested titles here.

Day 3: Light Up Someone’s Holiday

Have you thought of bringing holiday cheer to someone with a few strings of lights? Battery-powered means there won’t be any addition to a power bill.

Day 4: A Gift of Service

What better way to teach our kids that Christmas isn’t just about getting but giving than to make this a part of your annual tradition?

Day 5: Keep it Simple, Sweetie!

Don’t overdo it! Simple times make for the sweetest of memories.

Day 6: The Gift of Memories

I like these gift ideas! No more gifts that are quickly forgotten with this suggestion!

Day 7: Give the Gift of Preparedness

Equip your loved one with a handy emergency kit.

Day 8: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

At some point, sit down and enjoy the lights, the smells, and the beauty of Christmas.

Day 9: Our Favorite Things

This is a tradition we’ve carried on for several years. We love sharing our favorite things with family members.

Day 10: Jesus is the Reason

Ever get so busy with Christmas prep that you completely forget what the holiday is all about?

Day 11: Is That All There Is?

Yes, post-Christmas let down is a real thing. Here’s my best tip for overcoming it.

Day 12: Do It All Again Next Year!

There are 11 months from now until the next time you haul out those Christmas decorations. Here’s what I do that helps me remember where everything goes!