26 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity

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  1. Wear wool socks and a wool cap.
  2. Set up a tent in a room that connects with a bathroom and spend time/sleep inside the tent.
  3. Sit in your car with the heater on. NOTE: This is a short-term solution and should only be done with your car parked in a well-ventilated garage or in an otherwise open area.
  4. If you have a gas range, boil/heat water and then pour it into a hot water bottle.
  5. Wear layers of clothes, including long underwear.
  6. Wear fleece-lined pants and/or fleece-lined tights. It’s amazing how this one strategy will help you stay warm without electricity.
  7. Wear socks and shoes in the house.
  8. Keep hand and feet warmers inside pockets, gloves, and/or shoes.
  9. Put heavy blankets over windows and exterior doors, especially glass sliding doors.
  10. Spend most of the day and night inside the warmest room closed off to the rest of the house.
  11. Cuddle up with your cats and/or dogs.
  12. Spend the day inside the warmest sleeping bag you own.
  13. Cover windows with bubble wrap as an insulator.
  14. Do a workout to a YouTube video or make up a routine of your own to increase body heat.
  15. Heat rises. If possible, spend most of your time upstairs as long as it’s also well-insulated.
  16. Make a Buddy Burner for light and a small amount of heat.
  17. Use an indoor-safe portable stove to cook small meals. Hot food helps boost morale.
  18. If you have a fireplace, maintain a good-sized fire throughout the day and night.
  19. Make an alcohol stove from an Altoids tin to keep hands warm.
  20. In a dire emergency, check with your town/city to see if there are any public warming sites available.
  21. Put bricks or large rocks in your fireplace, heat them, remove safely using tongs, and then wrap them in blankets to warm beds and bodies.
  22. Never stand or rest your feet on a bare floor (tile, concrete, etc.) Either wear socks or place your feet on a rug or blanket.
  23. Wrap yourself in one or more blankets.
  24. If you have babies or toddlers, keep them warm with your body heat by carrying them in a sling or other baby carrier.
  25. Keep something over your head throughout the day and night, preferably something made from wool. You can read about my own clothing layers in this article about our camping trip in Iceland.
  26. Make an Apple Box Stove to cook food and as an off-grid method for staying warm without electricity.

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4 thoughts on “26 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity”

  1. This is great! 2 comments
    A woman and her child just died from carbon monoxide trying to warm up in their car so be careful of this one.
    The power company said not to use fireplace and close the flew because what heat you have will be drafted out. However, if you have NO heat this is ridiculous. Also, we have glass doors on ours if necessary. Plus, what did people due for ALL of history for crying out loud!

  2. Thank you for your information. I am in the DFW area and just coming off of 56 hours without power during this record breaking winter weather. Your blog and others have inspired me and a tent was one of the first things I set up when we woke up Monday to no power. I have really learned a lot this last emergency and will continue to use your blog as inspiration to be better prepared.

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