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I’ve read several articles about hand grain mills & have found that most folks point to the Wondermill Junior as the top mill for the money.  Are there any others you might recommend that are a little less expensive?  Thanks & keep up the good work!  The info you post on your site has been invaluable!


Your question about grain mills is a good one because all of us want something of quality, that will hold up over time, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here’s the problem with the cheaper models that I have used.  Wheat is very, very hard and takes a great deal of effort to grind by hand.  The cheaper models weren’t very sturdy and I could easily see them breaking down after a relatively short period of time.  I had to put a good deal of elbow grease into the grinder just to produce a small amount of flour and the whole time the mill was shaking.  Granted, it was in a store and wasn’t as securely fastened to the countertop as it would be a table or countertop at home.

Consider that by the time you spend close to $100 for a cheaper model, you’re almost halfway to the $210 price point for a Wondermill Junior.

Try checking out Craigslist, eBay, second hand stores and even asking on Freecycle.  Making homemade flour from wheat is a fad for some people, and it gets old!  The electric mill I have was found at a Goodwill store.  Try to get both an electric and manual mill, if possible.

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