New Year, New Challenge!

Step-by-step, you CAN get your home, family, and yourself prepared for everyday emergencies! Join hundreds of other women around the world in Survival Mom’s DO IT NOW 2020.

For 5 days, beginning on Friday, January 24, you’ll get short, simple, and fun daily tasks. Be sure to join the DO IT NOW 2020 Facebook group to share your progress, ask questions, participate in some fun competition, and be there live when Lisa, The Survival Mom, chats with the group.



Join the DO IT NOW 2020 Challenge!

When you register for the challenge, you’ll receive a free gift via email that will help you stay on track for each day during this 5-day challenge.

Then, beginning Friday, January 24, you’ll get daily emails with simple tasks that will help you make progress toward becoming better prepared. Start your year with a home and family ready for the next everyday emergency!