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Over and over and over, I hear women just like you tell me:

“I started my emergency kit before but never finished.” ~Melody

“How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed, and that you are making a bigger mess than progress?  I don’t want to quit like I have in the past due to this feeling.” ~Stephanie

“My family used to practice emergency prepardness. But somewhere it all stopped.” ~Cora

Confusion. Overwhelm. Worry.

When we know we need to get our homes and families prepared for emergencies or even a worst-case scenario, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and even more difficult to know how to sort through all of the one-size-fits-all advice on prepper and survival websites.

I have a simple answer for you, something to help you get started with prepping — my DO IT NOW 3-day challenge.

What is the DO IT NOW Challenge?

Everything, including prepping, is easier when you break it down into small bites, small tasks. When you join the DO IT NOW Challenge, I will give you 3 of those small tasks to do each day for 3 days in a row.

Do 1, 2, or all 3 — either way you are making progress toward a home and family that is better prepared.

When you register for my challenge, each day for 3 days in a row you’ll receive 3 short, simple To Do lists.

If you complete all 3 tasks for all 3 days, you will have taken 9 steps toward being more prepared and more confident to handle emergencies.

Participating in Facebook is NOT a requirement, but feel free to join The Survival Mom Bootcamp group. It’s a great place to mingle, chat, and get your questions answered.


Join the DO IT NOW Challenge!

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