The All-American Sun Oven: A Survival Mom Review

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What if you could harness the power of the sun to cook delicious, homemade meals for your family, even in the most challenging of times? Wouldn’t you like to explore a solution that not only saves energy but also offers a sustainable way to prepare food? A solar oven might just be the answer you’ve been seeking.

When asked which solar cooker oven I recommend, I always mention the Global Sun Oven. It’s the very first solar oven I owned and it shows plenty of wear and tear. It’s more expensive than other versions, but its designers came up with creative solutions to common issues that made solar cooking more challenging than it needed to be.

Now there’s a new kid on the block: the All-American Sun Oven solar oven cooker. Here’s my experience cooking with it.

open sun oven

Features of the All-American Sun Oven

When it comes to solar ovens, the All-American Sun Oven stands as a testament to a well-designed solar appliance. I appreciate how it makes harnessing the power of the sun for cooking easier than ever.


One of the most noticeable upgrades is the oven’s increased size, now 20% larger. It can bake two loaves of bread side by side or easily handle a 9×13 pan, which is the most popular size baking dish, at least in my house!

Higher Temps / Reduced Cooking Times

Another improvement lies in the oven’s glass door, boasting a thicker construction and an improved sealing gasket. These enhancements work together to offer higher cooking temperatures and, more importantly, reduced cooking times.

Cooking Times

According to the All-American Sun Oven’s official website, cooking times are similar to those of a conventional oven. For example, this updated model can roast a 2 1/2 pound roast in just 1 hour and 20 minutes, and whip up a chocolate cake in only 35 minutes.

A Favorite Feature

Once I learned how to align the Sun Oven with the sun in order to maximize the cooking power of the sun, it was easy, but the All-American makes it even easier with an E-Z Sun Tracker. With a glance, you can determine if your oven is situated properly. Since focusing the oven to the sun is important in cooking times and temperatures, this help your food cook more quickly.

2 Cooking Experiences with the Sun Oven

Now on to my review of the oven’s performance. Let me share a couple of experiments.

Cooking Eggs

On a sunny afternoon, I placed two raw eggs on the leveling tray in the oven. The oven was hot, right at 350 degrees. (Did I mention the built-in thermometer?) No directions were given regarding the length of cooking time, so I just figured I would break open an egg after 20 minutes to see if it was fully cooked.

To keep a short story short, the egg was perfectly cooked! There was no dark green ring around the yoke to indicate over-cooking, and the entire egg was soft but definitely hard-boiled. Impressive!

Frozen Chicken

My second experiment involved a frozen chicken. The president of Sun Oven, Paul Munsen, says that he puts a frozen chicken in his Sun Oven in the morning, along with some seasonings and vegetables, and the chicken slow cooks all day long until it’s perfectly finished by the end of the day.

Well, my chicken was well and truly frozen on the morning of the experiment. I kept it simple, just spreading a bit of olive oil over the chicken with a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and popped it in a covered baker. It went into the Sun Oven a little after 9 a.m. I was running errands all day long, so I didn’t check on the chicken until 4:30 that afternoon.

Result? It was fully cooked and ultra-moist. Wow!

A Solar Oven for Preparedness

Living in the sun-soaked state of Texas, having a solar cooker makes perfect sense for my prepping needs. When (not if!) conventional energy sources aren’t available, I can still prepare hot, homemade meals for my family. It’s another layer of off-grid cooking methods in my toolbox. Two is one and one is none, remember? Homesteaders, you may also find it of interest.

However, it’s important to note that solar cookers use the brightness of the sun not hot air temperatures to cook and bake. Clear winter days are no problem for the Sun Oven. The difference really lies in the amount of cooking time available–more in summer, far fewer in winter.

Final Thoughts

If you’re contemplating the purchase of a solar oven and wondering which one to choose, let me make it easy for you: the All-American Sun Oven is undoubtedly a winner. Its remarkable design and outstanding performance make it a top choice for any aspiring solar chef.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Survival Mom reader from outside the U.S. Can I still order this?

Unfortunately, the All-American Sun Oven is only available in the contiguous United States. You can explore other commercial options or try your hand at a DIY Solar Cooker.

Does it require preheating like a regular oven?

To maximize efficiency, make sure to preheat the oven by letting it sit in the sun for at least 15-20 minutes before placing your baking dish inside.

I’m new to solar cooking. How do I get started?

I’ve got you covered! Learn how to get started with solar cooking.

Is the Sun Oven difficult to clean?

If you hate cleaning your oven, you will love the Sun Oven! Moisture will likely collect during the baking process of most foods, but the only cleaning necessary is a quick wipe down of the oven’s interior when you’re finished using it.

Can I cook family favorite’s in it?

Yes! Because it cooks at temperatures similar to a regular oven, you don’t need special recipes or to adjust your favorites.

Is a Sun Oven worth the investment?

Depending on where you live, you likely incur your highest energy costs during either the summer or winter. If you utilize the Sun Oven on a regular basis during just those months, it will likely pay for itself in one season. There are absolutely no other costs involved once you make the initial purchase. To get more bang for your buck, use the Sun Oven as a food dehydrator, and to boil or pasteurize water.

Do you own a solar oven? What do you think of them?

Originally published June 23, 2013. The promotion running at that time has ended.

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  2. I would love one of these! My husband and I are very much survivalist and prepping and have yet to figure out a way to cook without power. I believe an E.M.P. (terrorist or sun caused) will cause the apocalypse and I think this would be the greatest thing to have!

  3. Please please please!!! I would love to win this one. We love the sun oven and to have a new and improved one would be awesome. 🙂

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    I LOVE your site and I would LOVE to win a Sun Oven. I went to the website and watched the videos. This company is doing a great job.

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    I definitely would use this. Have tried the homemade version with some limited success.

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    Oh, I SO want one! I’m working on making one from a windshield sun reflector …. but it hasn’t yet worked for me.

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  32. Arlene Johnson

    I have wanted one of these since the first time I saw one advertised, but have not been able to afford one. . I lived in snow country for 31 years and many times we were without power, sometimes up to two weeks. I always tried to keep Sterno in the cupboard, but that was only good for a short time. This would be ideal for being without power for a longer time.

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    Thank you Survival Mom!

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  96. Lynda Atchison

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  150. I would love one because I hear everyone raving how good everything tastes when cooked in the Sun Oven.

  151. I am so impressed with the new solar style of this oven. I love that it can accomodate a larger baking pan for goodies or the main course. I also appreciate that the glass is thicker and it bakes hotter. This would be wonderful to own.


  152. Got my sour dough starter ready, just need the oven to bake it in. Thanksll you do Lisa

  153. Virginia Cusick

    Would love to have this solar oven, it would work great to sun dry my produce here in soggy Oregon! Just even getting the recipe book would be neat. It would help make the best use of our “U-Pick” farm savings if it could be dried using the sun, lets you get on with the other chores without having to watch everything! I would really love and use this oven big time =)!

  154. I have always wanted to try using solar and this oven just sounds amazing. In Nevada there are many people who have to live off grid because of where the jobs are, totally not by choice. I would sooooo share this little prize with my friends who all live off grid and we could all learn together.

  155. I would use this ALL the time, not just save it for an emergency!
    and the fact the it is made in the USA makes it a treasure!

  156. I’m new to self-reliance and the solar oven would be a fabulous welcome to my growing supplies and education.
    Thank you for all your wisdom and fun contests like this.

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  158. I’m trying to learn solar cooking this summer with a homemade cardboard & tin foil oven. So far, and sadly, I can only get the temps high enough to soft cook an egg and that took 4 hours. I dream of a Sun Oven of my own.

  159. Chris Johnson

    I love the solar technology. The more things we can do with solar power the better. This oven looks like a lot of fun too.

  160. Would really like to give one of these a try. Good luck all and congrats to the person that wins.

  161. Kaaren Rickard

    I am 72 years young and have been working for three years to get better at raised bed gardening, raising livestock, and methods of storing foods. I just bought ten acres and am going off the grid with solar and wind generating electricity. A solar oven was an expense that I thought was outside my budget. It would bring it all full circle.

  162. I bought a Global Sun Oven just for baking bread and love it. The larger size and new features of the All American sound wonderful. Thanks for the information and chance to win.

  163. Cool giveaway! I would love to upgrade. I bought the global version last summer. It is great, but the new size and help to position sounds even better. Two summers ago I made a diy one from the instructions here on the first use it made it to 350F, about 300 after that. I think it would be even better if I had preheated the cardboard before gluing the aluminum foil down. The cardbord shrinks causing wrinkles which makes it less efficient. Hope that helps someone else trying to build one!

  164. Wow! This looks and sounds amazing. What a wonderful addition to my cooking options this would be.

  165. I borrowed an oven like this about a month ago for a high school environmental science class demonstration. We got water to heat up to 85 degrees Celsius (well past pasteurization temp) very quickly, then we made s’mores. (Not an ideal use for an oven like this, but it was my first experience and I didn’t know how much to expect.) I would LOVE to have one of my own to experiment with during classes and then to USE (for longer periods) while away from school (in nature or at home).

  166. this is on my wish list, have been wanting one for a long time. thanks for the chance to win one

  167. Betty England

    I have not seen or heard of anyone I know use one of these. I would love to give it a try at one of the summer get togethers..would be a great alternative to standing over a stove indoors.

  168. Thanks for the chance. What a blessing you are to people who are trying to learn how to prepare for whatever life throws at them.

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  170. Would love this! A great way to go green and not have to rely on the electric company!!!

  171. Grandma Karen

    I have been working with my grown daughters to show them how to live without modern conveniences . This would be a great gift to give to them.

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  174. Jamie Shelton

    I would LOVE to win this! With a large family to feed, and living in the hot south, it would be WONDERFUL to be able to cook this way, and the larger size (9×13) makes it ideal for us!
    THANK YOU, Lisa, for all you do to educate and inform us! Your give-a-ways are just the frosting on the cake!

  175. Always thought about making one, but havne’t got around to it. Winning one would solve that problem.

  176. Would love to win this! We moved off-grid about 3 1/2 months ago – and a solar oven would be icing on the cake! Because then I could actually BAKE a cake! LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  177. I think my post didn’t go through. So I’m reposting as this would be an awesome win.

  178. this is an amazing opportunity, thanks for offering it!
    I would loooove to win this 🙂

  179. I have been using a sun oven for almost a year and absolutely love it. It is amazing what you can do with it and when you take out the amazing roast or whatever it is cooked to perfection you can hardly believe it. I would love to have the larger one because I cook for a large family at times. I now have three of my children’s families and two grandaughters using a sun oven because I am constantly bragging on it.

  180. Great review and awesome giveaway. Would love to add this to my preps and can see myself using this often.

  181. Jimmotheviking

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  182. Marilyn Tuley

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