A Review of the Diva Cup

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The Diva Cup is amazing find for women. Read more here. | via www.TheSurvivalMom.comA few weeks ago a reader asked if I would address feminine hygiene issues as they relate to preparedness and survival in less-than sanitary conditions. So here we go.

When I first began storing a bit of extra foods and other essentials, I stocked up on numerous boxes of tampons and a few boxes of sanitary pads. I watched for coupons for my favorite brand and tried to buy them when they were on sale.

This wasn’t a bad strategy.

However, when I started using the Diva Cup, all that changed. A single $30 purchase made all those other products obsolete, and I’m a 100% Diva Cup girl from here on out.

First, here’s the concept behind this product. A small-ish silicone cup is inserted in about the same location as a tampon and it collects “fluid” over a period of time. (No pun intended.)

Once inserted, I forget the Diva Cup is even there. It’s doing its job quietly, which is all I ask of a feminine hygiene product. It continues doing its job for up to 12 hours.

Did you hear that? Up to twelve hours!! I don’t have to rush to a bathroom multiple times during the day or wake up to deal with “issues” during the night. The Diva Cup is leak-proof.

I absolutely love this product and will never go back to using anything else.

The one drawback

When the Diva Cup is removed and emptied into the toilet, it has to be washed before being re-inserted. When I’m at home, this isn’t an issue but I can see that it could be a little complicated if you were using a public bathroom.

One solution is to buy 2 Diva Cups and alternate them, placing the cup to be washed in a ziploc bag until it can be properly washed.

By the way, I just use Ivory soap and warm water, not any special type of cleaning solution.

What I’m about to say next is going to sound pretty close to crazy, but…I kinda, sorta look forward to my period every month because I get to use the Diva Cup!  Wheeee!

Crazy, but this product is so worth every penny. I wish I had known about it years ago.

For those of you wishing to stock up, I’d think that buying maybe 4 or 5 of these could last for many, many years. You might even want to buy one or more for the younger female members of your family.

It’s small enough to tuck into an emergency kit, so you’ll be prepared anytime, anywhere.

The Diva Cup is available for sale on Amazon, but here is a store locator if you want to get one TODAY!

Also, here is the official Diva Cup website with tons of information.

Did I mention that I really, really like the Diva Cup?  By the way, it comes in 2 sizes: pre-childbirth and post-childbirth.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

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  1. Here, Here! Made the switch a few months ago and never looking back. I’m working on converting all my friends too. The only problem I’ve had is that once I dropped it in the toilet. Thank heaven it was MY toilet, and the cup is sterilizable. Otherwise that would have been an expensive drop.

  2. I’ve been using a Diva Cup for a couple years now, and I LOVE it! I also make and use my own washable pads. They are so soft and comfortable that I could never go back to using scratchy disposable pads. Ya wanna hear something funny? A few months ago I overheard my husband telling a sister-in-law about my homemade pads (which I assumed grossed him out) and he sounded PROUD. How cool is that?

  3. I have had mine for years, love it. You don’t have to rinse it if your just emptying it in the middle of the day (preferred, but not necessary), Typically it is not necessary to empty in the middle of the day at all (just empty before you go out). these leak a lot less than tampons once you figure out the right angle to put them in. They also have a line so you can tell how much you’re bleeding.

    this is much more septic tank friendly because you can’t flush tampons, and dealing with used tampons that you can’t flush is just gross (especially if you have a dog).

    I bought a 12 pack of prefold cloth diapers to wear with mine and I’m all set for TEOTW… You can get knock off Diva cups on amazon for $10 shipped. Did this when I lost mine during a move. Exactly the same thing.

    And did I mention a whole lot less leaks?

  4. The only issue with the Diva is it is one of the largest cups on the market – even the small size. I much prefer Lunette or Meluna even post-childbirth. After using a cup, I wouldn’t go back to tampons!

  5. I also LOVE it, but I have to tell you it is not leak proof. For me it holds about the same a a super tampon would. After that it will start to leak. So those with heavy periods will have to deal with it throughout the day, at least on those heavy days.

    1. Thanks for addressing this. I have very heavy periods and I wondered how it would work for me. Thanks for the insight!

      1. I bleed extremely heavily (extremely) and I find that the amount of fluid is not the issue – for me at least. The issue is in the way it’s inserted. I have filled this cup (seriously) in one day without a leak yet other times I leak even though it’s practically empty. It was human error as I didn’t have it in right.
        It is PERFECT for heavy periods because you don’t have to empty it half as often as changing pads and/or tampons. I had to use both in the first few days of my periods before Diva.
        I absolutely love this stupid, little cup and my friends want me to shut up about it but I can’t. My periods are no longer a frightening and foreboding occurrence.
        Hope this helps!

        1. The Survival Mom

          That’s hilarious!! I love the Diva Cup, too, and have told probably too many people about it. You know. TMI and all that. LOL

    2. Yeah, I love it so much but mine overflows in an hour on my heavy days. Mind you that is better than 2 super tampons used at the same time! Yeah, I’m that heavy post-childbirth.
      What I love is that it catches everything- my flow is not all smooth and lovely. Sometimes its… gloppy and I would leak and pull out a white tampon! It catches everything that comes out- until its full that is.
      Also I can swim and do all my sports and it doesn’t leak or shift uncomfortably. You do have to place it just right, but with a little practice, easy peasy.
      Also, in terms of washing it in public restrooms- I bring a thing of disposable baby wipes with me in my purse. I wipe it off and wipe my hands in the stall and no problem.

  6. I love my DivaCup. Going on 6 years (with a year or so off due to having a kid). I love it. It means I don’t have to carry extras to work or when out and about. And I don’t have to find a clean bathroom to change out tampons. And I don’t know about you but my periods hurt less since I started using it. I’ve been know to go 24hours with it in towards the end of my period because I’ve forgotten it is in.

    I am thinking about buying a second one to put in with my camping gear. Forgot to pack it for vacation and started that weekend. Probably just as well, I was using Port-a-Pots all week.

    There is a nice blog, (that I just realized the bookmark is on the old computer) that shows you have to fold the DivaCup or MoonCup in different ways to insert it as the way on the packaging can be harder for some people to insert properly.

    I need to go out and buy a small one for DD#1, she’s just starting puberty…

  7. I love my DivaCup and will never go back to conventional methods! I also like Instead Softcups for very light days. I appreciate the measurements on the side of the DivaCup, which has really helped me to learn my body and has allowed me to have more educated conversations with my physicians. One question for all you ladies, would you start your daughters on the Diva Cup?

  8. I purchased my Diva Cup over a year ago but haven’t been brave enough to use it.
    You ladies have convinced me to go for it!

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. The Diva Cup is definitely worth getting. It totally makes sense for a prepper. Sooner or later you will run out of tampons and pads, or your washable ones will shred eventually. But having several Diva Cups on hand will let you keep the tampons and pads more for first aid instead. I’ve even thought about investing in extra Diva Cups as a trade/barter item! I could see women really wanting something like this if TSHTF.

    My only criticism is that it’s a bit big. You can trim the end a bit to make it more comfortable, which I did. That helped a lot.

    There are other menstrual cups out there. I didn’t care for The Keeper (I think that’s what it was called) as I didn’t find it comfortable at all. But it may be worth checking some of the others out. But the Diva Cup is quite good.

    I’ve also used an old cervical cap that was outdated for birth control use but still in good enough shape for period use. The Diva Cup holds more, but the cervical cap is good for the lighter days.

  10. provident planner

    after comparing diva with a few other varieties, i decided to try it a few years ago, and i have never looked back. i have a heavier flow the first few days, and so i just change it more often at that time – it still holds more than a supersize tampon, and its much more comfortable. it did take me a few months before a got the angle down pat. so, dont give up if it leaks, just adjust it! i love the diva! 🙂

  11. If you don’t like the diva cup and don’t want to buy pads and tampons to store, you can make your own reusable ones.This takes up less storage space.I found a crochet tampon pattern online and pad patterns as well.The pads were easy to make and more comfotable than the store bought ones.I just used some old towels,shirts and a waterproof material to make them.Instaead of storing toilet paper, I made toilet cloths out of worn out tshirts.All of my sanitary needs fit in a coupe of grocery store bags.

  12. Thanks for the review! I already use cloth pads (more for environmental reasons than prepping). I’ve read (and my dr. confirmed) that menstrual cups can dislodge IUD’s so beware if you have one.

  13. My uterus is backwards so I’m not sure if it will work. I also only use pads because my cramps are so bad.

    1. Elizabeth Cotten

      I have a tilted uterus too (pap smears are fun-NOT) and I also have bad cramps. I bought a diva cup for SHTF situations. I started using it right afterwards, because I wanted to know how to use it. It took me a few cycles to really learn. If it makes your cramps worse, you have it in wrong. I ended up trimming off the tip of it with scissors because where it sits in my body, it was too low. I also ended up turning it inside out, it made it a bit more shallow. I’ll never go back. Btw, I’ve noticed my cramps are quite a bit better now that I’ve stopped using pads……

      1. The Survival Mom

        That’s really encouraging to hear that your cramps aren’t as intense since you started using a Diva cup. I wonder if other brands might have been easier for you to use. Some women find that other brands are smaller, more flexible, etc.

  14. Thanks for the review! I have been thinking about getting one of these for a loooong time now…but still haven’t…not sure what the hitch is…but reviews like your help push me along 😉

  15. Just started using DC yesterday. Always had to use tampon + pads.
    WHOA!! LOVE, LOVE this thing!! What a miracle!!

    And what a savior when it’s 95 degrees outside. Pads be damned when it’s that hot!!
    Thank God for this thing!!

    So glad for it. Will never turn back!!

  16. Two of my friends use the Diva and rave about it! Up until about 2 months ago, I had the Mirena and stopped getting my period. Now that I’ve started getting it again, I realized using tampons really hurt me! I’ve been using pads in the mean time but I have a heavy period so they don’t work well! Has anyone had this issue with tampons and are more comfortable with the Diva Cup??

  17. I have been using a Diva Cup for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it! I will never go back to using tampons, especially since cramping was so much worse when I was using them. My 16 year old daughter is the one that told me about the Diva Cup because a few of her friends use it so I ordered us both one and we have never looked back. It took a few tries to get used to inserting my Diva but once I got used to it, I don’t even know it’s there! Love my DIVA CUP!

  18. Okay I would like to try this, but I have a few questions. I’m only 14, and I guess I have a normal flow, but will this fit me? Also, with a normal flow, slightly heavy the first three days, would I need to change it during the 7 hour school day? Does it hurt to instert? I’m interested in using this, but sorta hesitant. Help?

    1. Go for it. There are 2 sizes. Get the Size 1 (smaller) and give it a try. It takes a bit of getting used to and your hands get a bit messy but its your body! Its messy sometimes 🙂
      I remember some of my first tampon experiences and they were not great- like having to take it out at night… but it wasn’t full enough to come out (it was too dry) and my mom had to come and pull it out of me!!! hahaha You won’t get that with the DC because its latex. You will have a much easier time at school etc too. Go for it!

  19. Kristin Berry

    I had never heard of a menstrual cup until I read Survival Mom’s book. Then I did some extensive research and reading. it made a lot of sense, so went ahead a bought a Diva Cup. I love it! There is a bit of a learning curve, that’s for sure. I mean I’ve had more than 30 years if old habits, so yes you can teach an old dog new tricks. I wish I had known about these years ago. Being “of that age” my periods are sometimes irregular. My heavy days I need to change about as often as a super tampon. I may need to change sizes. If you are considering the change, just do it. Make the leap, you won’t regret it. Just remember there is a bit of a learning period to get it in the right spot. In the meantime, you get to know your body quite well.

  20. I LOVE my Diva Cup. I bought it after I read a horrendous news article last winter about a Texan woman who found mold on her brand new Kotex tampons. Kotex, upon being contacted, basically stated “It’s not out of the ordinary for mold to grow on tampons. They are made from cotton.” I bought mine at 18 years old and have had no problems with it. It does not hurt to put it in, since it’s very soft and pliable. I have a medium to light flow and I could probably go 24 hours without changing it, and still only fill a very small amount of it. Highly recommend it.

  21. I have used the Diva Cup for over four years. I find it has saved me a lot of money. I have extremely heavy periods and am not able to use hormones to control them so used to spend a fortune on tampons and pads. I find I have to empty the cup around every two hours on a heavy day (I used to have to change super tampons pretty much every hour). If I leave it too late before I empty the cup it does leak – something to be aware of if your period is heavy and you have been sitting down for a long time. Over time I have become more sensitive to how the cup feels so I can often pick up when it needs emptying – perhaps because the suction lessens. That said, I am definitely not aware of the cup all of the time, I just notice a change in sensation when it needs emptying.

    I found the cup easy to use from the start. It is at least as comfortable as a tampon and does not hurt to remove at the end of a period as I have found tampons to be when they were still partly dry. I use the larger size as I have given birth (and, being larger, it holds more).

    Make sure you sqeeze the cup slightly when you remove it to release the suction.

    I have used my cup successfully with an IUD. I find the cup sits reasonably low (just above my pelvic floor muscles) and my cervix is quite high so I have never felt concerned I might dislogde it.

    1. I figured out how to put it in & love that I barely notice it. I fell in love with it until I had to take it out It really hurts but I tried it again with the same results maybe even worse!!! I was so disappointed, I was ready to put it away. Thanks for the removal tip, I will try it again tonight. I was hoping I was removing it wrong.

      1. I found that if you sort of push out as if you are doing #1 or #2 the diva cup will come down and then it’s easier to grab. It’s never necessarily comfortable coming out but it doesn’t hurt. I love my diva cup and only have to clean it more for the first few days of my period (I would normally wear super tampons for 4-6 hours). On the days after I could leave it in all day if I wanted to. I never feel it. All women should have this!

  22. Hi! I just bought the Diva Cup and I LOVE IT TOO!!!!
    After learning how to insert it, that part is now easy!
    However, the scary part for me is removing it!!! I absolutely dread having to remove it, it’s “stuck” up there and can hardly reach it!!! My fingers get soooooo dirty and under my nails and they hardly come 100% clean. After fishing around for several minutes and usually panicking and crying, I don’t stop till I get it out. I do the whole “bearing down” trick… but its still WAY up there! Why doesn’t it come with a string or something??? I loved it so much but this removal scares the heck outta me!!!
    Can anyone share tips on removal?
    Thank you!

  23. I’m only 13. I would suppose that I have a normal flow, more heavier on the first and second days though. I noticed from the beginning that pads weren’t going to work, and tampons are so dangerous and unhealthy. I would need something that could last through the school day which starting next semester track that will be after school and at the beginning of next year marching season and P.E. So are they good for athletics? And not to mention 2 seasons of soccer. I’m hesitant on trying something new though cause pads and tampons are clearly out of question. Would these be suited for me? Help please!

  24. Cups can be used by young women as well as older women. I started using one when I was 14 and never looked back. However, I didn’t use a Diva Cup because they were too long for me. I ended up buying a lady cup which is smaller and often recommended for teens and virgins or women with crevices that sit low during their periods. It’s kind of small compared to other brands (like diva cup) so it doesn’t hold as much. Trying looking for comparison charts and photos to see which brand you think will work for you.

    As for not being able to reach it, I suggest buying a meluna with a ring stem and tying a string to the ring to remove it easier. There are also longer brands that might be easier to reach.

  25. Whoops, I mean cervixes, not crevices.

    Also. They don’t need to be washed every time they are taken out. So if you need to change it in public, just wipe it out with toilet paper or bring a water bottle with you to rinse it.

  26. I just bought my first Diva Cup a few weeks ago. This is my first time using it during my period. I have no trouble getting it in and positioned well. I use the punch down fold and it works great, I never have to twist it to get it to seal correctly. The only trouble I have with it is removing. The way I normally do it is to push it so that the “tail” is easy to grab, I pull and tilt it from side to side until the bottom of the cup is out. Then I just pinch it and slide it out.

    The last time I put it in, I thought, hey I’ll try the twist, because it’s been easier to remove lately. Big issue for me when it was time to take it out. I pinched the bottom like normal, but all it did was squish. I pulled and tilted. I tried almost everything. I was relaxed, I just couldn’t get the seal it release. I finally got it out by working it half out, holding it with one hand, then taking my other hand, I reached a finger up beside the cup to find the rim(making sure to keep it mostly out with my other hand.) Finding the rim, I pushed it down and the seal finally released and I got it out. It was pretty irritating at the time, but

    I love using the Diva Cup. I don’t get the “gushing” feeling like I do when I used pads, and I don’t feel like I have a bunch of scratchy ball of fabric shoved up there like with tampons. I don’t feel the Diva cup when I have it in right, it’s just great. No leaks, no worries. It’s awesome, just need removal practice.

  27. I just bought the Diva cup today…so far so good. I have 3 children and I USED to have such light 3 day periods but with each child birth it has become horrible and tampons are just not cutting it. I have had it in for about an hour now after last nights mess I woke up to I was annoyed…I will def let you know if i can get it out ok…im kinda nervous about that lol

  28. I thought the Diva Cup would be awesome for all the reasons listed here, but it’s not for everyone. This poem, written by a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, illustrates the potential drawbacks. To give some context, this young woman had moved to a remote rural community only a few weeks before her diva cup became stuck. She spoke little of the local language and lived with a conservative Muslim family, in a culture that does not openly speak about periods. Not a situation most of the the readers here will find themselves in, but the warning is still valid. Without further ado, the poem.

    You diva cup wearers think you know what’s best.
    You can wash and reuse so what’s to contest?
    Well I have a tale that will make you think twice
    About that little cup you think is so nice.

    Two weeks after install I made a phone call.
    “Dr. Ulle, help me! Something’s wrong I don’t like it at all!
    My diva cup is stuck-I can’t get it out.
    It’s been five days now and I’m ready to shout!”

    “Yes, that’s a problem.” Dr. Ulle agreed.
    “Today’s your lucky day, I know just what you need.
    Another pair of hands is what you now lack,
    Is there someone you trust with a hand in your twat?”

    “No one that’s close,” I admit with a frown.
    “I’m out in the bush so there’s no one around.”
    “If you come to Dakar I could do it myself,
    Although the trip may cost you what’s left of your wealth.
    Otherwise the only option I see
    Is to find some bush doctor to do what you need.”

    So I got on my bike and trekked through the sand
    Until I found a health post in this foreign land.

    “I’d like to see a doctor, a women is best.”
    As I sat down I tried not to think about what is next.
    As always when you are awating your doom
    The moment you dread comes far, far too soon.

    “He’ll see you now.” The nurse said with a smile.
    Tongue tied I approached like a timid young child.
    Then I spat out my tale with some pictures to help.
    “Let’s see it,” he said with a wave to my belt.
    “You can’t! You missed the point, it’s inside.” I stressed.
    “Is there a woman around? She’ll know what’s best.”

    Like that one appeared and she took me aside
    And asked me to explain what was wrong one more time.
    Then she took my hand and led me away
    For some much needed privacy, another sick bay.

    With my pants around my ankles and my knees spread wide
    She brought over a light to see what’s inside.
    “There’s something there!” she exclaimed, as if in surprise.
    I grinded my teeth. “In the tale I told there were no lies.”

    She shoved her hand in and roughly rummaged around
    Like searching a sack not my feminine mound.
    After a few minutes with nothing to show
    She left then brought in a cold metal tool to widen the hole.

    She went in again, this time with more luck.
    With a twist and a tug out popped the cup!
    Its contents she spilled down my leg to pant cuff
    But I didn’t care because of the relief to my luff.

    All’s well that ends well. There was no permanent harm.
    Now I stick to tampons like an old fashioned school marm.
    For most there’s no problem but I know for a fact
    The Diva Cup is NOT for me, and that’s that.

  29. I’m a Coach bus driver on the roads for 10+ hrs a day using tampoons/Pads was hectic with a heavy flow with the Constance changing or accidents in the small restroom of the bus. I made the switch to The DIVA CUP 3 months ago I’m SO glad I made the INVESTMENT, which I was a bit nervous about leakage at first but reading positive reviews convinced me. I’ve noticed a dramatic change in how my body reacted to the DIVA cup my CRAMPS that use to have me doubled over in pain for 7 days are now a thing of the past. My flow is down to 4 days with NO cramps just a lil ache in my Back as a indication my cycle is on it’s way. I so LOVE the DIVA CUP make the SWITCH!!

  30. I love my diva cup, i carry a small thing of flushable wipes to clean out during the day (super heavy flow) it took some practice but i love it!
    i also find im not having issues with yeast infections and other issues “down there” since using..

  31. My uterus is tilted the wrong way, so I’m not sure if it will work for me. My flow is also very heavy the first day or two, so I’m apprehensive about working and having to empty it in a public bathroom. Anyone else have either of these issues and still successfully use a Diva cup?

  32. Just wondering, with girls who play very active sports, like ice hockey or figure skating, track, etc. What do you think it would be like? Does it fall out, or stay tight to the sides of V when someone is really moving a lot?

    1. The Survival Mom

      The cup is tucked up inside and surrounded by muscles. I’d be very surprised if any type of sport could knock it loose!

  33. I would just like to say I HATE the Diva Cup, but I love menstrual cups! I have a low cervix, and the Diva was extremely uncomfortable since it is so long. It would stick out of my vagina and cut me, even with the stem cut off. It would also slip out, sometimes all the way out. Made a HUGE mess a few times.
    There are a LOT of cups out there. There is one out there that will work for you! I just wanted to say that it is worth doing some research into the different sizes and shapes of cups before buying. I now have the MeLuna mini M which is a wider, shorter cup with a round tab (they have different stem options). I don’t feel this one and it works much, much better for me. It doesn’t slip out, hit my cervix, or any of those other things.
    The Diva is just one of many options worth investigating, and I just wanted women to know that. When the Diva first didn’t work for me I thought that was the end of it because different cup brands aren’t really prominent in the US. There are other FDA cleared brands, though, like the Sckoon, MeLuna USA, Lunette, Moon Cup, etc. as well as a host of other brands. Take a look before buying or deciding that cups aren’t for you!

  34. Using my diva cup for the first time right now! I have heavy flow and terrible cramps so hoping the cup lessens those issues! Insertion went very well however I am nervous about the removal. Crossing my fingers!

    1. The Survival Mom

      Carrie, thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with bad cramps but some women have reported having less cramps and overall more comfortable periods when they started using a menstrual cup.

  35. I started using the Diva Cup about a year ago and I love it! I stopped using tampons a long time ago because the thought of getting TSS was just not worth it to me, so I went through a lot of pads. Like a lot of women, my flow is heavier the first 2 or 3 days and I’ve found I do experience some leakage, so I wear a pantyliner. However, the I’m sure the leakage is simply because I need to empty it more frequently those first few days – I tend to go the full 12 hours before emptying and should probably empty after six the first few days. There was some adjustment time the first time or two that I used it, but now I don’t even think twice about it.

  36. I just started using the DC yesterday.. so far I am LOVING IT!! I was afraid of inserting/taking it out but I think you get used to it.

  37. I love my Divacup too! I have used it for about 3 months and I am soooooo delighted with it. The first time I had to force myself to use it and since then I have been more than satisfied. It is neat, simple, and low cost. Best of all I feel prepared for the uncertain future in this one small way. Not to mention prepared for my next hiking trip in the backwoods where it does not work well to dispose of tampons discreetly. And here is another plus I have to admit I was secretly hoping for: I have a much lighter flow now than I did. Wow how can it get better than this?

  38. Today I tried it for this first time, i seen a video review on Facebook and went out while currently on my period because it intrigued me………I read every instruction i used model 2 and I am on day 2 of my period i bleed heaviest on this day and i didnt spot changed it after about 4 hours and my panties were clean and i didn’t have on a back up pad which i have done. I think this will change my life. I was kind skeptical because the plastic was firm and kinda scared maybe i couldn’t reach it myself my husband was on standby to help lol but i got it out. I am impressed. Why aren’t they advertising it i think it will be like Uber and the cab i think this cup will take over. Women need this…..I am sold…..I will be giving away my tampons…..bye playtex

  39. I bought the Duchess brand off of Amazon and I got two with little pouches for $17. Took me a while to get the hang of it but now I love it and having that second one is great for public restrooms when you don’t want to carry a bloody cup to the sink.

  40. I know this won’t site well with a lot of women but I don’t recommend using anything you have to insert into the vaginal. I learned the hard way. I used tampons for many years. Then I developed uterin cancer and I was told that it was because I had used tampons. My doctor told me that anything you inserted there would cause irritation and it caused cancer in about 50% of the women who used items like that. He told me that if I had just used pads that would not have happened. Now I am a believer in YESHUA JESUS AND HIS FATHER HASHEM knows everything. but he said that most of the girls/women who developed cancer of the uteris were girls who claimed to be Christian. Now mine was not just because of my using a Tampons but I had been hoodwinked into using a “birth control” that was actually a form of abortion. It wasn’t advertised as that but I found out it was.
    I am not trying to scare anyone I just want women to know the dangers that these can cause.

  41. If you have a wound or and area that you need to keep dry while showering use Press n seal.
    So many off the grid uses for this product .

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