One mom’s complete Grab & Go Binder

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Guest post by Patti D.

image by t0omuchfun
image by t0omuchfun

This is what Patti has put together for her Grab & Go Binder, which is a collection of important documents, all in one place, that you’ll grab if you ever need to evacuate your home or respond to an emergency.

  1. SD card that has a movie of your home and its contents as well as your children, for insurance and identification purposes
  2. Social security cards
  3. Birth certificates
  4. Recent photos of entire family and pets
  5. Finger prints
  6. Insurance declaration pages and agents phone numbers and address
  7. Bank information, phone number, address
  8. List of all bills, due dates, address, phone numbers
  9. Phone numbers and addresses for family, friends and physicians
  10.  If you live near a nuclear plant (like I do) evacuation routes
  11.  State map and surrounding states
  12.  Last years taxes
  13.  Passports
  14.  Copies of driver’s license and professional license
  15.  Health insurance cards
  16.  IP addresses of resourceful websites such as:
    SHTF is
    drudge is
    the woodpile is
    essential intelligence is is is is
    This is just in case the government shuts down any websites you may use you can still look it up by typing the IP address in the tool bar.
  17.  Car title, mortgage note or any ownership documents
  18.  Vaccine records (blue cards)
  19.  Copy of proof of car insurance
  20.  If you have legal documents for child custody this must be included! If the SHTF and your ex refuses to return your child, the police will view it as a civil matter and burden of proof will be on you!
  21.  Place folded flat N95 mask for each person in the home and a pair of latex gloves in a manila envelope and include this in your binder.

Lisa’s note: You can find full instructions for making your own Grab & Go Binder in my book, Survival Mom: How to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst case scenarios.

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7 thoughts on “One mom’s complete Grab & Go Binder”

  1. I hope you have this binder in a very secure and hidden place, it is an identity thieves golden ticket to your every bit of info if they ever get their hands on it. Birth cert, SS cards, passports, and drivers license info would set them up to steal every bit of your identity….

  2. I have seen people disguise their binders by putting everything in plastic sleeves and putting kid artwork in the sleeves over the sensitive documents.

  3. I scanned all my documents directly to a burnable DVD. This DVD is with my father in his safe. I did this on the off chance we wouldn’t be home to grab the binder since he doesn’t live nearby. I also included copies of our wills & power of attorney.

  4. I have every thing scanned onto a flashdrive in several different formats (.doc, .pdf, .jpg). Its on my key chain, and I never leave without my keys. Maybe someone should invent a flash drive camo….a flash drive you could hide in plain site, or some how physically secure it with a combination lock or something.

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  7. You might want to include a current copy of pet shot records. Many shelters and kennels insist on proof of vaccination. Current pics of pets also!

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