28 Ways a laminating machine can help you get prepared

In this video I share how easy it is to use a laminator, something you probably already knew! However, until I started pulling out those laminating sheets and scouring the house for various documents, I didn’t realize how many uses there were for that machine!

Here’s the video, which also reviews the Fellowes laminator, followed by my list of 28 things to laminate!

  1. Photos and a personal information sheet of each family member and pet in case of evacuation or lost child/pet
  2. Local wildlife ID cards
  3. Chore lists
  4. Evacuation checklist
  5. List of items for your emergency kits/bug out bags
  6. Medication lists- who gets what, when, and how much
  7. Insurance information (house, car, life, health, etc.)
  8. Whiteboard pages – Put one in each kid’s emergency kit along with a dry erase marker.
  9. Vehicle maintenance checklist
  10. Vehicle emergency checklist
  11. Laminate one emergency card per person. Include name, photo, description, medical info, and identifying marks.
  12. Maps for evacuation with routes marked
  13. Important contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses
  14. Homeschool schedule
  15. Learning tools, like multiplication table, flash cards, vocabulary lists/cards
  16. Instructions for emergencies, such as how to start a generator, tying knots, battery hookups for the camper, turning on/off the gas, water, and power
  17. Food storage inventory
  18. Camping supplies checklist
  19. Copies of well loved recipes
  20. First Aid procedures
  21. 911 instructions for kids
  22. Directions for purifying water
  23. List of last minute things to pack for evacuations, such as medications or medical equipment
  24. Sewing patterns
  25. Legal documents/licenses/permits
  26. Paper instructions for anything you refer to again and again, such as canning times/temperatures
  27. Specific medical instructions for things like CPR, burns
  28. Items for the Grab-n-Go Binder

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    • JungianINTP says

      I, too, have used one for yeas
      –and often ask my wife this,
      about an item she’s cutting
      out of a newspaper or magazine:

      “Is that laminator-worthy?”

  1. says

    LOVE my laminator!!! Great for homeschooling preschoolers AND becoming a Survival Mom! Awesome!
    Do you have any resources links for good printable wildlife guides? Or do you mean cutting out of actual books/purchased pamphlets?
    Thank you again for another awesome resource!

    • Elissa says

      I seriously just decided that each of our BOB’s needed to have their own wild edibles book/booklet and that I may have to make one myself. I thought to laminate them so that they can survive the rain. I have several wild edible books but I want to focus on a dozen or so wild edibles that are easily identifiable and found all over in our area. Winter bugging out will pose many problems not the least of which is finding wild edibles in the winter. I keep meaning to watch Dave Canterbury’s videos on useful and medicinal trees in the eastern woodland. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k5DsHQPU78&feature=share&list=PLBE878CC425E56A77

  2. Dee says

    Laminators are great!
    Here is another tip: If you want your documents to be truly waterproof, trim the paper a little smaller than the lamination envelope so that the hole punch holes penetrate only the plastic and not the paper.

    This way, water cannot leach into the document through the paper punch holes.

  3. BeaReady says

    Good alternative to laminating is clear contact paper available in rolls or sheets. Also makes a good patch for a cracked tail light lens . Still held strong after five years on our old truck.

  4. Mike says

    I have some large family picks and need a larger than 9″ and maybe even 12″, does anyone know where to buy a good laminator?


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