Top 10 Uses for Paracord (550 Cord)

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Paracord comes in handy at the oddest times. A couple of years ago my family was vacationing in Iceland, staying at a different campsite almost every night. Pretty soon, laundry became an issue and we found ourselves in need of a clothesline. A length of paracord strung from one side of our camper van to the other worked perfectly. Not exactly a hard-core survival scenario, but uses of paracord are many and varied

Paracord is said to be one of the handiest items for preppers to have around because it has so many varied uses. A long strand can easily be braided into a bracelet or keychain and stashed in a purse or car. It’s lightweight but strong.

Top 10 Uses for Paracord via The Survival Mom

While you can find paracord at prepper expos and stores, you can also find it in big box stores and online. You can often find 100 feet of cord for less than $10 as shown here. I like to have some bright colored paracord on hand as well as some in a muted earth tone for use outdoors.

Here are the top 10 uses of paracord

  1. Rope – Sounds too basic, but easy to overlook in favor of a heavier rope for one purpose or another. Paracord is rated to hold 550 pounds of a static load due to its unique composition of 7 white strands inside the outer casing. This doesn’t mean you can try to use the rope for climbing but it can still bear a lot of weight for other uses.
  2. Clothesline – If you don’t have power or your dryer is broken, you can use the paracord to create a clothesline to dry your clothes. As mentioned earlier, it’s handy when you need an emergency clothesline at a campsite or in a hotel room.
  3. Tent support – When you need to make a tent quickly, paracord and a sheet of plastic or canvas can provide a quick shelter if you have two trees or poles you can use. It can be used instead of stakes if you have something to tie the tent to as well.
  4. Fishing line – If you don’t have a traditional fishing pole, you can use the cord as fishing line by using one of the inner strands with a hook and weight. Using this cord in place of fishing line would be a good experiment for kids learning how to fish as it teaches creative problem solving, an important survival skill.
  5. Handle – When a handle breaks on a bag or backpack, it doesn’t necessarily mean all is lost and the bag has to be thrown out. Paracord can be used to replace the handle so you can still carry it.
  6. Medical uses – Paracord can be used to create a sling, stretcher or even used as a tourniquet in a dire emergency.
  7. Shoelaces – This is a simple use, but it’s hard to walk far with a broken shoelace and paracord is an easy substitute for a shoelace We have friends who always replace their boots’ shoelaces with paracord, giving them a few feet of cord for emergency survival uses.
  8. Tying things together – From firewood to tying things to the top of your car, paracord can be used to secure those items and more.
  9. Tether – Paracord can be used as a pet leash or a way to tether animals in your yard.
  10. Belt – If a belt breaks or your pants are feeling loose and you don’t have a belt, paracord can be used as a belt. It will hold up your pants until you can get something a little more fashionable! A paracord belt is one piece of multi-purpose clothing that is worth the money.

One use that didn’t make the Top 10 list is sewing as explained in this article. The inner strands are fine enough to poke through the eye of a needle to mend a backpack, tent, or even hem a pair of too-long jeans.

Paracord is also handy to keep in your vehicles. Here are some steps you can take to equip your vehicle for an emergency. There are also two free downloads with lists to help you get your vehicles ready for anything. Be sure to add 1 or 2 hanks of paracord.

You can go to YouTube where you will find instructions on creating many items that can be useful, and are made out of paracord. Many of these projects are perfect for children and teens. Also, check out 30 uses for a bandana to also get the kids thinking about being prepared. It is a perfect way to get them involved in prepping.  When has paracord come in handy for you?

Top 10 Uses for Paracord via The Survival Mom

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