Emergency Evacuations

Will You Know What To Do When An Emergency Occurs?

Few of us are truly prepared for that single, terrifying moment when we realize, “It’s not safe here. I’ve got to get out NOW!”

Your brain is screaming, “Freeze!” or “Run!” or “Fight!” — and, your kids are absolutely scared to death. They’ll want to bring their pets, their favorite stuffed animal. They’ll want to cling to you or be carried to safety — and at that moment, what will you do?

image: Emergency Evacuations book cover

Why I Wrote This Book

A few years ago our home was overcome with blinding, toxic fumes, and after a few moments, I realized that we had to get out or, quite possibly, die. I rushed around grabbing our pre-packed toiletry bags, clothes, and a few things to keep the kids occupied and we did, in fact, evacuate to a safe location.

I still remember that night, and when I sat down to write this book, Emergency Evacuations, I wanted to create an easy-to-read handbook to help other families prepare and survive an evacuation, both urgent and planned.

What did I include?

No one is living your life and is dealing with your unique set of circumstances, so I wanted to include solid advice that would help families with:

  • Lots of pets (We have 6!)
  • Special needs kids
  • Elderly parents
  • Infants and toddlers
  • Super-tight budgets (Not everyone can evacuate to a fully equipped second home!)

I also wanted the book to be just as practical as my first book, Survival Mom, so you’ll find checklists for:

  • Evacuation Supplies Checklist (Click here to get it for free!)
  • Evacuation To-Do List
  • Last-Minute Packing List

Available in paperback and Kindle

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