The Sun Oven FAQ

Q:  Can I use the Sun Oven at any time of year?

A:  The Sun Oven operates by utilizing the rays of the sun.  As long as there is some sun out, it will cook food.  On cloudy days the baking will take longer.  Most of the recipes in the Sun Oven cookbook give bake times for both overcast and sunny days.  Except on the coldest days of the year, the outdoor temperature doesn’t matter.

Q:  Is a Sun Oven worth the investment?

A:  Depending on where you live, you likely incur your highest energy costs during the summer or winter.  If you utilize the Sun Oven on a regular basis during just those months, it will likely pay for itself in one season.  There are absolutely no other costs involved once you make the initial purchase.  To get more bang for your buck, the Sun Oven can also be used as a food dehydrator! Use this link to get a free cover for your Sun Oven with purchase.

Q:  Do I need to use special recipes or can we use our family’s favorites?

A:  The Sun Oven bakes food at 350 degrees Fahrenheit just the same as a gas or electric oven.  Therefore, you do not need special recipes nor will you need to adjust the recipes you are used to making.

Q:  Is the Sun Oven difficult to clean?

A:  If you hate cleaning your oven, you will love the Sun Oven!  Moisture will likely collect during the baking process of most foods, but the only cleaning necessary is a quick wipe down of the oven’s interior when you’re finished using it.

Q:  Will my food actually brown in a Sun Oven?

A:  Yes.  Even baked bread will brown when the oven reaches 350 degrees.  The only food that will not brown is poultry.  You can add some color to a roasted chicken, for example, by rubbing it with a mixture of olive oil and paprika.

Q:  Do I need any other special equipment?

A:  No, but you will need to use non-shiny bakeware.  Inexpensive dark, thin-walled pots and pans work beautifully as do glass and baking stones.  Other than baked goods such as cookies and breads, everything else should be baked in a covered dish.  The lid holds in the steam, which helps the food stay moist and keeps the oven’s interior dry and clean.

Q:  I need more information before making a decision. Where can I learn more?

A:  You’ll find tons of information, including an informative video, at the Sun Oven website.

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