The Prepper Baby Steps List Collection

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prepper baby steps
Prepper baby steps — start with Step #1!

Baby Step #1: Plan for a short-term emergency

Baby Step #2: Prepare your vehicle

Baby Step #3: Get smart about potential disasters

Baby Step #4: Get home, no matter what

Baby Step #5: Develop a survival mindset

Moving on…

Top 10 Foods for Stocking Up

13 Food  Storage Resolutions

20+ Foods that must be repackaged for long-term storage and how to repackage them

6 Quick ways to increase your survival education

10 Essential OTC medications for your emergency kit

5 Ways to build endurance before SHTF

10 Non-Edibles for your emergency stash

38 Principles of Self-Sufficiency

28 Baby steps for any prepper

You’ll appreciate an all-in-one family survival manual

For more details on getting prepared, check out my book, Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst Case Scenarios.

You’ll find fun-to-read chapters on water and food storage, how to set up a safe room, how to teach your kids about situational awareness, Family Preparedness Plan checklists, and tons more! 300+ pages, plus an awesome index for making the information you need easy to find.

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