image: uses for sage

6 Surprising Preparedness Uses for Sage

Sage. One whiff of it and I’m ready for Thanksgiving turkey and homemade stuffing. But while it’s a popular culinary seasoning for holiday recipes, it should also make its way into your herbal prep kit. Here’s why.

image: hand removing first aid kit from glove box

110+ Unusual Items You’ll Want for Your Glove Box or Car

How many of you keep ketchup packets in your vehicle’s glove box or center console? No, I mean ON PURPOSE, not the ones you tossed in there because you didn’t have anywhere else to put them as you went through the drive-through, and then you forgot about them. Turns out that’s one of the unusual items for your glove box that some of you keep. Here’s what else you keep (plus the survival reason for saving ketchup packets!)

image: treating lice using a nitpicking comb

Don’t Panic! A Simple Guide to Preparing for and Treating Lice

Treating head lice infestations under normal circumstances is difficult enough. Can you imagine what it would be like during a power outage or SHTF scenario? Fortunately, most preppers keep what they’ll need on hand. Here’s how to deal with those creepy-crawlies.

wrinkled hands using wooden spoon to stir food in blue bowl; great depression meals

Could You Stomach Any Of These Great Depression Meals?

In tough times, when a square meal is a memory, people become resourceful, inventive, and creative about finding frugal ways to stretch food supplies. These meals are evidence of that and of people’s determination to survive. Which of these depression-era meals have you eaten?

image: woman harvesting lettuce and green onions from her backyard survival garden

Will a Survival Garden Keep You Alive or Slowly Starve You to Death?

Are planning to rely on a survival garden to keep you and your family alive and healthy? For the vast majority of people, it’s unrealistic & foolish to think you can grow enough food in a garden to live. Here’s why a survival garden is a bad bet, plus a better strategy for integrating a garden into your preps.

image: baby drinking from bottle held by woman

Get Ready to Feed Your Baby During Disasters or Supply Crisis

Before formula became widely available, women who couldn’t breastfeed because of medical issues were forced to find alternate means of feeding their infants. Which begs the question — what if, Heaven forbid — something happened that would send us back in time to this situation, whether permanently or temporarily? It’s not difficult to imagine a worst-case scenario that involves a hungry baby but no way to feed them. What can be done? How will we feed babies in emergencies?

image: herbs on table and in bowl with scale

How to Learn the Art of Herbalism to Maintain Health and Prevent Disease

Are you thinking about learning herbalism as a readiness skill to better help yourself and your loved ones during an emergency? Let me be the first to tell you that getting a solid herbal education can be tough, but it’s also rewarding. Anyone can learn herbalism, but it’s helpful to know which approach is right for you.