image: family celebrate good times in tight times

15 Ways to Celebrate Good Times in Tight Times

A difficult future is going to be made easier if family bonds are tight and the love is strong. There’s nothing quite like traditions and holidays to establish and reinforce those bonds, and tight times shouldn’t mean the end of these celebrations. Survival Moms are creative enough to overcome anything!

image: woman running on trail practicing physical fitness for preparedness

Can You Run for Your Life? A Prepper’s Plan for Physical Fitness

Physical fitness plays a crucial role in emergency preparedness. Being physically fit enables individuals to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations, improves their ability to evacuate or take shelter, and increases their chances of survival. This article will inspire you to make your own prepper physical fitness plan!

image: man pushing woman in box having fun when the power is out

10 Fun Things You Can Do When the Power is Out (Besides Sex)

You never know when you’re going to lose power. It’s good to have a few ideas up your sleeve, so you’re not twiddling your thumbs. It gets real boring – believe me! Every day without electricity feels like 100, especially when your neighbors get power back before you do, and you can’t help but stare at them in envy! Here are 10 fun things you can do when the power is out here, besides sex!

image: woman with ponytail wearing glasses looks through the front door peep hole at unprepared family members expecting help after a disaster

Will You Help Unprepared Family Members Who Want Assistance After a Disaster?

Over the years, I have received this question about unprepared family members many times. It’s a sticky survival situation in which family and friends inform us they will just come to our house when disaster strikes. Since the issue of unprepared family members so common, but also one that is very pressing to many people, I turned to other bloggers and experts in the prepper and survival niche, and asked for their expert advice. The results were phenomenal. Here are their perspectives on this difficult issue.

image: man and woman sitting on couch eating popcorn watching survival movie on laptop

20+ Survival Movies with a Dash of Romance

Survival movies are great, but the shows on most lists focus solely on the prepper aspect, the scary, suspenseful drama of it all. This list has a slightly different angle, the romance angle. 

image: cover of survival mom prepping calendar gift bundle

This Year Surprise Friends & Family With A Useful Prepping Gift Bundle!

You already know the Survival Mom Prepping Calendar can help keep you on track with being prepared for the next emergency. It’s more than a calendar. It’s also a collection of more than 150 prepping tasks and simple To Do’s. Three or four of these each week. However, have you thought of what a great gift this makes for just about anyone? Combine the beautiful wall calendar with a few of the products mentioned and recommended in those tasks and To Do’s, and you have the perfect gift.

image: uses for sage

6 Surprising Preparedness Uses for Sage

Sage. One whiff of it and I’m ready for Thanksgiving turkey and homemade stuffing. But while it’s a popular culinary seasoning for holiday recipes, it should also make its way into your herbal prep kit. Here’s why.