Easy, Natural Homemade Lotion for Eczema

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homemade lotion for eczema


Do I hate eczema!

I have had an ongoing battle with eczema, on my hand, for over five years now. If you have ever had it, or do right now, then you can feel my pain. At its worst, I’ve had to wear gloves, at all times, just to prevent myself from scratching. It was HORRIBLE!

I tried all sorts of lotion recipes I found online with varying success. Some worked better than others, and some didn’t work at all. The information was overwhelming and it took a long time to get a homemade lotion for eczema recipe just right.

Why did it take so long to figure out a good recipe, you ask?

Well, it was not because the recipes I found online were bad, it was because each oil affects people differently. The lesson I learned was that no lotion works for everyone and each person requires their own tweaks to make it effective.

So how does one provide an effective eczema recipe for the masses?

The answer is simple: You don’t!

No one can claim that their recipe is the ‘cure all’. So this article will not do that. Rather, I’ll provide you with a basic recipe that you can modify to work for you.

The following will include different oils to use and why. This will give you the ability to mix and match for your specific issues.

The basic homemade lotion for eczema

1 1/2 cups of Oil (I use equal parts olive, almond, and coconut)
1/4 cup of solid beeswax (or 2/3 cup of beeswax pastilles)
2 Tbsp of Butter (I use equal parts Shea and Cocoa)
20-40 drops of Essential Oil (I use Lavender)
1 tsp of Vitamin E (for preserving purposes only)

This amount will fit perfectly into a wide mouth, pint size, canning jar. The mixing, melting, cooling, and storing is done in one jar, eliminating any kind of mess.

Oil Options

Almond Oil

This is a great oil for moisturizing and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil

This is the oil getting all the attention right now. Coconut oil is being hailed for having moisturizing, antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and multiple-nutrient properties. It’s a good start as a base oil when doing a blended oil recipe.

100% Cold Pressed Olive Oil

This oil is as old as time. Olive oil has a well established reputation for assisting in repairing skin by neutralizing free radicals and stimulating cell growth. Can be used as the sole oil in the recipe.

Other Oils

This list is not an exhaustive list of oil choices. I have found that they are the most popular ones used. Do some research and pick other oils as options if the listed ones don’t work for you. The options are endless; just add it to the oil ratio. The only suggestion I would make is to limit your blend of oils to a few. Even start off with using only one oil, then when making your second batch add the additional oil, and so on until you have found your perfect blend. This way you know what works and what doesn’t.


The amount of beeswax can be increased slightly if a thicker lotion is desired. I have seen recipes that have used up to 1/2 cup of solid beeswax using the same ratio of oil called for in this recipe. Do note that the jar is just the right size for the recipe above with only a small amount of room for additional volume. Modifications to the amount of oil may need to be decreased if the beeswax is increased by a substantial amount.

Butter Options

Make sure you buy the best quality butters and ones that are 100% pure. There are many products on the shelf out there that have additives and other unwanted ingredients. Also, butters loose their effectiveness with age so buy a quantity that is appropriate for your usage. Any leftovers can be used in other beauty care products such as deodorants or as a carrier for your use of essential oils.

Cocoa Butter

Has the ability to neutralize free-radicals and prevent further damage. Cocoa butter is packed full of minerals and vitamins effective for assisting toward the healing of eczema.

Shea Butter

This butter has a slew of reasons you should consider adding it to your lotion. It is claimed that it aids in helping dry skin, itchy skin, cracked skin, allergic reactions on the skin, and repairing damaged skin.

Essential Oil Options

Chamomile oil works by calming irritated skin and reducing redness. Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Personally I use lavender because it is known for its antiseptic, antifungal, and pain relief properties.

The possibilities are endless!

You can get creative and personalize your lotions with essential oils. Just be sure to look up any side effects and potential health restrictions of any chosen oil before using it.

Making the Lotion

1. Fill a wide mouth canning jar with:

  • 1 1/2 cups of your chosen oil blend
  • 1/4 cup of solid beeswax (or 2/3 cup of beeswax pastilles)
  • 2 Tbsp of your chosen butter blend.

2. Place canning jar in a pot, fill pot half-way with water, and place pot on medium heat.

3. Once the lotion has melted remove canning jar from water and place on cooling rack stirring occasionally as lotion cools.

4. Once the canning jar has cooled enough to the touch, but not too cool that you are unable to stir easily, add 20-40 drops of your chosen essential oils and 1 tsp (or capsule) of vitamin E.

5. Allow to cool, place lid on canning jar, and use as needed.

The best part…very little mess and very little clean up!

One last word of caution. This is an oil based lotion and is oilier than your store bought variety. Make sure it has absorbed well prior to putting any clothing on or it will transfer to your clothing.

Here’s to a lifetime free from eczema!

20 thoughts on “Easy, Natural Homemade Lotion for Eczema”

  1. Unexpected Farm Girl

    I get both my butters from my local health/natural food store. Find one that sells herbs and and it will likely also sell cocoa and shea butter and possible even the beeswax pastilles.

    My beeswax I got from a local beekeeper in bulk so I have to melt it down and measure it out into 1/4 cup portions. I use little plastic, reusable, see through, Ziploc containers that have been marked at the 1/4 cup level. The beeswax then cools and pops right out to be placed in the canning jar.

    For an easier solution to the beeswax you can order it from amazon.com. There is a link to them above in the article if you want to go that route.

  2. I’ve been hearing about Argan oil but I don’t know if I could mix with this homemade lotion for my eczema.

  3. I have been using a mix of avocado oil and argan oil with a bit of vit E as a preservative for my eczema. They are pretty light absorbing oils so I just rub it all over after a shower. Eczema outbreak free for about 6 months 🙂

  4. Hi.. Iam suffering with my eczema too and I want to try to make my own lotion too.
    Where can I find the beeswax, butter and shea butter?
    Im from Philippines.
    Thank you for sharing this. I hope I can get an answer from you.

    1. Amazon carries these supplies, as does eBay. If they don’t ship to the Philippines, find an online store that does. I’m sure they’re out there.

  5. What does the beeswax do for it? Just curious. I made a recipe for daughter where I used raw shea butter, coconut oil, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil, it seems to be working pretty well, its very hydrating. We just went to the dermo a couple days ago and she looked at me like i had three heads when i told her what i was putting on it…but it was soothing it and calming the itching…they advised us to use Cera Ve lotion and soap (bout 16.99 each) and gave us some more ointment of the same thing that she has been using for years that doesnt seem to help…so we are doing this for now..and i was wondering if the beeswax gave it some added benefit…i have never used beeswax in anything

  6. Thank you!!!!!!!! My daughter reacted to many lotions and creams and I tried this recipe out and her eczema is looking so much better. We used bees wax, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, & vitamin E oil.

    1. The Survival Mom

      I have mostly Young Living, which I’ve been buying for about 5 years. I’ve also purchased a couple of different brands from a health food store.

  7. HI I am suffering from eczema too. Once i read your block i have try to make the lotion. I am wonder how was the texture suppose to be? Mine is quite watery so is hard for me to carry it out. Is there any ingredient i need to add to make it harder or creamy?

    1. I just finished the recipe (first time). After it started to cool down, the texture changed from liquid to that of mayonnaise. I assume the beeswax must play a role in causing the lotion to be more creamy. Once it sets overnight, the texture might change.

      Sorry your product came out runny.

  8. Has anyone tried using oatmeal in this? Also has anyone used herbs instead of oils? My daughter is very fond of lavender,so I have buds pretty much all the time. If I can use them instead of buying oils I would prefer that

  9. Vitamin E might be not just for preserving as some had great results with just putting straight vit E on the eczema. And it is used for burns as well.

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  11. Hi,

    I just made my first jar of this for my 2 year old daughter who suffers from eczema. Is it ok to use this all over the body or just on the eczema? Also, is there anyway to make this less oily/sticky? We live in a hot humid weather here in India! I applied this on her skin after bath and waited for 10 minutes before putting on clothes, it still transferred on to her dress! Please help. Thanks!

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