12 Oddball Items for EMP survival prepping

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12 Oddball items for your EMP prepping

  • Underwear and bras. Buy plenty of these in sizes for the family, larger sizes for kids and teens to grow in to.
  • Reading glasses of all varieties and strengths
  • Feminine protection. I strongly recommend purchasing menstrual cups. They can be used for months, if not years, and don’t produce anything that has to be laundered or disposed of. The Diva Cup is reviewed here. Also, check out fabric menstrual and incontinence pads by Naturally Cozy.
  • Yeast. You can gather wild yeast, but it’s a long process and not something you’ll want to focus on in the early weeks of survival.
  • Hair and beauty products. No woman wants to look like a refugee from the Great Depression. Hair color, lipstick, scented lotion, and nail polish will help make the struggle for survival a little easier because you know you’re looking good. These products will prove valuable for barter. As one survivor of the Bosnian War told me, “Yeah, women still wanted to look good no matter what was going on!” Check out this list of survival-related supplies you could pick up at a Sally Beauty store.
  • Insecticides, mosquito spray, mousetraps. If you view the coming years as a descent into third world conditions, you’ll realize that diseases spread by mosquitoes, fleas, rodents, and other creatures are going to become a major issue. Just be mindful of these products affecting bees and birds. Never spray them on areas where water has pooled.
  • Condoms and other forms of birth control. It will be far easier to prevent a pregnancy than to give birth under extremely difficult circumstances. Women have been doing that for thousands of years, so it’s not impossible, but it’s risky to both mother and baby when sanitation is poor, medical help unavailable, and prenatal care virtually non-existent.
  • Pregnancy tests. It’s better to test and know than be surprised 2-3 months down the road.
  • Razor blades. There’s nothing wrong with the Duck Dynasty or bearded hipster look, but you still might want to buy these, since they are very cheap but difficult to manufacture. Women might want to stock up just so they can avoid the never-attractive Sasquatch look.
  • Ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication that may be available at feed stores. It’s effective against both internal and external parasites. Read more here about dealing with parasites.
  • Protein powder in all flavors and brands. This may become the quickest way to increase your intake of protein if/when meat becomes scarce.
  • Oscillating fans. Babies, toddlers, the elderly and those in poor health cannot survive for long in unrelenting heat. You’ll need a small generator to operate these, though, unless you can find fans that require only batteries.

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