12 Things You Will Need to Live Comfortably While Houseless (or in the wild)

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12 Things You Will  Need to Live Comfortably While Houseless (or in the wild)

Having lived in the woods , and houseless, for quite a few years before I had offspring, I know what you DO need , and what you DON’T need to live happily in an off-grid, houseless situation.

Here is what you NEED –

  • Bandannas (Washcloth , napkin , snot rag, TP, easy bag for berries or herbs, a quick shirt (two knotted together), loincloth , head cover, mask, to tie things together, slingshot.
  • Para cord /rope – Because there is never a lack of use
  • Mid-Sized pocket knife – food prep, splinter removal, fishing , making fishing lures (from twigs) balance , boredom relief
  • Tarp – blanket, shelter, cover, rug, backpack (roll up all your gear in it), water collection.
  • Wide mouth metal water bottle/ cup / bowl (Preferably w/ sealable top)  – obviously water, herb/fruit gathering, holding bait, transporting small animals, food prep
  • Sewing kit – Clothing, tent, tarp, or human repair.  A Few peices of Duck Tape wrapped around the case can come in handy as well.
  • Magnesium carbide fire starter – With this and your pocket knife, you will always have a fire source.
  • 6 Carabiners – The real ones not the pocket ones.  These are invaluable and will handle rough usage, air cacheing, dog leashing, shelter construction. You could do with 5 , but 6 is better.  They also can be used for fishing (to hold the line) and creating handing bed from tarp & rope/cord.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Stinks to high heaven,  but it keeps critters away. Mosquito’s, parasites, disinfects, etc.
  • A sturdy hand sized candle – Because you never know when you will need to go answer nature’s call.
  • A pouch of tobacco – You would be amazed by how much a person is willing to trade for a cigarette. Even if you don’t smoke, this is valuable.
  • A salt shaker/bottle of hot sauce – You never know what your gonna have to eat, but be prepared for it. It’s also of great barter value.

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  1. Eli says

    Tobacco also has great medical uses. For both people and animals. I have used it as a de-worm for my dogs, a small pinch in the food for a Big dog. I'm not a doc or by any means an expert on herb craft but this is something my grandma taught me that hers taught her.

  2. Abia The Cat says

    These are the kinds of lists I'm looking for. Lists made by people who lived homeless or near homeless in a Post Industrial America. These are the people who will know what is truly needed in a SHTF scenario. Thanks for posting your list.

  3. says

    Super web site love all of it. I would also give tobacco to my goats when we live out in the woods. they loved it – it git rid of their intestines worms. Wife didn’t like the animals but they’d follow me wandering around hunting and gathering.

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