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Survival Mom and World War Z

I was thrilled to be asked to film a promotional video for the movie World War Z. The book, by Max Brooks, was excellent with some pretty insightful survival lessons. This video was filmed in Phoenix, and at the last minute, the director asked if I could can some tomatoes as part of the “action”. Fortunately, there were some fresh tomatoes on hand, jars, and a knife! I did the best I could with those 3 items. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Brad Pitt — maybe next time!

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Food Storage Myths: Part 1

Do you have buckets and buckets of wheat? Have you followed an expert’s food storage checklist to the “T”? If so, chances are you, like many other preppers, have believed some of the food storage myths I discuss in this 2-part video.

Don’t miss the accompanying article, Top 10 Food Storage Myths, for more details and helpful links.

Food Storage Myths: Part 2

Can You Spot a Prepper? Really?

Have you noticed that the survival and prepper niche is pretty much dominated by men? Their websites are filled with illustrations of guns, ammo, camo, and flames! The truth about most preppers, though, is they blend in with every other person out there. Who’s to say that the middle-aged woman working as a Kroger’s cashier isn’t prepared for a nuclear war, complete with a bunker and 2 year’s worth of food? The truth is, you really can’t spot a prepper — if the prepper is smart!

EMP Survival: Your Golden Window of Time

God forbid that an EMP, electromagnetic pulse, ever happens in our country, but if it does, it will catch millions of people by surprise. At first, most will be completely bewildered, certain that the electricity will come on any minute now. Others will be confused by normalcy bias and do absolutely nothing. You, however, will be clued in and prepared. Take advantage of the first hours, perhaps even days, while everyone else is wondering what has happened to shore up your preps and position yourself for survival.


How to Store Dry Foods in Vacuum Packed Canning Jars

This is one of the easiest ways to store dry foods, long-term. You’ll need a vacuum sealer, such as a Food Saver, Food Saver bags, canning jars, a jar sealer to match the size of the canning jars and dry foods, such as nuts, cornmeal, chocolate chips, or oatmeal.

Watch this video for more instructions:


How to Have a Crispy Salad Every Time

Here’s another how-to video. This one demonstrates how easy it is to keep a crisp, delicious salad fresh in your refrigerator for many days longer than you might think. You’ll need a salad bowl with a lid, a paper towel or two, and salad!

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