water purification

All About Water Purification: A Complete Tutorial

Having water on hand is just one part of being prepared. Knowing how to safely store, treat, filter and purify water can keep you alive. To know how much water to have on hand and how to store it, read Water Storage 101. This article reviews how to make sure water is safe to drink. You can get very, very sick from drinking contaminated water, and in a survival situation, sickness can quickly become a life or death scenario. You need water, but more importantly, you need safe drinking water.

destroyed building after joplin tornado, 'Thank you volunteers' and 'God bless Joplin' written on walls

11 Lessons Learned from Surviving the Joplin Tornado

We “woke up” two years ago after an F-5 tornado obliterated our hometown: Joplin, MO. What we learned in the wake of that disaster has been unbelievable, miraculous, heart-wrenching, but ultimately, extremely useful.  And while we were extremely lucky to miss the storm by about half a mile, we were all deeply affected on an emotional level. Here are 11 lessons learned from living through the Joplin tornado of May 22, 2011: Insights on resilience, disaster preparedness, and recovery.