Food Storage

How to Make Coffee from Chicory Root

Here’s my story of how I discovered a simple, common weed can be used to make coffee from chicory! For several years, I’ve noticed a beautiful blue wildflower lining the road during the summer. It starts out looking like a weed, but when it blooms, the flower is the color of a Tanzanite gemstone. I’ve noticed that it also grows well along sidewalks, in gravel, or any other harsh environment you can think of. The plant is a dark green and …

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Storing and Using Amaranth: A Tutorial

Most people in Food Storage Land are all about wheat. We all know why: if you’ve been reading this blog – or any prepper blog, for that matter – for any length of time you might be sick of hearing all about wheat. “It stores well, you can make a ton of stuff with it, bread, wheat, wheat, wheat, blah blah blah.” It’s all very nice if you like that sort of thing. But for people with gluten sensitivity or …

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Survival Mom DIY: No-Recipe Casseroles!

  Casseroles. Love them or hate them, they are definitely a comfort food to many and a super-convenient main dish to others. I grew up on casseroles, from the classic Tuna Noodle Casserole to my Nana’s Shlumgum, so I’m a fan. The casserole can become the best friend to any busy mom or dad, and if you’ve been working on building a food storage pantry, you’ll fall in love with the idea of a No-Recipe Casserole. This is more of …

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The Year I Stopped Prepping and Why I Started Again

I was the first person to become a prepper in my fairly large family. Among my husband’s family and huge extended family, he was the first prepper. As far as I know, after almost 8 years, we are still the only preppers, with one lone exception. It’s not something we talk about with anyone. Loved ones on both sides are busy with their own lives, playing computer games, dealing with office politics, and all the thousands of distractions that are a part …

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prepping from scratch

Life Happens: How to Prep Again When You’ve Lost Everything

I remember the night so clearly. It was the end of an emotionally exhausting day. My husband and I were lying in bed, holding hands, feeling like it was the only thing we had to hold on to. He sighed and said, “The life that I am living doesn’t seem like mine. Everything we are going through seems like something that happens to someone else, not us.” I could not argue with him, he was right. We were watching much …

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teaching self-reliance

5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Self-Reliance in Your Family

We have all known people who save everything. My grandmother is one of them. If there are four green beans left in the pot, she puts them in the freezer. I remember one specific visit with her, 27 years ago, where she asked me to get her a bowl of ice cream. What I thought was the container of vanilla ice cream was actually a container of saved bacon grease. Fast forward to today. She is now 96 years old, …

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how to use dried eggs

Using Dried Eggs: A Tutorial

Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are among the easiest foods around for both everyday cooking and long-term food storage. One handy item in that category is dried eggs and knowing how to use them is important. At first glance, a pouch or can of this powdery substance may not be very appealing, but I can recommend it for so many different reasons. Here are just a few: With dried eggs on hand, you won’t ever have to worry about running out …

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Freeze-Dried Chicken: A Tutorial

Of all the freeze-dried meats on the market, chicken is the one I use the most. It’s such a part of my everyday cooking that I was a bit surprised to hear someone say just this week that they weren’t entirely sure how to cook with it. Well, let me tell you. How many recipes are there in the world that call for “one chicken breast, cooked and chopped?” Usually when I see something like that, I immediately think of …

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Try it Today: No-Recipe Soup

If you need a recipe before you can make a pot of soup, this article is for you! No-Recipe Soup is so easy to make that sometimes I wonder why soup recipes are needed at all. To be fair, there are varieties of soup and variations of soup that call for specific ingredients in specific quantities, but if you want a big ole pot of hot soup, especially on a chilly evening, there’s truly no need to Google “soup recipes”! You …

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make your own seed vault

Survival Mom DIY: Assemble Your Own Seed Bank

When talking about preparedness, we often look to a hypothetical future: The lure of “What If …” is indeed strong  for many reasons. I think it’s useful to first take a  look back at What Already Happened… A brief history of very tough times My father grew up in farm country during the Great Depression, before Social Security, welfare or food stamps. However, they had other things, country wisdom, self-reliance, pride, and neighbors. Life was hard-scrabble enough when Grandpa Johnson was …

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