SHTF Healthcare: The Amazing Benefits of Photo Light Therapy

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SHTF Healthcare The Amazing Benefits of Photo Light Therapy via The Survival Mom

As a nurse, I am always looking for alternative methods of healing. Should we have a natural disaster, societal unrest, or pandemic, I want to find ways of taking care of my family’s medical needs. In those types of scenarios, a hospital itself could be lost or overwhelmed with patients during a crisis of some sort. I’m also not a fan of hospitals anyway, which are just large Petri dishes of highly resistant germs and microbes. It’s so ironic, that I am in this profession!

I have been trying a photo light therapy on myself, friends, and family to see if it really works. Although, its only been 3 weeks, the results have been so good that I want to share it with you. The benefits have really been amazing. Here’s how it all began.

Learning about photo light therapy

I have had a painful, inflamed, throbbing neck since 2010, as a result of a car accident. I’ve taken so much ibuprofen over the last several years, that I developed gastritis. I just couldn’t take the NSAIDS anymore, but I needed something for pain and didn’t want to start down the road of prescription pain meds. They can cause more problems than they help.

photo light therapy

I stopped by my local health food store, Baum’s, and picked up curcumin capsules for natural pain relief. They were effective, but I went through a bottle in a week, taking some every few hours. At least they didn’t cause stomach pain. I went back for a larger bottle and received a promotional flyer at the checkout counter, along with my receipt. I love reading all the information in the flyer about their products, but they also have interesting classes and speakers from time to time. This time, I noticed a seminar for “All Natural, Non-Narcotic Pain Relief With the Power of Light”. I reserved a seat for myself, and my friend Madelynn.

The class was all about the healing benefits of various wavelengths of light. It was presented by Nancy Hutsenpillar and PJ Cordona. They use the “InLight Wellness System” to help increase circulation, relieve inflammation, decrease/eliminate pain, help skin conditions, depression, and so much more.  The small machine has up to 6 different pads that are placed on the client. Each pad has rows of blue, red, and infrared lights.

Blue lights benefit skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. It is also the wavelength of light that is used to treat jaundice in babies in neo-natal units. According to PubMed, many bacteria are killed by blue light, among them are gram positive, bacteria, gram negative bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, H. Pylori, and many more.

Red lights penetrate deeper than the blue, and these wavelengths go all the way into the cells. The mitochondria absorb this light, and causes a tremendous increase of ATP (Adenosinetriphosphate). Cellular activity is greatly increased. Nitric oxide is released into the bloodsteam, blood vessels “relax”, and circulation improves. This also promotes better wound healing by allowing more oxygen to damaged sites. The lymphatic system seems to drain inflamed areas of excess fluid, resulting in less pain.

Red light is used to promote healing in non-healing wounds, post surgical sites, knee, neck, back, shoulders, ligaments, and tendons. Diabetics are getting relief from neuropathy and pain in their extremities. Spas and Dermatologists use it to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on skin. Here is a link to a video explaining WHY it works.

The near-infrared light and infrared light is in the invisible spectrum, and these penetrate most deeply, all the way to the bone. It is serious therapy. It is being used for traumatic brain injury, ischemic stroke, PTSD, non-healing ulcers, etc.

My personal experience with light therapy

After the presentation, we had a chance to try the lights. I explained to Nancy about my chronic neck pain. She placed several pads  on me, including one for my neck, and a facial mask. The session lasted about 20 minutes. It felt very relaxing, but my neck felt maybe 20% better. However, my mid-back felt great, my knees were fine, and I felt very alert and happy. I didn’t expect any of those things, and mentioned it to Nancy. She explained that the treatment helps the whole body, not just where the pads were placed. I decided to rent the machine for a week to see if repeated treatments would help my neck.

My friend, Madelynn, who came with me is a harpist. Her thumb has been very painful, and she has been unable to play for some time. After her treatment, she did notice a difference in her thumb right away. It was much less painful. She also ended up renting a machine. She used it on her family members with excellent results, too. After her weeks rental was up, her thumb was back to normal.

After daily placing of the pads for a week, my pain was 90%-95% gone. I continued to use it for another 2 weeks and tried it on as many people as possible. The testimonials were quite dramatic.  My sister had me wrap her ankle that was swollen. After 20 minutes, she said she didn’t feel different, just relaxed. But a few hours later, she went to go have a cigarette outside. She went to cram her foot into her shoe, and it slipped right in. She was amazed because it’s been months since she could slip her foot into her shoe that easily. The swelling was down markedly.

I’ve seen it help others, too

I also wrapped up a co-worker who had been bitten by dogs when she tried to break up a fight between them. She was very bruised and had puncture wounds. By the end of our shift, she had regained use of her bitten, swollen hand. By the third day the bruising was gone, and she only had a few superficial marks left.

My daughter has rosacea or cystic acne, we aren’t sure which. She has had the face mask on about 5 days per week, and by end of week 2, her skin was pink, not red and blotchy. The affected area is also much smaller. I’d say it’s about 50%-60% better. We have both noticed that we sleep better at night, too. I am not tossing and turning so much because my neck feels so much better.

I’d like to mention  a few previous experiences with light therapy. I used to work as an RN at a Dermatologist’s office. I was the “Blue Light Therapy” nurse. I used this wavelength of light on patients who had psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin conditions. Insurance covered these treatments because they got results, but it does take time. I also brought my dog to our local vet’s office for hip pain. They offered Red Light Therapy for $35.00 for each 30 minute session, and recommended it be done 3 times per week. It is a therapy that is recognized by professionals because it has long term benefits.

I have now decided that I will purchase the system. It is expensive, but it has helped so many people in just the short time I rented the units. I also only have one stomach. If I ruin it with NSAIDS, I can’t buy another, and I won’t have to go the route of “pain meds” for my chronic neck pain. I’d also like to work less at my traditional job and be able to turn this into a holistic healing type of job. Believe it or not, the crows feet around my eyes have flattened out, and my eye area is looking “refreshed”. I can’t wait to see the results in another month or two!

So, I like the whole concept of this type of healing. It’s non-pharmaceutical, non-allergenic, can’t overdose, & no “down time”. Its FDA approved, and is used on babies in the hospitals. If anyone is having chronic pain, I suggest they look into this and do your own research. However, everything I’ve seen has been very positive. Just make sure whatever system or device you use has American made diodes and not cheap foreign made ones that won’t work. They may look the same, but aren’t. You can see red light therapy systems on this Amazon page to compare prices and features. I hope this will help people who are suffering, & have been unable to successfully treat themselves with other methods. It would be a great prep to have for medical emergencies.


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SHTF Healthcare The Amazing Benefits of Photo Light Therapy via The Survival Mom

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  1. The brand The brand is InLight Wellness. It must be purchased through a distributor in your area. They have a direct website, so you can check there, but if youre i n Northwest Indiana, I can help you.
    The Velcro band that I use to wrap around limbs, can be purchased at a craft store, or fabric shop.

  2. Thank you Mary for a wonderful post! I am an Inlight Distributor in Chicago and your story matches hundreds of what I’ve seen as well. It’s awesome you are sharing this with your readers. Light Therapy is changing the world, starting with one person at a time! PJ

    1. Your Welcome, PJ! I do have an update on my daughters Rosacea/Cystic Acne. After my article posted, I saw my daughter on Sunday. Her skin was clear!!!! It hasn’t been like this for so long, I was really hoping for a miracle. I told her that her skin looked flawless, and she laughed. I said “Its 100% better”. She said almost, but she had a bit of make up on, but she is so happy with the result!

  3. I really wish that you had more information on where to purchase these machines, and options from different companies. I DON’T want to be contacted by a salesman! I want to look at and decide about this kind of a purchase without pressure. This is very interesting, though. I know for a fact that far infrared therapy works…so it isn’t that hard to encompass all of the light spectrum as being healing as well.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. If the SHTF and you have no electric this is completely retarded. This will help no one in a real emergency. If you cant survive outside you need to move somewhere you don’t have allergies because you are clearly not indiginous to this region and will not survive.

    1. The Survival Mom

      The S can hit the fan and there will still be power! As well, it wouldn’t take much solar power to operate these lights. A long term power grid failure is just one possible scenario. Think outside that box a bit.

  5. I have subscribed to Mountain Rose Herbs You Tube Channel, I already receive the Fabulous Newsletter and am a fan on both Facebook and Pinterest!

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