Prepper To Prepper: What Is In Your Everyday Carry?

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Most of us carry around some sort of bag on a regular basis. It could range from a diaper bag, purse, gym bag, briefcase or backpack. Do you have items in there that could help if an unexpected emergency happened?

The Survival Mom readers were asked what their everyday carry items are? Along with their lists, some included what they keep in their car that can also be used in an emergency. Beyond the gum wrappers, old receipts and change, consider what you could add to your EDC.

From Amy:

I made a purse emergency kit out of a large size prescription bottle. It contains a lighter, matches, needles, thread, safety pins, bandages, cotton, fish hooks and fishing wire. I also included foil, lip balm, flashlight, super glue, gum, candy, q-tips, hair pins, rubber bands, essential oil, alcohol wipes, duct tape and a multi-tool. For medicine, I added Advil, Immodium, Benadryl, and DayQuil to be kept in my car. I have an emergency backpack with food, water, bigger first aid kit, gloves, Mylar blankets, poncho, etc.

From Katie:

I’ve had to lighten my purse since spinal surgery. I used to have a swiss army knife/implement, lighter, pepper spray, revolver when I went out of town. Also a flashlight, hard candy, Tylenol, and tampons. My truck has supplies of napkins, duct tape, couple metal clothes hangers, bailing twine, WD40, multitool, hammer, pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver, tire iron, a blanket and trash bags.

Lisa added:

In addition to the “normal” things a girl carries, I also have a small olive wood “finger” rosary. In times of great stress, saying the rosary helps me stay calm & focus on what needs to be done.

From Nancy:

Honestly, I carry a bunch of stuff in my purse every day, but what I’ve actually used the most is the band-aids, ibuprofen, scissors and Burt’s Bees lip balm. We use that on all kinds of first aid situations. Haven’t used my LifeStraw yet, but it’s there!

From Jacqueline:

In my little backpack/purse I carry a tiny flashlight, a military can opener, whistle, pepper spray, multi-tool, portable toilet (lets you pee standing up), baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

Heather shared:

I have two pairs socks, a knife, two maxi pads, small sewing kit, two lighters, one emergency blanket, two moringa olerferia super mix drink mixes, fishing line, hook, and singers. Also included is a fire starter, Advil, playing cards,  two ink pens, and nail clippers, and glasses.

From Katie:

I always carry my large pocket knife, water, snack, hand warmers, cash, lighter, solar phone charger, char paper and flint.

From Melodie:

I keep a few essentials in my purse, a knife, granola bar, cash, toiletries and mini first aid kit. I keep our old diaper bag in the car with a set of clothes for everyone in the family. It also includes a full first aid kit, blankets, granola bars, water bottles, emergency candles, collapsible cups, dried fruit, toiletries, and medications. The car kit has “saved” us a few times when we were traveling and had to stop for the night.

TIP- Having items you literally carry on your is smart. Do you know what else is smart? Having a bag in the car with other items that you may need. Here are two free downloads with lists to help you get your vehicles ready for anything, here and here.

Bo added:

I carry a folding knife, mini-flashlight, pen, cash, stun gun, small compact firearm and an extra magazine. Also, I carry chap-stick and an “emergency” feminine hygiene backup.

From Lorie:

In my purse, I have cash, change, flashlight, a multi-tool, pocket knife, Mylar blanket, granola bars (usually smashed but still edible) hard candy, zippo, a small tube of Tylenol and a small first aid kit. My keys have a para-cord key chain. That’s about all that will fit along with my wallet, id and hygiene products.

From Cheryl:

In my EDC, I have an emergency blanket, LifeStraw, extra socks, a couple of freeze dried foods (homemade), sugary snack, fire starter, knife, mirror (for signaling for help if the sun is out), whistle, some first aid supplies and one bottle of water. This pack will last me about 16 hours. In my vehicle, I have a case of water if needed and I can always grab more before heading out to home. Of course, I carry a backpack everywhere I go, it is my purse.

Lori shared:

I am a Realtor, so some of the things I carry on me is for everyday use also doubles as an emergency need. They are a flashlight, clippers (for removing zip-tie signs), first aid (purse and trunk) and an AAA premium membership plus road emergency (I use a tow every year so pays for itself). In addition, I have Advil, Tums, back seat pantry (because eating out is too expensive), paper towels, utensils, TP, lighter, scissors, zip ties, bungees and a para-cord bracelet my husband made me. Other items I have found useful are – box cutter, WD-40, duct tape, packing tape, paper, pens, thank you cards, stamps, envelopes, fleece blanket, vitamin c hard candy, and of course phone, keys.

TIP- Consider the Five Super Essential Elements of Survival. You can incorporate some of these into your EDC. Read more about these life changes 5 essential elements!

From Tasia:
I always have a jug of a mega dose of vitamin c water, first aid kit, with a survival blanket, rubber gloves, a flashlight/taser and essential oils. In my EDC I also carry tissues, a knife, hydrogen peroxide, doggie poop bags, gum, ace bandage, cordage, a filtration straw.
From Cheryl:
I have a long list- ink pens, paper, flashlight, light stick, sunglasses, bus pass, mints, candy, cough drops, handicap placard, multi-tool and a tire gauge. Also included is- baby/toddler toys, wallet, various OTC meds, sea salt, cocoa butter, glucose tablets, nail clippers, Swiss army knife, lighters, umbrella, eyeglass case and tote bag. Other useful items are toothpicks, wet and dry wipes, panties, various sizes baggies, bandana’s, first aid kit, payday bars, granola and seed bars. Beneficial items also include hand sanitizer matches, hand cream, inhaler, moisturizer, mirror, trash bags, paper towels, car phone charger, phone stylus, hair bands, chap-stick, phone charger, and wires. When I leave the house, I add a can of Pepsi, bottle of gator aid, and a bottle of water, my headphones for my phone. This is all carried in a backpack most of the time (purse once in a while), as I’m mobility impaired and use 2 canes or my wheeled walker to get around. If I’m gonna be gone for longer than a few hours, I will add a few other things.
Big thanks to all of those who have responded. There have been some great ideas shared here and it gives us all much to think about. What else could you add to your everyday carry?

10 thoughts on “Prepper To Prepper: What Is In Your Everyday Carry?”

  1. Tired Hobby Farmer

    I pack light….A small, very sharp pocket knife, a wallet, aspirin, nail clippers, and my Colt Mustang .380. Oh, and chap stick!

  2. My “everyday carry” is a Kimber model CDP in 45 ACP. Round in the chamber is an “RIP” special hollow point, six in the magazine are Harnady hollow points, and I carry an extra magazine in my left side pocket. Also carry a six-inch folding knife with assisted opening feature.

  3. On my person (going to work, far from the truck at its BOB) is a laptop bag with a metal water bottle, mini filter straw, water tablets. Flashlight(s), Some paracord, a disposable poncho, folding knife, multitool, lighter, mini-ferro rod, tinder tabs, etc. Snack bags of trail mix get changed out (or eaten) for rotation.

    Working in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, carrying something like Wiseman, isn’t an option, unfortunately.

  4. Along with the usual, in my car I always carry a BaoFeng BF-F8HP in a cardboard lined steel paint can(Faraday Cage). This Christmas I gave my 3 sons identical kits. Want to be able to contact my boys in case of any dangerous event.

  5. Rather than list all that I carry in my purse…(that would take quite some time)…I would like to share how amused I am with guys on this subject. Guys seem to think that they invented ‘every day carry’. So much so that they even gave it a cute little acronym, EDC. Well, anyone who has ever been a MOM, will probably agree that it was a woman who invented, or perfected EDC. What burns my bloomers though, is how the same guys who go on about EDC, will make fun of a women for all the ‘crap’ she carries in her handbag. Sometimes we just can’t win.

  6. I carry Mylar blanket, lifestraw, Advil, tums, various medicinal salves, lip balm, food, water, fleece blanket, pens, paper, stamps, phone chargers, knife(large but still legal), running shoes and socks, paper napkins, latex gloves, flashlight, toothbrush and paste, thyroid medicine, toiletries, knitting project, sometimes a kindle or book, AAA card, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, umbrella, and lately potassium iodide tablets. Also scissors, utensils, paracord bracelet.

  7. Forgive me, Guys, but unless you give some indication of the sort of eventualities you are prepping for, these replies are meaningless. The risks you face in New York City are vastly different from those in the wilds of Montana or Arizona. I live in the UK and the risks I face are firstly the consequences of a world financial crash, which could lead to failure of gas, electricity and water supplies and scarcity of ordinary commodities, rioting, burglary, looting and car-jackings and muggings. For these eventualities I have buggin preparations in place. However, if there is no financial crash, then physical attack when out and about is the main risk. I have preparations in place for this eventuality too, but would prefer not to declare what they are (you never know who’s reading this).

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