The Colloidal Silver Option for Your Best Health

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Info about colloidal silver and its benefits. www.TheSurvivalMom.comI’m a registered nurse in the Midwest. I believe in traditional medicine but have become very interested in alternative medicine in case of a TEOTWAWKI event and have been learning more about colloidal silver.

If a man-made or natural disaster occurs, it’s best to learn how to take care of yourself and family, especially if help won’t be readily available. I’m always thinking about the “What ifs?

I became concerned with encountering Ebola patients, as were many other nurses. How could we protect ourselves? Seasoned professionals with the latest and greatest Hazmat suits following WHO policy were still contracting Ebola.

One day, an RN from the Emergency Room was talking to me about the same concerns. She gave me a bottle of commercially made Colloidal Silver (CS) to take, saying it helps fight viruses and bacteria. Not only was she taking it, most of the ER staff was, too! I became intrigued by this, and wanted to know more about it, especially before taking it.

How I learned about colloidal silver

I read the history of how silver was the main antibiotic before the days of Penicillin. People purified their barrels of water by dropping pure silver coins in them. Wealthy people fed their children with sterling silverware, and seemed to have less food borne illness and sickness than the rest of the population. However, some of these people did have a skin discoloration from the combination of salt on the food reacting with the silver utensils. Their skin had a silvery-bluish caste to it. Hence, the term, “bluebloods”.

I began thinking back to the days when I was a student nurse. I had to go to the hospitals for “Clinicals” for hands on experience. One of my rotations was in the Labor & Delivery department. One of the things we did for newborns was to put Silver Nitrate drops in their eyes after birth. It helped prevent blindness from certain bacteria that could be present in the birth canal. (It is actually required by law in most states).

Another rotation brought me to the Med-Surg dept, where I had a patient with terrible bedsores. I had to apply “Silvadene”, a silver based antibiotic ointment, to the open areas that had become infected. Each day, we would measure the wound to see if it was getting larger or smaller in diameter. There are also some hospitals that use special endotracheal tubes and urinary catheters with a silver coating to prevent infection. The patients on ventilators using these tubes had fewer cases of VAP, or ventilator acquired pneumonia.

Dr. Joe Alton, aka “Dr. Bones” recommends colloidal silver foot washes for athletes foot, and the PurifiCup uses nano-silver technology to help purify water.

Other studies I read showed colloidal silver inhibits viral growth, or can slow it down. Sometimes it eradicates it. Bacteria can’t utilize oxygen when a silver ion imbeds itself in the cell wall. So, the bacteria die. Some people take a teaspoon of colloidal silver per day, internally, to prevent illness. Some people take it only when they are sick.

Proper dosage of colloidal silver


There are people who have developed a condition called argyria, from taking too much. Remember, everything in moderation! If one teaspoon of 10 ppm (parts per million) is recommended, don’t drink a pint.

Consider the pros and cons of antibiotic use. There are a myriad of side effects, allergic reactions, and the possibility of drug resistant bacteria developing from the overuse of antibiotics. That’s a big problem these days.

So, all things considered, I began taking it myself. I take a teaspoon 2-3 times per week now, as does my husband. He works on airplanes that have passengers from foreign countries known to have Ebola. Even if colloidal silver doesn’t kill Ebola, but, simply slows down viral replication, I can give my body a fighting chance develop its own immunity.Learn to make your own colloidal silver, step by step. Click To Tweet

When we were almost out of our colloidal silver, I began to check out the prices to order it online. Wow, pretty expensive. So, I thought to myself, why not try to make it at home?

Homemade colloidal silver

My husband and I both put this “machine” together. He loves going to Radio Shack anyhow, so he volunteered to get some of the parts. Here is our supply list for making your own Colloidal Silver:


  1. Fill mason jar about 2/3 full with distilled water.
  2. Connect the 3 9-volt batteries in series to each other. When I set this up, it will looks like a pyramid — see photo below.
  3. Connect the snap connector to the empty positive terminal.
  4. Connect another snap connector to the empty negative terminal.
  5. Connect one alligator clip to the positive wire.
  6. Connect one alligator clip to the negative wire.
  7. Add one silver bar to each of the opposite ends of the alligator clips.
  8. Slowly place into distilled water in mason jar, and clip it on with a clothespin.
  9. Place the second silver bar in the distilled water and clip on.
  10. Make sure only the silver is touching the liquid.
  11. Do not let the silver bars touch each other.

After 10 minutes or so, you will notice tiny bubbles coming from the positive anode on the silver bar. The negative anode will become darkened. I let it work its magic for 1-3 hours, but every 30 minutes, I check it with a TDS meter until I a reading of 10-15 PPM. Then, it’s done. (The time can vary depending on how fresh the batteries are).

At this point, the colloidal silver  liquid still looks clear, but it can also change to a pale yellow, dark yellow, or cloudy liquid. I’ve noticed the PPM will decrease by as much as half over the course of a week, but after that, it tends to stabilize. I also filter it through a coffee filter to eliminate any dust or contaminants that may have fallen into the mason jar during processing.

DIY Colloidal Silver Machine

Silver bar immersed in distilled water for DIY colloidal silver  machine.
A close-up of the silver bar immersed in distilled water.

The DIY colloidal silver machine hooked up and operating.To check for a true colloidal silver result, shoot a beam of light through the solution. I use a red laser type beam. The light will look like a thin line which gradually gets wider as it reaches the other side of the jar. It’s called the Tyndall effect. If you have that, you have a true colloidal silver solution.

Once my solution is finished, I put it in a dark glass bottle. I just save old vanilla extract bottles, or even a small Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup bottle would do if you don’t have small, dark bottles.

Disclaimer: Making my own colloidal silver and taking regular doses is what I do for myself. I’m not a medical professional, and in no way can I recommend this to anyone. I’ve written this for your information and entertainment only. Before taking colloidal silver, consult your medical practioner to make sure it is safe for you and doesn’t interfere with any of your medications or current health issues.

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Mary Blandford

Mary is a graduate from Purdue University with an Associates in Applied Science. Her work experiences in Nursing have included surgery, dialysis, prison and drug rehab nursing.

13 thoughts on “The Colloidal Silver Option for Your Best Health”

  1. Please forgive me for pointing this out (I mean no offense), but traditional medicine is not allopathic medicine. Traditional medicine is that which has been practiced for thousands of years…not that which has been practiced since the AMA was established.

  2. Hi Lisa, I have used Colloidal silver for years. I purchase it rather than buy it but it has literally saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to go to the doctor. I love the stuff!

  3. the pioneers who went west in conestoga wagons had silver-lined containers in which they stored the milk from their oxen. it kept the milk fresh for a long time. i also read about soldiers in the korean or vietnam war who would fill a bucket with river water, throw in a silver dollar at bedtime, and when they woke up the water was safe to drink. i’ve been trying to find out more about how to use silver for purifying water–for example, does it have to be pure silver, or would a 97% silver quarter work? haven’t had much luck, though. i guess if i sold water filters i wouldn’t want people to know things like that, would i?

    1. I wouldn’t rely on putting a silver coin in water and expecting it to purify the water. There are too many unknown contaminants in water and dealing with water-borne disease and illness is nothing to gamble with. The PurifiCup uses silver in its filtering system — perhaps they have more details on their website.

  4. thanks; i looked them up. i can’t get in touch with them, since their website seems to have (expired?) in 2013. given that they sell water filters, i’d be surprised if they were forthcoming with information about how one could purify water without a filter. call me a cynic, if you will! but it was worth a try.

  5. yes, the purifi-cup website has a great deal of information about their product, and how they use silver as part of their purification system. i also picked up a few facts about silver itself that i didn’t know before. but what i’m looking for is information about how to use silver to purify water without using a manufactured filter system, just using silver itself. thanks for your help.

  6. I am a nurse in a wound care clinic and we use silver products all the time to control bacteria colonies and fight infection. I have colloidal silver also that I have used. My favorite is oregano oil though.

  7. Was studying how to make Silver Water from your article? Was wondering how many times you can use the same silver bars?

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