51 Best Organizational Tips with Ikea and More

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organizational tipsFull disclosure: My kids ask to go to Ikea. I have been known to take them their for a special dinner, and no, actually not a joke. My parents introduced me to it. Twenty-five years later, they are still using their Billy bookcases. Really, the whole family loves Ikea. As a result, this round-up has ended up with quite a few IKEA tips to help you stay organized in every room of the house.

If you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can find similar items other places because most of these tips are really quite simple.

declutter and organizeIf you need more ideas, check out the Survival Mom Pinterest boards! The boards Wood Pallet Projects and Decluttering and Organizing (the January Skill of the Month) both have lots of great ideas. It’s worth a little time to look through. Another great resource is the mini-guide Declutter and Organize Your Living Space.

10 Anywhere Ideas

These great ideas will work in so many different parts of the house it isn’t worth trying to pin them down.

1. Dollar Store Organizing: Hair supplies, cords, crayons…. There are 150 different ideas here!

2. Organize Your Home: These 50 ideas use everything from chopsticks and silicone muffin cups to bookcases to help you organize your home.

3. The Small Things: The brush-organizer just made my short list of to-do projects, but the ring storage box is what really got my attention.

4. Every Cord is Awesome: Use Lego minifigs to hold your cords.

5. Hang it Up: From storing flip flops to Ziploc baggies, there are tons of ways to help organize and tidy up your home.

6. Pill Boxes: They hold so much more than just pills.

7. Garage Storage: This has many cool garage storage answers, but the lattice is my favorite. It could work for so many long, skinny (hard to store) things.

8. Hard to Store Items: Cords, reference magazines, belts, and other random bits of things can be a challenge to store, but this makes it simple.

9 . Mason Jars: Infinity versatile, they aren’t just for the kitchen.

10. Drawers: A simple project to organize your drawers, especially the ones full of little bits and pieces.

5 Ikea Projects

1. Crafts: I love Alex. I really, really love Alex. Alex isn’t a person – it’s my six drawer storage unit from Ikea. You can see a white one in this article. (It’s $119.) Ikea has held my kids Lego (shallow enough to see pieces), arts and craft supplies, and completed Lego sets. It would be perfect for holding holiday flags, if you collect them like my Mom does. I may get one for my closet because those shallow drawers would be good for lingerie and other small items. I love Alex, even if the silly people at Ikea do still think it’s office furniture.

2. Expedit (cubicle-style bookcase): This is actually an entire series of posts, but it really grabbed me because we have two Expedits in our master bedroom closet. We use them instead of dressers. We have a third downstairs full of records – that’s right, actual vinyl. (They are the perfect size.) In our old house, we had one in the kitchen. I love Expedit.

3. Ribba Picture Ledges: So very many uses, all over the house. For some reason, I particularly like using the ledges for storing nail polish.

4. Fintorp: Fintorp is a rail-based system with hooks and bins.

5. Rolling Cart: You’ve seen it if you’ve read the other links in this post because Raskog is a popular little cart that has tons of uses all over the house.

Bonus: 37 Clever Ways to Organize Your Life with Ikea: These clever ideas include using a tea towel holder for tank tops and hooks for your necklaces. There are also some ideas created for small space, such as a shoe rack  (Trones) you can use to hold other items in your hallway, bath, or other tight areas. Next weekend, I’m heading to Ikea so I can make the bike rack they show here!

10 Kid Organization Ideas

These aren’t all just for kids, but they are definitely ones parents can appreciate!

1. Storing Matchbox / Hot Wheels cars: We ended up with bins of the darn things. They got dumped together so no one could see anything. This would have been much better.

2. Little Bits and Pieces: So very many tiny things come with tiny people. This has ideas for ways to corral many of them.

3. Hacks for Parents: I love the light up table, but I think my kids would prefer the Lego table.

4. Storage for Stuffed Animals: People just love to give kids plush, even if they already have 500 of them.

5. Bath Tub Toys: From dumped all over to tidied up, this is the quick solution that’s so easy even the kids can do it. (Not that they will.)

6. Family Travel Hacks: Silicone muffin cups in your cupholder and a cereal box trashcan are two of the brilliantly simply tricks to make travel a little easier.

7. Movies: I’ll be honest, I have more movies than this poster in a specific category like “military history” or “Westerns” – and those are not the big categories in our collection – but the ideas are still solid.

8. Crate Seats: Turn a crate into a simple seat and you have the storage underneath. Bonus: You can see what’s inside!

9. Lego Storage: Lego storage is a safety issue. (On a scale from one to stepped-on-a-Lego, how much does it hurt?)

10. Their Bathroom: Kids need help keeping the bathroom tolerable. This is that help.

5 Prepper Projects

1. Organize Your Stockpiles: Yep, it’s a big project and you may have done it before, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need done again.

2. Space Saving Ideas: The bed lifts up and lets you store more under it.

3. Survival Roll: This convenient little container holds all your little BOB basics.

4. First Aid: It’s an oldie but a goodie: Use a tackle box to organize your first aid supplies.

5. Batteries: Replace the cardboard package and corral them all into one easy-to-use storage solution.

5 Kitchen Organization Projects

1. Ideas for Maximizing a Small Kitchen: Ways to make the most of the space you have, even if it’s just on the side of the fridge.

2. Store Cans: Use photo boxes to store your cans and keep them clean.

3. Spice Storage: It can be hard to find the right spice when half of them are hidden behind the others in a cabinet. This is a simple solution.

4. Trash Bags on a Roll: Enough said.

5. Under the Sink: Equally valid for kitchen or bath, it’s an area that often gets wild and out of control for no good reason.

5 Laundry Organization Ideas

1. Laundry Basket Dresser: I do not want this in my bedroom – but I think it just might be perfect for my teen.

2. Laundry Room Storage: Everyone needs to store things in their bathroom. This is a way to do it attractively without breaking the bank.

3. Organization Ideas: A cute way to store your detergent. Wall storage for lint. (You re-use it as a fire-starter, right?) Repurposing the springs from a crib mattress. This has a little bit of everything!

4. $85 Laundry Room Remodel: This space was totally redone on a tight budget – she even painted the washer so it matches the dryer now!

5. Write on it: Write notes on the top of your machine with a Dry-Erase marker. (Test it on a small, out of the way space first, of course.) Brilliant!

10 Wood Pallet Projects

You can search out free wooden pallets to make these projects or buy two by fours at the home improvement store.

1. Garage Storage for Long-Handled Tools: Looking for a way to store your long-handled tools like shovels and rakes? Look no farther than this wood pallet project!

3. Firewood Storage: Inexpensive, functional way to keep your firewood corralled in one place.

3. Tool Storage: Storage for your small tools. Of course, you can personalize for your tool collection.

4. Bench: This cute bench is the perfect place to sit and put on your shoes, and the shelf under it is perfect for storing boots or other small outdoor items.

5. Patio: The prepper in me can’t help but think those sections of flooring can be removable, and other items stored underneath. Clearly, on a patio that is very limited by the fact that it is outside and very vulnerable to weather and critters, but the same idea could be used to create a new floor in other areas.

6. Doggy Dining: They don’t show it, but how could this cute little table not open up to store a few more things?

7. TV Stand: Game consoles, DVD / Blu-Ray / VHS, Cable, streaming video – the things we “need” to connect to our TV are seemingly endless, and different for every family. Why not use some pallets to make a custom one to suit your needs?

8. Recycling Center: Label it and maybe – just maybe – the kids can put things in the right spot. (Maybe.)

9. Platform Bed: Plenty of space to hide things underneath where they can’t be seen, and the mattress on top will keep the dust bunnies out.

10. 25 Creative Ideas: My favorites are the multi-tier storage unit and the under-cabinet unit they use for fruit.

Don’t forget to download the mini-guide and check out the SM Pinterest boards!

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