Survival Mom-Blog Ring

 Our Blog-Ring is always open to new members!  To join send a 2-3 sentence description of your blog (women only) to lisa

The Apartment Prepper’s Blog – My site is about preparing the family while living in an apartment in the big city.  My blog is non political, sample topics include food and water storage, bugging out, bugging in, skills I am trying to learn and challenges of prepping in our small space.

Backdoor Survival – Backdoor Survival provides inspiring and informative tips and tools for creating a sustainable, self-reliant and stylish lifestyle in the current world economy.  I feature practical survival and prepping skills along with fun and often whimsical suggestions for living a frugal lifestyle in a simplified, clutter-free environment.  Grab a cup of coffee and join me as we explore the survival mindset from a woman’s point of view.  And yes, there is lipstick and perfume in my bug-out bag!

Bacon and Eggs – Bacon and Eggs is my ongoing journey towards self sufficiency.  I write  about prepping, food storage, gardening,canning, cooking and most anything going on in my little corner of the world.  We have recently moved to our Hillside Haven and are raising a few chickens and rabbits and one big garden.  Stop on in and say hello… I’ll put on a pot of coffee!

Blue Hive Journals – Blue Hive Journals focuses on the adventures of keeping bees in a suburban neighborhood. We talk about our three hives of bees, beekeeping, gardening, and making the most of our one acre.

Canadian Doomer – We’re a Canadian family, living in a large city in a small apartment – and on a tight income. We are prepping for a world without fossil fuels, modern transportation, imported and factory-made foods or instant communication, and saving money to buy land. Frugality, food preservation, cooking from food storage, peak oil, planning, etc.

DFW Preppers & Survivors My blog is focused on food storage and off-the-grid cooking, generally Dallas-Fort Worth area-centric, with other general prepping topics thrown in, depending on my mood.

Fast, Cheap, and Good - Fast, Cheap, and Good is a philosophy of homemaking. I believe that we can care for ourselves and our families by adopting simple lifestyle habits and techniques that will improve our health, our connection to and stewardship of our world, and our finances, all without depending on a larger organization to help us through.

Food Storage and Survival – Family food storage, preparedness, and survival tips from a mom of four.  We cover everything from gardening, to food preservation, to firearms and starting fires.  Check out what’s going on at Food Storage and Survival.

Gram’s Survival Kitchen – My blog has links to worthwhile sites on the web to find recipes, and lots of how to’s for food preservation and preparation.  I write articles about canning, dehydrating, planning, menus, recipes, how to purchase foods to live more comfortably in a Post Collapse situation.  Everyone is welcome to join and I will be glad to help anyone that asks for my help in planning their food storage.

Half Acre Heaven - A blog about learning to grow good food, good kids and good fun on our tiny half acre farm. We are learning to do for ourselves the way our grandparents could, by gardening, making and preserving our own food, and keeping small animals.

Liberty’s Yarn – My blog is primarily a knitting/fiber and soap blog. I also bake, sourdough, brew beer, weave, spin, garden, and ramble about all sorts of stuff.

Little House Living is all about cooking from scratch, frugal and simple living, and making the most with what you have. We talk about gardening, canning and preserving, creating new recipes, making useful things with common household items and more!

New Life on a Homestead — I’m a California girl transplanted to the Bible Belt South.  My blog is about our family’s adjustment to homestead living, homeschooling, and our journey toward self-sufficiency.

Oldescrubland –   A new look into promoting independence from the suburban grid of West Florida, featuring gardening articles and profiles for common and uncommon flora and fauna.

Prepare Today Ward Newsletter – “Home storage is not an event, it’s a process”.  That is my motto, take it day-by-day, and I try to make it simple by giving you monthly goals along with yummy recipes, shopping deals, and information relating to all things preparedness.  Monday’s are recipe day, Wednesday’s are grocery deals day, and Saturday’s are preparedness information posts.

Prepping on a Budget – My blog is PreppingOnABudget where I talk about all things prepping including; couponing, building food preps, long term food storage, preparedness, and survival skills (such as growing your own food, raising your food, learning old skills). My mistakes and accomplishments are all noted!

Prudent Pantry -  Prudent Pantry  is a blog about homemaking, prepping, homeschooling, and making the most of what we have. We are preppers dealing with a lot of allergens like Celiac disease and more. Finally, we are fighting a genetic disease mitochondrial disease that slows us down but makes us more determined to be ready for any disruption in life. is a tools, tips and advice blog for family emergency preparedness. The intent of this site is to provide helpful hints for moms in preparing her family for all types of emergencies to enhance peace of mind and a sense of security.

Survivor Jane – I consider myself a ‘girlie girl’.  My main focus had always been on bling and things. I had know idea what was happening in our world, with climate changes, crime and social unrest due to the ever worsening economy. It is for this reason, I created Survivor Jane – geared specifically for women (girlie-girls) who were just like me not too long ago. I will cover topics on how to survive everything from disasters (man-made and natural), to pandemics, riots, economic collapse, home invasion, self defense, weapons, food storage and more.basically what you need to know to secure your home and protect yourself, in any survival situation.

The Sweet Little Bird – A little bit of everything, what ever is flitting through my mind at the time, canning, sewing, food storage, and a large pantry. As well as being economically aware of your spending and saving.

Tikktok – Musings of a homeschooling mom of 4, chronicling what she’s up to.  This usually has to do with health, food, yarn, books, running, and self sufficiency- but not necessarily in that order!

What if IT is Today? A California family who has thought about surviving, not just “prepping”, has taken the plunge. We are in the process of setting up the house and yard of 5 acres to fully sustain us. Follow us through our trials and tribulations.

Wild Roses & Apple Chips- I’m blogging to kind of help my family and friends get as prepared as possible. �I’m always posting helpful videos and links and I’m hoping that someone actually reads it and actually starts taking steps to get themselves prepared.