Double Pie Iron Grilled-Cheese!

By John A. Heatherly, Author of The Survival Template and The Cave and The Sea

For about $20, the Rome Cookware Double Pie Iron proved to be a priceless addition to our outdoor cook-set.  My three-year-old son went absolutely bonkers during the entire grilled-cheese process!


To make ordinary grilled-cheese “smoky” and extraordinary, we simply buttered the bread, added cheese, then enclosed it in the pie-iron.


Caution!  The pie-iron heats up quickly, so use the wooden handles and keep leather gloves available.


Cooking time is about five minutes, with a few flips.  The pie iron is easy to open to check for charring.


The results are self-evident!


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John's exploration of wilderness survival includes coursework at Tom Brown Jr.’s TrackerSchool, military service as a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (S.E.R.E.) Instructor, and the study of leadership as an Officer. He is the author of THE SURVIVAL TEMPLATE and THE CAVE AND THE SEA, A NOVEL which can be found at http://JohnAHeatherly.com/.

(4) Readers Comments

  1. We love these!! They are called fire pies in our group. You can fill them with anything. We have made pizza, canadian bacon and pineapple, spaghetti, breakfast, and desert… think pie filling, smores and anything with peanut butter and chocolate :)

  2. Loved that last picture. What a sweetie-pie your little guy is! I have a pie iron but I have never thought to make grilled cheese with it, probably because bread with pie filling was always kind of disgusting so my kids mainly use the iron. I guess you could make quite a few types of sandwiches with the iron. Gee, I feel dumb not to have realized that before now!

  3. I have pre-made squares of pie crust to use wth the pie filling and that works very well. Tastes better too!

  4. Thank you. I want to try the iron out as a survival cooking tool for eggs, burgers, etc… Please let me know how it goes for you!

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