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Webinar schedule


What is a “webinar”?  A webinar is a class you attend simply by logging into a given website.  In my webinars you will see a poll, a chat room, and a small screen that lets you know whether or not I’m having a good hair day!  You’ll also see a Power Point presentation and may also have the opportunity to download outlines or other material that pertains to the class.

There is no fee involved, and you’re welcome to tell your friends about the classes.

Click on this button to go straight to the webinar site:



No December Webinars

Set Your Alarm Clock!

Wednesday and Thursday webinars will begin at 8 p.m. CENTRAL time.  If you’re not sure what your local time will be, click here.

Sunday webinars begin at 3 p.m. CENTRAL.

How to Participate

A few minutes prior to the start time of any webinar, click on this link, http://connectpro19068335.adobeconnect.com/thesurvivalmom/ or the brown button at the top of this page.

Click “Guest”, enter a name and click, “OK”!  That should do it!  You’ll be able to chat with others in the webinar, ask questions, and get some great ideas for your own prepredness plans, whether you’re a newbie or seasoned Survival Mom!

Put these dates and times on your calendar, and I’ll see you then!!

Available recordings:

EMP Preparedness” with Rob Hanus

Firearms Selection and Training” with Mike Hughes

“Healthy Food Storage and Healthy Living” with Darren Craddock

Personal and Family Self-Defense with Greg Ellifritz

The Organized Pantry

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheat

Survival Rules You Can’t Afford to Ignore


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