Patrice Lewis

bugging out to the country

10 Tips For Bugging Out to the Country

When many urban or suburban people think about Prepping or Survivalism, they think about bugging out to a more rural location.  This has to be one of the most frequently-expressed fantasies in the Prepping world, and reams have been written about where to go and how to get there. But very little has been written from the perspective of the rural dwellers.  How does your average farmer or homesteader feel about urban folks bugging out to the country? We live on …

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18 Ways to Complicate Your Life

In honor of Patrice Lewis’s book, The Simplicity Primer,  I offer an alternative: my “primer” to over-complicating your life.  I have tried all these strategies and can vouch for their success. 1.    Insist on a, “nice big spread” of food for every get-together.  Be sure to drag out every recipe you’ve ever wanted to try, especially those with ingredients only available at a gourmet store some 23 miles away. 2.    Wait until the night before a trip to pack.  This …

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