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Planning an Edible Landscape

  Make the most out of your yard by creating an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever and can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my winter laden yard into a fairy tale garden. This year, I decided to start the long but productive process of turning my small yard into a food producing, perennial palace. Annuals are great, but by choosing perennials, I can build my edible yard little by little each year instead …

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Freeze-Dried Fruit: A Tutorial

Freeze-dried (FD) fruit makes an excellent addition to your everyday pantry, particularly when you need to pack school lunches, work lunches, or need a quick, delicious snack.  It can be used to make quick, simple breakfasts, fun and interesting lunches, and even great for emergency kit snacks. Freeze-Dried Fruit Advantages Before  I get too excited in singing the praises of freeze-dried fruit of all descriptions, I will speak to some doubts I’ve heard about it over the years. A lot of people …

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7 Ways Blueberries Pack a Powerful, Nutritional Punch to Your Food Storage Pantry

When I was growing up, my parents would buy blueberries in bulk. We would freeze them in little sandwich bags. Whenever we wanted a treat, my siblings and I would fill a small cup with the frozen berries and eat them one at a time until our fingers and mouths were purple and sticky. We also found that frozen blueberries were excellent bribes for our dog, though our mom was not pleased to discover we had been wasting berries in …

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Frugal Fall Planting - The Survival Mom

Frugal Fall Planting

Great tips here! Pin for later! Fall is not necessarily considered a time for planting, especially for folks in the colder growing zones. However, fall plant sales at your local nursery or greenhouse should not be passed up when thinking of long-term food gardens and self-sufficiency needs. These sales give us a great opportunity to purchase plants at a super discount while also allowing the plants time to develop healthy root systems. Use this time of year and the sales provided at …

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How to Always Be Prepared, No Matter Where You Are

When you get right down to it, prepping is all about planning ahead, right? We stock up on food, water, and other supplies so we have them at the ready, come what may. All that, though, is the easy part of being prepared. The hard part is to always be prepared, no matter where you happen to find yourself. To a large degree, preppers go about this stuff in a rather casual manner. You pick up a few extra cans …

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